• Written by Jay and Michelle 10 Oct 2003, 13:56
  • Erotic

This is a true story about my wifes first encounter with the dark side. About this time last year we went to a swingers club near Luton for the first time. Of course we didn't know what to expect but after chatting to an organiser on the internet we met 3 other couples and two single guys in a pub across the road from the club. This was a nice way to break the ice and it made my wife and I more relaxed. The other couples were attractive mid 30's and well dressed. One of the single guys was a bit of a geak and the other was a stocky black guy with a shaven head.

I had mentioned to my wife on many occasions previously that she should try black but she just laughed. In the pub she gave me a little nudge when she was introduced to this black guy and I wondered if that meant 'don't even think about it' or 'tonights the night'.

We finished off a few drinks to get some dutch courage and went in to the club. The night started off quite slowly and we wondered from room to room watching what was happening. As the night went on, the action got hotter and hotter. We chatted to a few couples and quite a few single guys asked my wife if she would like to join them. She did look good mind, wearing a short buff coloured skirt, black FMBs and a tight black top which showed her 34DD's off to perfection. Unfortunately, none of the guys did it for her and I was beginning to think that nothing would happen.

Eventually, she grabbed me and led me to one of the private rooms. She said she was wet from watching all these couples fucking and needed me inside her now. So I did the gentlemanly thing and fucked her. She was right, I could feel her wet pussy through her knickers. Still you don't want to hear about that. Just as I came inside her she told me to get the black guy! I was shocked but very excited. I asked if she was sure and she said "you bet, I want his black cock now".

I left in a flash and cought him just as he was leaving the club. I told him the story and he took his coat off and followed me in a flash, telling me that he had wanted to fuck her all night but thought she was not game.

As we entered the room she was playing with herself. Nice turn on. I was still semi naked from earlier but the black guy (John) was fully clothed. My wife winked at me then sat up and began to undo John's zip. Her face lit up when this huge cock popped out. He was about 9inches with a huge girth. It was straight in to her mouth. I remember thinking 'what happened to my shy wife'. She was in her elliment sucking his knob as far in her mouth as she could. Now she has always been good at giving head. She has this trick of twisting my cock as she tugged on my bollox. That was my treat. Needless to say John was getting the same treatment and judging by his face he was loving every second of it.

I just stood thinking he had got my share of cock. So I thought it might be a good time to go to the toilet and get ready for my second helping. By the time I got back there was a queue of guys standing by the door of what was once a private room. Once I explained I was the husband the guys reluctantly let me through. The room was dimly lit and it took a few seconds for my eyes to re-adjust. Once they did I could see her on her knees with John behind her pumping her pussy and another black guy (I never got his name) was being sucked in to her mouth.

One of the guys stood in the room commented on how loud she was moaning, but I defy any girl not to moan with a 9 inch cock inside her. The two guys swapped round a few times before taking it in turns to cum inside her.

We had agreed before hand that should either of us get lucky we would insist on condoms but she said she was so horny she forgot to ask and to be honest the thought of 2 black guys cuming inside her made me even more horny.

We got dressed and left to a round of applause from the audience! Hope you enjoyed reading this true account of her first black guy as much as i did.