• Written by R & J 7 Apr 2003, 01:00
  • Erotic

The following story is 100% true and real life. J and I enjoyed such an erotic evening and morning that we thought we would share the details with you.

We love outdoor sex and we occasionally go to Meyrick Park in Bournemouth for dogging sessions....not too often, just so that we don't wear it out :-)

It had been a beautiful day on Saturday and it was a crisp, spring night with no cloud at all. It seemed the perfect night to go to the car park for some fun.

We arrived at Meyrick Park about 10:15 and there were a couple of cars already there....including the rather strange chap with only one front seat in his car who keeps disappearing down in the empty position and being very odd indeed....Ted Bundy the second we think?!?

J reclined the seat, pulled up her top and released her lovely 44D tits from her bra. She then pulled up her skirt and took down her knickers. She has the most gorgeous plump, hairy pussy you can imagine. It's the kind of pussy that you just have to fuck! She was barelegged and wearing my favourite high-heeled strappy sandals. She just looked gorgeous lying there in seat. I just leaned across, kissed her and gently circled her nipple with my finger. It hardened under my touch. I then allowed my touch to go south and I started to gently stroke her pussy lips, stopping every now and again to squeeze her plump mound.

After a little while we turned on the interior light in order to give the signal to the men in their cars that they could approach and look. Soon there were two faces pressed against the window and in the dark we could see that their hands were on their cocks. We lowered the window slightly and could hear moans of appreciation as I gently pulled J's pussy lips apart, displaying her amazing cunt. I leaned down and gently began tonguing her clit while separating her lips with my fingers.

I stopped and asked the men if they wanted to have a closer look and they eagerly nodded. J opened her car door and lay down with her pussy facing the men. She pulled her legs right apart giving them a close up shot of her pink wetness. I got out, walked round and held her pussy open for J as she wanked her clit with her fingers. The two men were avidly watching, pulling on their hard cocks. We told them that there wasn't going to be any fucking, just wanking.

After several minutes of displaying her gorgeous pussy the first man was ready to shoot his load. He came closer and his cock leaped in his hand. Jet after jet of creamy cum spurted out all over J's spread-open pussy. She greedily wanked the cum into her pussy. There was a big dribble of spunk running down her arse crack and I spooned it up with my finger into her open hole. I was very much looking forward to fucking her later and I wanted her to have cum in her pussy as well as on it. There is nothing better than fucking J when she already has a pussy full of cum!

The second man stepped up and after a little while of wanking asked J if she could give him a hand. She eagerly obliged. She has an amazing technique when it comes to giving handjobs. (And an even better technique when giving oral!) After just a couple of minutes he was ready to shoot his load so J laid back a little and wanked him off over her. The first spurt hit her skirt and the rest of the spurts splashed over her pussy fur, all running down over her lips. That was a second lovely load she received over her gorgeous pussy.

That was the queue for us to return home where I could give J a good seeing too. One of my absolute favourite things is to lick other men's cum from J's pussy and then to fuck her spunk-filled hole. She lay back on our bed and I buried my face in her wetness, licking up all the thick cream still coating her lips and her hair. When I had licked my fill I then kissed J deeply, sharing the taste of pussy juice and spunk with her.

In one single motion my hard cock sank straight into her cum-filled hole. Feeling my cock going in and out of that creamy pussy and fantasizing about seeing the guys spunk over her, I can say that it was no surprise that I didn't last long. I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life and I shot my own cream deep inside J. She was amazed at feeling my balls throb against her lips as I came.

Now it was J's time for an orgasm. I lay in her arms, spooned out some of my cum from her pussy and gently wanked her clit with my cum mixed with her juice as a lubricant. J likes to hear me talk dirty to her and so I talked to her about us making love to a second woman. As she got more and more turned on, so J replaced my fingers with her own and I started to press my forefinger against her anus. Her arsehole seemed to open up to suck in my finger and I began to finger her slick arse as she worked on her clit with her fingers. I could sense that her orgasm was not far away and so I told her that my cock was inside the other woman's pussy and that my own orgasm was close. I moaned that I was flooding her pussy with my cum and that triggered J's orgasm. Her sphincter cleanched around my finger as she spasmed in the throws of orgasm.

We must have just fallen asleep in the afterglow of sex because I awoke in the small hours to find that we were lying uncovered on the top of the bed. After covering ourselves we went back to sleep.

When we came to again J started to play with my nipples. My cock sprang into action.

"My pussy is SO smelly", said J. She had two guys' cum on her pussy and still had my load inside her from the night before. She sat astride my face and forced me to sniff and then to lick. It really did smell of sex and it was coated it cream. What a morning treat! From sniffing and licking we went to fucking and so on to another load of cream shot deep into her fuck-hole.

"I would really like your piss on me", J said to me. We had run out of rubber sheets, so we went off to the bathroom. J laid in the bath while I stood over her. She pulled her legs up and opened up her pussy lips to receive my golden rain. I had fallen asleep after the night's sex without using the toilet and so I was absolutely bursting. I sprayed an absolute bladder-full of golden piss onto her gaping, cummy pussy, while she stroked the golden present into her skin.

I couldn't just leave her in the bath, frustrated, and so I rubbed soap into her pussy and gave her a lovely soapy wank as she lay in a bath full of my piss. We talked dirty, I wanked her, held her pussy hole open and eventually gave her a shuddering orgasm.

It was a wonderful evening, night and then morning's sex, all triggered by showing off in front of two guys in Meyrick Park. There are very few things I enjoy more than seeing my lovely partner receive a load of cum all over her pussy. It just makes me want to lick her and fuck her. Some of our best sex has resulted from J being wanked over.

If you like big-breasted, voluptuous women, who show you a plump hair pussy and wank for your pleasure, and if you want to deposit your load all over such a woman's pussy, then we hope to see you soon in Meyrick Park!

R and J