• Written by Abbey 8 Oct 2003, 14:08
  • Erotic

After being fucked that afternoon by my neighbour Tom, He asked for my mobile number so He could give me a call anytime to fuck me. (Which I did of course).

Tom was showing me to the door when Debs his wife came in. She was very sexy and had a great body like myself. I was a little nervous as her husband had just fucked me. so she said Hi and she asked me how I was(you know the usual chit-chat).
Anyway I said I must hurry as I was going clubbing tonight with some mates, Debs said in a very flirty'you'll be teasing all the boys tonight with the body of yours'. Anyway I left and went clubbing.

Whilst at the club with my mates My phone ran it was Tom, He asked me to come in to his house on the way home for a drink but told me to get some cock first , I asked if debbie would be there and got a surprise when he said 'Yes, debbie tinks your sexy and would like to see more of you'. I was feeling very turned on so when this guy started chatting me up I didn't waste much time and we started kissing, I was rubbing his cock through his trousers and could feel his big hard nob.
We went outside behind the club, he pulled my dress up, pulled my panties to one side and ramped his big hard nob right up my cunt and fuck me up against a wall till we both came.
Anyway the dirty little slapper that I am I didn't even ask his name I just said thanks and see you soon, then set on my why home.

When I got to Tom and Debs, Tom answered the door , he said my god you looking fucking sexy and kissed me. I went into the livingroom and Debs came forward she was wearing a sexy nightie and I could see her nipples were very erect. Hi Abbey she said and we shared a very sexy kiss.

Tom asked me to take off my little dress and panties so Debs could lick the spunk that was still dribbling from my session at the club.
I sat on the sofa and Debs went down and was licking, sucking and fingering my pussy. Tom was at the side of me and put his hard cock in my mouth I tasted good, (I have a feeling Debs and Him had a fuck before I came in and I could taste her come)
. I could feel my pussy tingle as debs muffed it I couldn't hold back any longer and I screamed and groaned when I came on Debs face.
tom then ask me and debs to swap round so he could see me lick her, she was very wet and tasted good, I sucked way at her cunt, Tom came to the back of me and put his cock up my throbbling soaking pussy and fucked hard till I came AGAIN and debs came over me. Tom lay on his back with debs on his cock and me on his face, His tongue was right up me, debs was fucking his cock and kissing me at the same time it was amazing, and we all came together.