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Kim knocked on the door and waited,come in said a stern voice,she entered the room.it was dim except for a number of candles on a table,the floor was covered in Gym Knickers,and in front of the table an alter of Knickers and a School desk.Head Girl Katrina was wearing a Uniform of Navy Blue Gymslip,White blouse,tie,and black Stockings.
Hands on your head whilst I inspect you, Kim had been instructed to wear her Gymkit of white airtex blouse,white ankle socks,black gym shoes,Short pleated navy Wrap around Skirt,and 1960 Meridan regulation Navy Blue Knickers.
Mistress Katrina picked up a cane which was lying on the desk and walked around Kim touching and feeling the uniform,she then stood back,and with the tip of the cane lifted the Navy blue Skirt to reveal the Navy Blue Knickers which she examined in detail.
Against the wall she instructed hands on head.Mistress Katrina then took hold of her hands and forced on a pair of handcuffs,and a blindfold.She lifted her skirt tucked it in the waistband,and cut her across the seat of her Navy Blue Knickers with her cane.
Still with hands on head she lead her to the alter making her kneel down bend forward
and rub her face in a pile of Gym Knickers.suck them she ordered,and Kim began to suck the crutches and inhale the aroma of Gym Knicker essence.whilst Mistress Katrina struck her across her Navy Blues with the cane several times .
Get up ordered Mistress Katrina and lead her to the desk. Bend over she said. kim bent over the desk ,Mistress Katrina produced another pair of handcuffs and her wrists were cuffed to each leg with her head just over the edge of the desk,still blindfolded.

Mistress Katrina removed Kims skirt,and took down her Knickers, Kim felt a finger probing her tight little pussy,and Mistress Katrina advised her that like all
Schoolgirls it was that time of the month,She felt a tube being pushed inside her little hole and gave a gasp as a tampon was thrust up inside her.She could feel it expanding inside her pussy as she moved around.Mistress Katrina left the room and went out to the Bathroom she removed her own Knickers and put on Kims then she rubbed her cock in them and wee'd in them.and returned to the room.She then put Kims Knickers on the Desk in front of her and rubbed the wet Knickers in her face,and then she put them back on her rubbing her hands all over the wet material and toying with the legbands.
katrina then proceeded to chastise her with a sound spanking followed by the cane,Gym Shoe and another spanking.every now and again she would put her hand inside the legbands and pull on the string hanging from between Kims legs which sent a tingle through her Pussy..

Afterwards she stood in front of her lifted her Gymslip and made Kim lick and
suck her Navy Blue Knickers,and then removing her cock,pushed it into Kims mouth to suck,whilst putting her hand under Kims tummy and rubbing her Cock through the wet Navy Blue Material.

When Kim had sucked Katrinas cock until it was really hard, she went behind her,and pulled down and took of Kims knickers .She then stuffed them in her mouth,parted her legs,and slowly pulled the string to remove the tampon.
Kim then felt her pussy being fingered and some greasy substance going inside
She felt very wet and felt Mistress Katrinas hands gripping her shoulders,followed by
something wet up against her pussy hole in an instance she pulled Kim towards her,and Kim felt the head of her enormous stiff Cock enter her tight little Pussy hole.
Kim was about to lose her virginity and be fucked by Mistress Katrina.
Kim wanted to scream as the Cock slowly penetrated her pussy,but was prevented from doing so as she was sucking on the damp Navy Blue knickers forced into her mouth.
Katrina started to trust in and out of her pussy,and she could feel the hot cock inside her.she began to enjoy the sensation and tried to shout out Fuck me Fuck me She responded by lifting her tummy so that Mistress Katrina could take hold of her very hard Cock and wank her.

Mistress Katrina really fucked poor little Kimmys Pussy,and evenually came.she could feel the hot cum filling the condom inside her pussy.It remained there until
Wendy was ready to cum,and the Knickers were removed from the mouth and encased around the cock to to enable her to cover them with cum.Mistress katrina removed her Cock,and kim was forced to wear her damp knickers again.

Mistress Katrina left Kim for a further 15 minutes to reflect on her punishment
before releasing her and sharing a kiss and a cuddle..