• Written by johno 23 Sep 2004, 12:56
  • Erotic

it was last aug and we had been to blackpool for the day, nothing special had happened but it was realy hot and sticky and so we decided to go to a bar for some cold drinks.
because i was driving i had to keep to the soft drinks but my wife was getting gin and tonics down her like it was going out of fashion and after about a hour and half we decided to call it a day and make our way home.
as we walked towards the car i noticed she was staggering slightly and joked about having to carry her but we made it to the car park ok and then she decided that she needed the toilet but the nearest toilets were quite a walk away so i suggested she had a wee by the side of the car which she did.
she was wearing a long summer dress which buttoned up the front so she squated with her dress up to her waist and her black knickers down to her ankles but as she was almost done she fell backwards and weed over her knickers so she decided to make the journey home without them on.
we soon made it to the m6 and were happily talking about the day when she decided to put her legs up on the dash board and eased the seat back to stretch out but her dress had ridden up slightly just above her knees which made me have ideas.
as i was overtaking lorries i noticed through the sun roof that quite a lot of drivers were having a good look down and one even peeped his horn to us.
as my wife was quite drunk i thought i would see how far she would go so i told her about the lorry drivers looking at her and that she should give them somthing to look at and to my suprise she said ok and asked me what i had in mind .
i suggested she pulled her dress up and within seconds she did just that taking care not to expose her fanny and i could tell she was getting horny when she kept smiling at the drivers and said she would pick one out to give a real show to.
i thought she was just kidding around but after we overtook this certain lorry she told me to slow down and let him overtake us which i did and as he came past us i had a good look at what he looked like ,he was pretty old and rough looking but i was desperate to see what she had in mind for him.
when he had passed us she unbuttoned her dress from top to bottom and held it closed and told me to overtake him which i promtly did and by now my heart was beating in overtime.
we got level with his cab and i could see him looking and my wife then put her feet back on the dash board and opened her dress all the way which exposed her hairy and now wet fanny to all the world and especialy our trucker friend who by now had his eyes popping out.
as we passed him he flashed his lights and sounded his horn which only encouraged my wife to do more and she told me to let him pass again which i did,then she told me to drive alongside his cab and keep at the same speed and as she was telling me this she was removing her bra and once again put her feet on the dash with her skirt opened up which now meant she was completly naked.
as i got level with his cab i could hardly belive my eyes ,my wife left her feet together and opened her knees as far as she could so i was sitting there with my wife next to me and a complete stranger gazing at her fanny lips and i was on cloud 9 so before we had to pass him i suggested that she opened her fanny for him and within seconds she had one hand on each side of her fanny and opened it as far as it would go showing him her large clitoris which drove him wild because he was honking his horn and putting thumbs up .
after that we sped off and pulled off on the first exit and had the best shag we ever had i wish i could say the lorry driver shagged her but on that day she drew the line there but what a day it was ..