• Written by trueblog 17 Sep 2007, 14:57
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Hi i have been reading with great interest some of the stories on here and trying to ascetain which ones are true or fiction. Well i have decided to post some of my own experiences that are all totally true. In the coming weeks i will add my experiences in the hope people may find them as horny to read as they were to experience!!

In the past i have had both bi sexual experiences with other guys as well as with women and couples, i even have a few stories to tell about a small period i had as a male escort!!

The first one is about my first ever cock suck of another guy which began in a public toilet on Southsea seafront.

This was back in 1984 when public toilets were of the old type ie grotty but covered with horny graffitti and the cubicles had holes gouged out between the cubicles.

I had in the past visited these toilets for genuine reasons and had noticed the drawings and explicit notes people had left, mainly from older guys wanting to wank or suck younger cock and in some instances offering money to do so. What also turned me on were the messages from guys wanting someone to fuck their wife, often accompanied by horny drawings of her legs spread wide and cunt on show and an oversized cock just about to fuck her. I always used to get hard whilst sat on the seat reading these messages and often wondered if it would ever happen whilst i was there. I used to wank thinking about being in there and a guy bringing his wife in to be fucked and fingered by whoever was there, hoping i would be me one day.

I did once look through one of the holes when i heard someone come in to the next cubicle and saw a guy take down his trousers and start stroking his cock. Whilst i had never thought of another guy's cock before as something sexual, i was transfixed as i watched him slowly play with his cock until it has hard. He knew i was there of course and had no doubt done it before, but to me it was so so fucking horny to watch. I didn't dare move or make a sound but just watched him wank, with my own cock getting rock hard. He then moved towards the hole i was watching through and put the tip of his cock in the hole. I would like to share how i touched it etc but i was so nervous i just got up and quickly left !!

I couldn't get the image out of my head for ages and used to wank thinking of what would have happened if i had touched the other guys cock etc. This got me so horny that i was determined to go back and hope that the same thing would happen and that i would have the courage to take it further by touching another guy's cock.

One night when i had a couple of beers i went back to the same toilets in the hope of seeing some cock. By now i was so worked up from weeks of thinking about it that there was no way i would back out. I went into the toilets and into one of the cubicles and waited for what seemed like ages for someone to come in but no one did. I did hear someone come in but go to the urinals, after a few minutes i had not heard them leave so plucked up the courage to go out and see. There was a guy stood at the urinals and he looked round as i came out of the cubicle, i don't know how but i just knew he wanted me to stand beside him which i did. I got my cock out as though to take a piss and he looked over the urinals to watch me, he then looked at me and zipped up and left, whilst indicating me to follow him.

I was completely in the dark as to what the fuck i was doing but somehow just knew he wanted me to follow him. He got in his car and i followed him in mine to a suburb of Portsmouth. All the time i was following him i was trying to keep the courage to continue and see what the experience would bring. I parked behind him and he lead me to his flat which was above a shop.

We went to the longe and without saying anything he put on a porn video. I blurted out that this was my first time (it must have sounded stupid at the time), and he said no problem that we would just get naked and if i wanted to touch him i could. he did just that, stripped off and sat next to me on the sofa naked as we watched the video in darkness.

i know that most people who write the fictional stories on here talk of huge cocks etc but this guy's cock was genuinley bigger than i had seen before. It was probably a good 8inches or so long but the thickness of it was amazing, it was so fat i couldnt believe it. When i looked down to see it i was so turned on and actually just got up and stripped myself and sat back next to him.

I reached down to touch it and have to be honest even as a guy who loves to fuck pussy it felt fucking great. It was so fat to the touch and i just couldnt help stroke it and look at it. He started stroking my cock which by now was hard as i was lost in the size of him.

I really didn't get too much joy out of him touching me but loved pulling his cock and looking at his huge bulbous head. I proceeded to bend down and begin to suck cock
for the first time. Whilst it felt strange it also felt horny and dirty watching his cock as i sucked him as deep as i could.

We ended up rubbing our cocks together after i had sucked him and wanking until we both came.

i then just got dressed and left wihtout saying anything and drove home with the taste of my first cock in my mouth. Since then i have a desire for huge cocks and would love to suck 10 inches plus but unfortunately have only managed a 9 so far!!! But thats another story..