• Ady 15 Aug 2004, 02:24
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After a good fuck session with my partner Sarah, we decided that we would go out to a local dogging area to watch what was going on. We pulled up at the car park and waited to see what would happen. I could feel my dick hardening in anticipation, when a car pulled up and parked a little way from us. Sarah said to me " what can I do?" My reply was"what ever you want to do".
we started to mess around, I pulled up her skirt, and started to rub her fanny. Sarah was already wet, and opened her legs willingly for my hands. At this point I noticed a guy had got out of the car nearby and was walking over to Sarah's window. She wound it down, and the guy said " Are you doggers?" I said " Yeah" Sarah said" Yeah, what have you got to offer?". The guy unzipped his jeans and got his cock out. At least 7" long, and balls the size of plums. Sarah said "I'm going to have that", and then got out of the car. I was a bit taken back by her urge to get some cock in her, so I got out and watched as sarah started to snog the guy and grope his dick. He was whispering in her ear, I caught the words "Fuck you hard", and the next thing I know, she was lying face down onthe bonnet of the car. "Just take me" she said. Fuck was I hard, as the bloke said to me " What can I do to this bitch?" "Do what you want" was my reply.
With that, the guy pulled Sarah's skirt up, and started to rub her arse.
"Has she had anal before?" he asked
"Yes" I said
With that the bloke literally pulled Sarah's knickers off, and using his feet forced her legs open wider.
She tried to stand up, but the guy put a hand on her shoulders and pushed her back down.
"have you got any lube?" he asked
I reached into the car and got a tube of KY that we always have with us when we go out fucking, and handed it to him.
You are going to have your arse fucked" the bloke said as he started to spread KY over Sarah's tight arsehole.
Sarah moved her hands up and gripped the top edge of the bonnet, as this complete stranger started to rub his knob against her arse.
I moved round to get a better view, and he suddenly gave one big thrust, and his dick disaperred up my partner's bum.
She let out a moan, and the guy slowly pushed his 7" cock all the way up.
I looked at Sarah, who by now was biting her bottom lip, as the guy started to pull out of her arse, he stopped and began to thrust in again.
he started to fuck her harder up the arse, I was close to cumming, she was moaning, begging for him not to stop. I was worried that he did not have a condom on, and said so,Sarah's reply was "Cum up my arse, fuck me harder"
The guy started to fuck her arse harder, she was moaning really loudly. I could see other cars had pulled up, some single guys, some couples, all were watching what was going.
Some got out, and walked over and stood round as this stranger continued to pound my girl's arse.
The guy who was busy arse fucking my girl was slapping her arse cheeks, and then gave a loud gasp as he came up her.
He pulled out and I could drips of cum running from her arse.
She went to stand up, but the guy said "Stay there, there are others who want a go".
Sarah stayed where she was, as one of the watchers took position behind her, and fed his cock up her well fucked arsehole.
This carried on for about an hour, she must have had at least 10 men come up her arse that night, and was finger fucked by two of the women present.
She was sore for a week after, but has said she wants to do it again. I now take her regularly up the arse, and she is now talking about having all three holes filled at once. She really is a dirty bitch!