• Written by Paul 25 Sep 2004, 11:13
  • Erotic

An amazing, but true story,i have wanted to tell it for some time, but i have secretly enjoyed many of the stories
here and have decided to relate the tale here, it's perhaps a little kinky for some tastes, but it exites me to think of it still. I'm getting ahead of myself though.

My wife and i are in our late forties and some years ago we resided im a small village for a while. My wife Carol is very much i suppose what one would call a 'mumsy' type, not a swinger by any means. Carol though is attractive to men,blonde with a full figure (very large breasts and a big plump backside). Carol though does not reveal in mens attention though and is in fact very naive to the ways of the world. Thats how Carol became a willing victim to an old perv i suppose. But who would have thought that it would be the local Vicar of all people? A little after we had moved to the village Carol had busied herself creating a social life, this involved mainly helping with fete's etc, at the village hall. And it was there that she met the devious cleric, a man well into his sixties with a listening ear and a solution of his own for ladies who shared their concerns with him. Carol it appears had spoke to him jokingly about eating to many cakes,it was enough for him to deliver a personal sermon on te need for discipline and inner strength. Truth is he fed my unsusppecting wives head with a load of old claptrap i won't bore you with. But his true designs where on spanking my wifes big bum!
Carol to this day suspects nothing was at all amiss, bless her. Even crediting him with giving her the will to lose a few pounds. 'He's a good decent man' she once said. It was on a tueday night after returning from work that Carol told me of her day helping at village hall to pepare it for a function the next day. Carol mentioned she had met the vicar but said no more.At bed time as she returned from her bath to the bedroom, i watched as she opened
her towling dressing gown exposing her gloriously large breasts with her saucer like pink nipples. letting it slip to the floor Carol turned to pick up her nightie and it was then i saw her reddened bottom. Of course i imediately asked what she had been up to. I was stunned when she began to tell me of the 'therapy'. Stunned and exited as my wife shyly explained it all as if it where nothing of a big deal at all. The vicar she said was a very wise man with good old fashioned ideas and he had offered to help her become more self disciplined. At the vicarage that afternoon i learned, he had spanked my wife on her arousers as she had reluctantly gone over his lap. He had suggested the trousers be tken down to mid thigh and then Carol had put her hands on the front of her thighs while he then whacked her six times with a leather strap on her floral print panties! The vicar suggested as she left that a follow up session maybe called for. Carol told me it was an appointment she inended to keep that Friday 7pm at the village hall, a 'one to one' session he called it. I said nothing but the exitement i felt at my loving but gullible wife being exploited in this way. I resolved i would be walking the dog in the vicinity of the hall that night, i wondered if they would have the one to one in the small ante room at the rear of the building, it served as an office and it had a window at the back that looked out to open fields, it was winter and it was dark too. Perfect!
On that night i took up my position near to the window,there was little risk of being disturbed, the curtains where drawn but thankfully to the side they had pulled over too much as they had not been secured correctly. It was chest height and i could see clearly into the room. Carol in a blue blouse and dark skirt
sat talking to the pervy Rev as he sat opposite her at the desk (there was only the desk two chairs and a filing cabinet in the room. The talk went on forever and i was beginning to get very bored ,i could hear only muffled voices so the upshot of it all was lost on me,though i expect he was yet again waffling his pseudo clerical bullshit! Eventually he motioned for Carol to stand which she did, and he then said something to shock her. Carol looked stunned but he calmly reiterated it. My heart raced as i realised he had told Carol to take off her blouse and her brassiere and skirt! My heart raced and i soon had an aching erection as Carols big ones swung free from her heavy duty bra,her nipples stood erect in the cool air. Her skirt was next and soon Carol stood in nothing but her big but tight pink knickers. Carol was told to stand to attention,something was said, some marching music was put on a tape machine and Carol was made to run on the spot for about 5 mins her big bosoms bouncing everywhere! The pervert was enjoying the view allright and was encouraging her to lift her legs higher 'higher!' Soon enough Carol was allowed to stop, for his next trick he produced a tape measure and proceeded to take my wifes measurements as she again stood to attention. The music was off and i think the upshot of the conversation was about weight again. He certainly paid a lot of attention to measuring her F cup breasts. Nextly he produced from a holdall a school cane and Carol argued vainly before he browbeat her into touching her toes. My God how Carols bottom bounced and wobbled as she took 6 hard stingers. There was no repeat sessions, but i sometimes wonder how many other gullible and naive housewives this man has conned into allowing him to perv them?