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In his letter Graham stated his cock was 8.5 inches long with a circumference of 6.5 inches, the photo enclosed confirmed this. Graham was kneeling on a bed facing the camera with a full erection looking every inch of its stated 8.5 inches, he had shaved is pubic hair off giving his cock an even bigger appearance! Graham had answered our advert for, man with big cock to fuck wife with husband participation. We had many replies but none matched our requirements, i.e. huge cock. We telephoned Graham and arranged a meeting at our house for the following Sunday. The day arrived and we waited nervously for him to turn up. He turned up on time and we had a drink and talked about each other and what made us or me put in the advert. We seemed to have a bit in common and we talked about sex and if he had done this before he said only once. After a few drinks I suggested we all go upstairs and get to know each other a bit better. The three of us went to our bedroom and stripped off, Graham and I soon had a hard on, his cock was big and with shaved pubic hair looked huge. My naked wife lay on her back between the two of us (the video I had set up was running) her small hands grasped both cocks as I kissed her and indicated to Graham to make love to her. He got between her legs and started to lick her cunt and clitoris whilst I felt her large breasts, very soon she was breathing very heavily and making sexual noises. Graham got up from her cunt and knelt in front of her with his huge erect cock, that had a slight curve to it, poised to plunge into my wife’s very wet cunt. With almost one thrust he buried it in her, this was met with a gasp of pleasure. I was ecstatic with pleasure seeing such a large cock in my wife. Graham started to thrust in and out of her with gusto, slamming his balls against her bum cheeks. Load groans of pleasure came from my wife’s mouth as Graham quickened the pace. As Graham thrust into her I explained she got a lot of pleasure from being fucked but had great difficulty in having a full blown orgasm, Graham continued to ram his cock in and out increasing the pace, my wife’s breasts bounced up and down in time with his cock. I was excited and longed to put my cock inside my wife; I waited for the right moment and suggested to Graham I took over, which I did. The feeling when I slid my erect cock into her very wet cunt was unbelievable. I fucked her slow with my cock hard in and thrust my pelvic bone against hers, willing her to cum.It was not to be, but we continued fucking her for the next hour or so taking it in turns to shag her. We were all tired at the end and discussed the possibility of another time to meet. During this talk Graham mentioned his wife and would we like to include her next time! I consulted my wife, who agreed, provided we had sex in separate rooms, she was very shy of communal sex. This was agreed and we arranged to meet the following week at Grahams house about 60 miles away. Graham described his wife called Ann, as petite with dark hair and came like a machine gun!
The following week we drove to their house and knocked on the door, both Graham and Ann greeted us and in we went. We had a few drinks and then paired off, Graham and my wife went upstairs and Ann and I stayed in the lounge. We chatted for a while and then started to kiss, soon we had our clothed off and Ann was giving me a blowjob. My cock was not hard. On driving over prior to the meeting I had jokingly said to my wife what if I cannot get a hard on? She replied impossible you can always rise to the occasion! How embarrassing, here was Ann, an attractive sexy woman with fair size
breasts, a turn on for me normally, and no erection! She tried and tried, with mouth and hand but it remained semi erect. Ann thought I did not fancy her, I said not true and suggested we go upstairs, where heavy sexual activity was taking place, and see the others. Up stairs we went where Graham and my wife were enjoying heavy sex. As soon as I told them the problem my wife laughed in disbelief, seeing her with Graham, fucking her, soon restored my confidence and my cock reared up to its usual 7 inches; Ann and I returned downstairs and enjoyed several hours of good fucking, much to my relief. Ann could indeed come like a machine gun and would frig herself off at the slightest excuse, with or without my cock in her cunt.
We met for the next few months with us all expanding our sexual horizons. Ann liked all sex including anal and oral, and was very happy to take and swallow my cum.She loved to lay on her stomach with me in her cunt while she frigged her clit with her finger as she came I took my cock out of her cunt and pushed it in her arse. As her climax intensified she liked me to fuck her as hard as possible up the arse.
Once we visited our cottage on the coast where we got a bit drunk and indulged in a 4 some. Ann and my wife sucked Grahams cock while I filmed it; we then fucked each other’s partner. Grahams huge cock disappearing into my wife’s wet cunt while I wanked over Ann’s face cuming in her mouth.
We tried and succeeded several times to put both Grahams and my cock into my wife’s cunt at once. I had read about this and looked forward to trying it. Graham lay on his back complete with a hard on my wife knelt either side of him and lower herself onto Grahams cock, I then came from behind and put my cock inside her cunt on top of Grahams. Lovely, we both fucked her slowly and after a while I shot my load onto Grahams cock, which was still inside my wife’s cunt. She seemed to enjoy two large cocks inside her and I certainly enjoyed the feel of my cock rubbing against Grahams and my wife’s spunk filled cunt. Graham also liked sucking cock and occasionally we would obliged each other, once I sucked him off so he came all over his stomach. His cock really was big I had difficulty getting it in my mouth. I deep throated him a couple of times but it was not easy! My wife always told me of what her and Graham, got up too, several times they used a 12 inch vibrator that made graham look normal. Graham would fuck her and put the vibrator in her cunt as well, that made her come. When she does come she screams and really lets u know!