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hi im bill 47 and i look my age, but just had the best experience of my life.Mary who live next door 30'sh about 5"4 brown hair and 8 month pregnant, came round to see if i could help her move some boxes for her, which i was only too pleased to do as i work shifts i was at home that afternoon while jon her hubby was at work. I followed her round to her house and she took me up to the spare bed room and showed me 4 big boxes that she wanted me to take down stairs for her, while she was filling a 5th.I took the 1st box down stairs and went back up for the 2nd, it was then that i noticed that when she bent ove i got a perfect view of her swollen tits, whick started to get me hard, as she stood up she must have seen what i was looking at and blushed, she said she was sorry but that wearing a bra was painfull at the moment, and she would go and put a jumper on. I said the i did not mind and asked if she needed any help releaving the pain? she just looked at me! i ask if she needed to express her milk? again she look very shy and said she did not have a pump yet, i walked towards her and put my had on one of her big swollen tits, dont worry i said as i lifted her shirt and put my mouth to her big brown nipple. After about 2 or 3 minutes she started to leak her milk which i started to suck for her, she then placed her hand on my jeans rubbing my swollen cock, she then broke a way and i thought that was it bit no, she took me by the hand and took me to her bedroom and took of her shirt and trackies bottoms, she had no knickers on either ans i was greated to her big brown hairy pussy shining with her juice, i undressed and joined her on her bed, im only 6" if that, but carried on were we had left off me sucking on her milk, but this time i had 3 fingers in her wet pussy. She cam very soon telling me her hubby had not touched her for months and thanked me.She then assked what i wantes and i said that a tit wank would be very nice, at that she got some baby oil out and rub it in her cheast, wow it was great i shot my load all over her face. She gave birth 5 days later and now comes round for coffee with the baby and we both help milk her.