• Written by Jonny 12 Oct 2004, 10:09
  • Erotic

The following happened a few years ago soon after I first got access to the net. I placed an ad on a swingers site and had a response from the couple in question. We spoke on the phone and agreed to meet a a pub for a drink. They were a decent couple, mid 30's and game for a laugh. It seems that they had met a number of singles and couples over the years and wanted more action.
After a few beers, they asked me back to their for a coffee. Being my first time I was terrified. They managed to break the ice by putting on one of their pornos, and we all sat on their sofa, the wife in the middle as we watched. It was really weird being in their house, watching porn, getting hard in my pants and hoping that they were too. After a few minutes, the husband suggested the wife got some of her clothes off for us, which she promptly did, stripping down to her knickers and stockings. She then joined us again on the sofa and rested her hands on our bulges. It was a strange feeling, being felt up by a topless woman while watching porn with her husband. It didnt take long before he pulled his trousers and pants down and sat there while she wanked him. It was the first time i'd seen another guys hard on in real life. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock out too and we reclined as she wanked us both while sat between us.
It wasn't long before we all ended up on the floor, her stripped down to her stockings and us guys naked and hard. We spent a while fingering her cunt as she wanked us both and taking turns licking and sucking her tits and pussy, which was really smooth and tasted great. The hubby them moved on top of her and started fucking her. It was an amazing sight, watching a married couple fucking in front of me. I sat there wanking as i watched his cock pump into her, looking wet and swollen. I could hear them both panting and grunting, and could hear the wet noises as he fucked her and his ball slapping against her ass. It turned me on knowing they could both see me wanking as I watched them. They soon moved in the doggy position, and the husband mmotioned for me to get closer. The wife took my cock in her hand and wanked me before sucking me as they fucked. Each time he thrust into her, her mouth sank down on my cock. It was incredibe. I had to stop myself from cumming when he started talking dirty about her saying how good her cunt felt and what a filthy bitch she was. As the tempo speeded up, I could tell he was going to cum - and so was I!! When he started grunging that he was cumming, it sent my into overload. I warned her that i was going to shoot, thinking she might not want it in her mouth, but she carried on sucking me. As he rammed into her, forcing his spunk into her cunt, i was shooting mine in her mouth - it felt perfect - dirty, sleazy and so horny. Fair play on her as well as she swallowed it all too.
After she'd sucked me clean and hubby had pulled out, he went and got some more drinks as his wife lay on the floor and watched the porno while playing with her pussy.
A few miutes later, she suggested we got more comfortable and led me up to their bedroom, leaving her husband watching the movie. We spent a while on their bed, kissing passionatelyand feeling each other. Her pussy was so wet, with her juice and his cum. She was still really sensitive and loved the feeling on my fingers on her pussy and clit as i sucked her tits. I moved lower and spread her legs wider and licked around navel and pussy, sedning shiver through her. As i got closer, the smell of sex took over me - her pussy smelled amazing - a mixture of her juice and his spunk. I licked at her clit and round her lips, hearing her gasp, before slipping my tongue inside her. She held my head tight as she thrust her hips up to me as i licked and sucked for all i was worth. She tensed and panted before going rigid as her orgasm took over her. It turned me on so much thinking here i was, licking some guys wifes pussy til she cums after he's fucked her. My cock was solid.
I kissed slowly up her body til our lips met and my bellend was resting on her pussy lips. I rubbed it back and forth sending shivers through her before slowly sinking into her. She was so wet but really tight and took my cock balls deep. I started a gentle motion, fucking her slowy, pulling my cock almost all the way out before sliding deep into her.
At this point, her husband walked into the room, stroking his hard on and lay at the bottom of the bed, watching us fuck as he wanked. I was in heaven, kissing and fucking his wife as he watched. I spread my legs wider so that he could get a better view of my cock in his wifes pussy. I started to fuck her harder, thrusting deep into her wet sloppy cunt, still running with her juice and his cum. I was trying to stop myself from cumming, but when i felt his fingers playing with her cunt as i fucked her i knew i'd be shooting soon. It was the horniest I'd ever felt, and my cock left amazing sliding deep into her cunt. Soon I'd reached the point of no return, as was thrusting into her as hard as i could as i pumped my spunk deep into her cunt, adding my load to that of her husbands.
As my cock started to wilt and slip out of her, i rolled onto my side next to her. After a brief lick of her freshly fucked pussy, her hubby joined us on the other side, afterwhich we spent a while fingering her and sucking her tits til she came again. He knelt there while she wanked him and i fingerd her and stroked her body. We ended up kneeling either side of her, fingering her as she wanked us both together. The hubby shot first, showering her belly and tits with his cum, closly followed by myself, although i barely dribbled having already cum twice in quick succession.
I ended up staying the night in their spare room. I was exhausted, by balls empty and my cock sore. I slept like a log.
The next morning, I woke to hear noises from next door, and assumed they were fucking again. I played with my cock under the duvet til the noises died down. a few miutes later there was a knock at the door and the wife walked in with a cup of tea for me. She sat at the end of the bed and laughed when I said I'd heard them fucking again ealier. With that, she reached up and felt my cock - yes it was hard! She pulled the duvet back and started wanking me. Just like that! I couldn't believe it. She undid her dressing gown exposing her tits and fanny, and knelt between my legs and wanked me and stroked my balls. I was in heaven - again. I noticed her hubby, stood naked in the door way with a big smile on his face playing with his cock. I lay there feeling so hard and turned on til she made me cum , shooting my spunk all over myself.What an experience! I met them once more after that for an equally horny session, before they moved down to the South East, but have since met a few other couples off this site and others.
I hope this goes to prove that not all people on these site are timewasters, and that these site really do work.