• Written by Jez 17 Sep 2004, 15:44
  • Erotic

My wife had taken the kids to her mothers for a long weekend and because i had things to do around the house i decided to stay at home. Anyway, i needed some help and phoned my mate to see if he could come round and help me. 15 mins later Ian was at the door. This all happened a few weeks ago when it was the very hot spell.

So, we got on with the work and after an hour or so we stopped for a drink. We were dripping with sweat. I mentioned to Ian that when we were finished i was going to jump in the shower. Ian thought it was a great idea.

We got on with the work. We were doing stuff which needed one of us up the ladder. Ian went up. He was wearing football shorts and trainers. I had to stand at the bottom of the ladder. I had to pass a piece of wood to Ian and as i looked up i saw the tip of his cock hanging out his shorts. It looked like he had a cut cock. I had never seen Ians cock before even though we had known each other since we were at school.

All the work got done and i expected Ian to dive off home. We got cleared up and Ian said, "we going to have that shower then?" "together?" i replied. "yeah, why not" said Ian.

So upstairs we went. I wasn't sure that about this but anyway i went and switched the shower on. We have a "wet room" so there is plenty of room. When i came out Ian was stood stark bollock naked with his semi hard cock hanging there. "get your stuff off then" Ian said. I took my shorts down and i must say the sight of his cock had already made me hard. "Excuse my hard on" i said. "Oh thats all right" siad Ian.

We got in the shower my heart was pounding, my mouth was dry, wondering what if anything was going to happen. We got under the shower heads and Ian started to soap himself. I don't know why but i stood there watching. He had a great body and his cock was cut and really quite fat. Ian turned to me and said "don't just stand there start soaping me". At that i took some soap and started rubbing it all over his chest and i then let me hand brush against his cock. It went hard almost immediately. My hands explores his balls and then his arse. I then felt a hand touch my cock and it slid the length of the shaft and gently cupped my balls. Ian looked me in the eyes and he pushed his lips onto mine. His tongue explored all of my mouth. I had never experienced kissing like it. I was so turned on. Precum was dripping out my cock by the gallon. Ian then started to kiss my nipples and his tongue went down my stomach to my cock. He then took the tip of my cock in his mouth and gently sucked. WOW this was amazing. I mean i was trembling from top to toe. He sucked on the tip of my cock and then ran his tongue down the shaft to my balls. Playing his tongue on my cock all the time. I was ready to shoot. I told Ian i was ready to cum and he stopped sucking and squeezed my cock hard.

Ian asked me to suck his cock. I knealt down and started to get his wide cock into my mouth. This was wide. It must have been over 2 inches wide and reallly thick. I was growing harder and harder. Ian was moaning. I was taking as much in as i could get. God i was horney. Suddenly, i felt his cock explode in my mouth and as he shot his load he held my head. Ian must have shot 4 or 5 good loads of spunk in my mouth. All of which i had to swallow which wasn't as bad as i thought. Ian then got down and took my cock back in his mouth. I wasn't going to take long. He took all 7 inches of my cock down and as he was sliding up and down the shaft his fingers explored my arse. I felt his finger go inside me. THis guy knew what he was doing. I think he must of found my "P" spot as the next thing i knew i was having the most intense orgasam i had ever had. Spunk pumped out of my cock into Ians mouth. Ian then stood up and planted his mouth on my mouth. I tasted my own cum!!

We finished washing and dried ourselves off. Ian was hard again. He laid me on the bed. Climbed on top and started kissing me. I wanted to be fucked i knew that. Ian put some lube on his cock. I pulled my legs ups and Ian worked his cock into me. It hurt at first but his gentle pushing and pulling soon got me used to his cock. Ian got faster and faster, fucking me senseless. This was fantastic. I coould feel all 7 inches of his cock in me. His balls hitting me. His tongue exploring my mouth. Ian tensed and then i felt a hot load of cum pump into my arse.

Ian pulled his cock out of my arse and asked me to fuck him. But my legs were like jelly. We agreed that we would save that for another day.