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One Sunday morning, about 6 months back, my wife (Helen) arrived home in the early hours after a girl's night out with a group of her work mates.

We have been married for 28 years and although Helen is in her early fifties, she keeps herself trim by going to the gym 3-4 times a week. She 5'8", blond, slim (size 12) with wonderful 36D boobs and a cute pussy to die for.

Anyway, back to the story! When she crawled into bed beside me I turned over and kissed her and asked whether she'd had a good night. She took hold of my semi erect cock, and said "Do you want to know what I've been up to and who with?" Her hand started to move slowly and my cock was now rock hard. I had become so excited by the prospect that she may have finally fulfilled one of our long-term fantasies of her going with another guy.

Helen's hand was now moving faster; she was wanking my fully erect cock and stroking my balls at the same time. She started to recount what she'd been up to. "I met Dave while in a bar." "Dave" I asked "Who's Dave? I don't know anyone called Dave." "Yes you do" she said "he's Tom's and Barb's son -- you know." "Oh that Dave, he's only a kid, haven't seen him around for ages. "He's been away at Uni for 3 years and only recently got back to stay with Tom and Barb while looking for a job."

"He's actually 22 and certainly no kid! He's experienced enough to make sure I had several orgasms tonight with his huge cock." I was stunned by what Helen had said but was also very excite, I remained silent for a few moments hoping that Helen would continue with her description of her night out.

My heart was pounding and I managed to pluck up enough courage to say "So, you really enjoyed it when Dave fucked you?" "Oh yes and you wouldn't have said he was a kid if you had seen his cock, it is at least 9" and very thick, I could get my hand all the way around its girth." "Oh and when he pushed it up me I knew that he was going to give me the best fucking of my life." "The first time he didn't last that long, probably just over ten minutes but he made me cum none the less."

Her hand was moving quicker on my cock, I could feel pre-cum lubricating the end and was almost at the point of no return. "Are you going to let me fuck you Helen?" I asked. "Yes but on one condition. That you go out this evening for me to bring Dave here to fuck me in our bed, we had to do it in the back of his small car tonight and it was uncomfortable."

At this point she climbed on top of me and slipped my inadequate cock into her. She rode me slowly and said "the second time Dave fucked me for ages, at least an hour and it was wonderful, I had several orgasms before he came again."

I could feel that Helen's pussy was more relaxed than usual - sloppy and very wet. I then began to panic, had she been silly enough to allow Dave to fuck her without protection? "Did you do it bareback?" I asked "Of course we did, you know I don't like condoms" "Dave said it was great being able to feel his bare cock inside me and I loved it when I felt him jerk as he shot his heavy load inside me." That was it; I too shoot my spunk and had the most incredible climax, depositing my load next to Dave's. Helen rolled off me and said, "That was not worth the effort, I could barely feel your cock touching the sides of my pussy." "No wonder I scarcely orgasm with you without using my rabbit on my clitty."

She went on to say that as soon as Dave finished fucking her, he said he wanted to see her again. "So I have a date with him this evening and you have promised to go out so that he can fuck me again. Don't you dare come home before 1 am as I want to give Dave a time to remember in bed tonight."

As instructed, I arrived home well after 1 am that evening, having spent a very boring night at pub and watching 2 films at the local multi screen cinema. I had a boner all night thinking about what Helen and Dave had been doing. As I climbed the stairs Helen came dashing out of our bedroom naked and looking hot and bothered. "Dave's still here, he will be spending all night with me so you'll have to sleep in the guest bedroom" she whispered. So, I undressed and got into bed.

I heard Dave ask "Is everything OK?" "Yes of course it is, the wimps done as he's told and gone to the spare room" I heard Helen laugh. "Good, open your legs then said Dave." My wife giggled and I then heard the bedsprings creak and I knew that Dave was fucking her again.

I woke suddenly sometime later, hearing the tell tail sounds of Helen having sex. I then had a nasty thought, Dave was sure to tell his Dad that he had fucked Helen when I was in the spare bedroom, and they'd have a good laugh at my expense. Helen was panting and moaning, and before long she was squealing with pleasure. She was really enjoying herself with this young man between her legs.

The next morning Helen said, "I have a date with Dave tonight and I will be bringing him home with me again so you'll have to sleep alone in the spare room again." "He must be keen," I said "Oh yes he is, he said that he's fancied me since he was about fifteen when his Dad used to talk about how much he'd like to fuck me. He's grown up feeling that I was one woman that he really wanted to take to bed when he was old enough. I hope that he will want to continue to want me as I really enjoyed myself in bed with him last night, and I am sure that he enjoyed it just as much as I did. You know how randy young men are at his age; he will probably be here every night for as long as he wants."

Helen was correct, Dave spent many consecutive nights with her in our matrimonial bed while I listened to them fucking all night while wanking myself to sleep. After a month or so the relationship started to cool off but Dave has continued to fuck Helen regularly, usually at least one or two nights a week for the past six months. He has since met a girl of his own age but still takes Helen out and she brings him home for sex while I listen to them fucking in to the early hours.

Helen said that Dave's told her that although he loves his new girlfriend, my wife gives him a much better fuck than her, she just doesn't know how to pleasure a man Helen does. So, I can expect to be a Cuckold for some time to come.