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Carly (29 5'5" size 10 curvy tanned (fucking hot)) and I had been going out for five years and had a great sex life, to be honest i couldn't keep up. We had often talked while drunk ect about her sleeping with other men, I have always wanted to see her with one or more black men, she seemed to think that was a great idea but we never had the balls to try it.
We finally decided to get married and set the date for september, whilst chatting in bed one night in june we agreed that we would do one big sexual treat for each other as a sort of wedding present. I proceeded to tell her that my ultimate fantasy would be to see her get gangbanged on our wedding night, i was sure she wouldn't go for it but to my surprise she told me that was hers as well. To be honest we were a bit drunk and just fucked whilst talking about it.
As the big day approached it got forgotten about what with all the preparations but i still wanted to have my present. I got in contact with a group of black men from an internet site and met one of them (Liam) for a drink, he was a nice bloke, friendly but built like a brick s**t house and from his pics hung like a horse, we made an agreement that he and 2 friends all 9" plus would come to our hotel room on the night of the wedding about 1am and knock on the door. We agreed that they would respect our boundries if we chickened out but i told him i bet my house she would be up for it.

Our big day arrived and i managed somehow not to say a word about my secret meet. The wedding was fantastic and soon it was nearly midnight and we had to leave for our hotel where we were to stay and catch a flight for our honey moon at 4pm. We arrived and were as horny as hell, i made my excuse and went into the bathroom to text the boys our room number and let them know we'd arrived. I came out into the room where carly was, I told her to stay in her wedding dress, she looked fantastic, i poured the bubbly and we got close on the bed was watching the time it was nearly ten to one, i was as nervous as hell with a hard on like a rock, carly was starting to talk dirty, she started on about the fantasy we had talked about whilst s;owly wanking me off whilst i put my hand into her panties. she begged me to fuck her but i had other plans, i said be patient, finish the bubbly, i told her she was about to get the fuck of her life and it was worth waiting for, I also said in case anything happened she wasn't happy about just say divorce lol and i'll make it stop, she looked puzzled and started quizing why she needed a safe word. luckily before i broke the knock at the door came, i came up with the old room service excuse and went to open it. I let them in and they came through and stood at the end of the bed looking at carly, she was stunned.
Liam introduced himself and stated that they were her wedding present and they were going to give her the fucking of her life. Carly was stunned and didnt say anything, i asked her if she had any objections, she just shock her head and looked at them as they moved around her and closed in like a pack of dogs ready to use her like a piece of meat. their hands were all over her and she started to moan and writhe with plesure. sudenly they all stood up and undressed, they were all toned athletic looking with huge cocks swaying between their massive thighs.carly reached out and started playing with pauls it was massive and her small hands couldnt get right around it. Liam started saying how good she looked in her wedding dress but what a white whore she was for commiting adultery so soon. he asked her if she wanted to be their whore for the night, she nodded and dived in at his cock swallowing it as far as she could her jaws swelling. Thats a good white slut he kept saying, suck it you fucking whore as he held her head and thrust his large black cock down her throat making her gag. This was an odd site for me i was now an outcast, it was looking a bit brutal and i didnt know if i was shocked or fucking loving it. I said carly are u ok i dont think she even heard me, she was drunk and in heaven.! Liam then asked her if she wanted to be fucked, she groaned, he pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to beg. fuck me fuck me please she snapped. adam pulled her legs apart and with one swift yank tore her panties from her exposing her moist pounding white mound, she screamed out with a wanten look in her eyes fuck me hard, hurt me she begged. adam positioned himself between her a hooked her legs over his thighs and then with one swift push he sent his huge black member all the way up into her. carly yelped out like a helpless dog i thought she was going to pass out as adam pushed all they way through her like a steam train, i nearly came at the site of it. he pulled her right onto him and started fucking her faster and faster, liam put his cock back in her mouth fucking her throat like an animal. they kept calling her a white fucking whore who didnt deserve their black cocks, i must admit i was loving it and so was carly. Suddenly they stopped and stripped carly naked, paul laid on his back on the bed adam and liam lowered her onto his cock which she started riding viusly, liam then got some vaseline and smeared it around her ring, he climbed behind her then squat down, positioned his cock at her ring and pushed slowly into her arsehole, carly came again and liam had to hold her up as he continued to push all the way. i couldn't believe she could take it all, two massive black cocks dping her and adam now fucking her throat. they fuck her like a rag doll for what seemed like ages , i was sure carly was about to pass out now, just then liam said we're gonna fill your belly with cum! is that that what you want you fucking cumdump slut, yes yes she replied enthusiastically, please cum in my pussy, we're gonna breed you slut paul scowled at her and then shot his load right up into her womb she screamed with delight, he pulled out and then adam followed by liam fucked her soaking pussy as hard and as fast as possible before pumping their loads of cum into her belly, she fell onto her back with cum oozing out of her as they in turn made her suck and swallow what was left from their cocks. liam then smiled at her and said was that as good as u imagined, carly just moaned in exstasy. liam turned to me and said i think it your turn know, to which carly mummbled divorce whilst smiling at me, luckily she was joking. the boys left wishing us well. we fucked for the rest of the night it was amazing to fuck her with 3 other mens cum in her. but mostly the thought of her being the biggest slut i could ever imagine. gangbanged infront of her husband on her wedding night!