• Written by Jacques/Jill 11 Dec 2007, 19:31
  • Swinging

My name is Jill. I'm now in my early forties, with no idea how I got there. I still work at the same office, at the same desk for the past 10 years, and haven’t had a good fuck for at least twice that.

Marla invited me to go shopping with her for a cocktail dress for some function she and her boyfriend Bob are attending. Marla is young, her breasts are full and firm, her skin is pale olive colored and smooth. Her brown eyes sparkle when she looks at you. Watching her dressing and undressing trying on different dresses, got my own cunt more than just moist. I longed to lather her salty vagina with my tongue, and bury it deep inside her. But Marla was probably not interested in me, a middle–aged woman when she could get anytime Bob’s huge cock she’s always telling me about to split her delicate vaginal lips of hers that I can only dream to part and kiss myself. Could Marla sense the utter turmoil I was being put through?

On the drive back from downtown I offered Marla to come up to my apartment for a drink. It was a hot summer evening and she had nothing else important to do. Apparently Bob was working late that night. She left a message on his cell phone where she would be in case he needed to reach her.

“Do you mind if I took my clothes off?’ she asked. “It is stifling hot. And it’s just the two of us. You can join me, if you want to.”

I was in my bedroom removing my bra when I looked up and saw Marla standing suggestively nude, framed by the doorframe. I just had to sit down, my breath cut short. My arousal must have been evident by the wetness on my slip that I still had on.

“Would you like me to help you with your slip Jill?” she offered. She removed them from under me, exposing my full bush between my thighs. You see I have no one for whom to shave my cunt. Marla on the other hand displayed the most adorable pale pink lips of her completely shaved cunt that dived to hide ever so mysteriously between her long smooth thighs.

We walked over naked to my living room. Marla was ahead of me, her full buttocks swinging so alluringly. It was more erotic feelings than I could stand. How would I be able to stand all this arousal?

“Have you ever been with a woman Jill?” she asked innocently. “No, I haven’t… but I wouldn’t mind … I am curious. Have you Marla?” She didn’t answer.

“You know, we can the two of us. That is if you are not uncomfortable with it.” I shook my head. I was O.K. with this. Lowering my eyes as a scolded school child I asked Marla if I could touch her breasts. She took my hands and ever so lightly she moved my fingers around her firm nipples. Then she leaned forward, her nipples touching mine, she kissed me a long kiss that seemed to last an eternity. Her lips were searing hot.

“I don’t know how to pleasure a woman,” I admitted to her. Marla spread her thighs revealing herself to me, exposing her wet cunt. She took my head and starting with pressing my mouth gainst her breasts she guided me all the way, inch by inch over her body to her cunt. The musty smell that came out as I spread her vaginal lips drove me wild with anticipation. Her cunt was even more delicious than I had imagined. Soon Marla was moaning, her breathing betrayed how close she was to reaching an orgasm.

The doorbell rang. “Don’t stop now. Go on!” she begged me. I heard the doorknob turning. I wanted to stop, but Marla kept me pressed against her cunt. Bob her boyfriend walked in just in time to see Marla reaching an incredible climax. She relaxed a bit after reaching her orgasm. I was just too embarrassed for words to be meeting Bob for the first time and being completely naked fucking his girlfriend with my tongue.

Marla got up and went over to Bob directly in his arms. “Hi darling, I thought you were working late tonight. I hope you don’t mind. Jill is a great tongue fucker, especially for her first time. Do you want to feel how turned on she made me?” she said lowering his fingers to her dripping cunt and inserting them into her vagina.

By now Bob was displaying a huge bulge in his pants. Marla smiled at the sight of her boyfriend’s arousal. She waited until he released his cock from his jockey shorts to take him by his erect manhood and lead him to me. “Jill has not had a good fuck for almost 20 years. Can you imagine?” she said as she introduced gently his cock inside my waiting cunt. Marla had not exaggerated; he was at least a full 8 or 9 inches. “Wait I’ll show you something fantastic,” she said, as she slipped her middle finger between the folds of my buttocks. I could feel her inside me from behind pressing against the head of Bob’s throbbing cock in my cunt. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was so hungry to taste him that I pulled him out and went down on him sucking every bit of his juices while Marla masturbated me. I suddenly felt an incredible rush as I reached an indescribable orgasm in Marla’s hands. Bob had yet not reached his orgasm. He stepped back displaying his erect cock as he watched me spasming in erotic pleasure. Marla applied her tongue furiously to my clit and licking every drop of my wet cunt drippings kept my orgasm alive for an eternity.

I was spent breathless when she finally stopped. I couldn’t believe the orgasm I had just experienced. It had lasted longer than I ever thought possible.

“Did you ever see a guy come without even being touched? She asked. “Let’s see if we can make that atomic pile come without fucking me or getting a blowjob.”

Marla went over to Bob.

From the side view I had I could see Bob’s incredible erection as Marla pressed her nipples into his mouth then run her tongue over his sweaty body almost down to his cock. On her knees in front of him she cupped her breasts around his cock, almost touching the throbbing head. Then with her two hands she deftly ran up and down the shaft without touching it.

As she was bringing her lips just about a millimeter from the head of his cock, Bob threw his head back, his hands grasping the edge of the table he was leaning on, and he came in spurts of big steamy hot streams. I couldn’t believe it. Here he was dripping all over Marla’s breasts as she sat on her heels watching him come. So don’t let anyone fool you into believing that a man can’t come without fucking.

“Stop fiddling with that atomic pile stuff, and come down here,” he said as he took Marla, and thrust his still enormous cock into her waiting cunt. Evidently he was not yet spent or satisfied. As I watched him fucking her, she slipped a finger up his ass, massaging his inside. Now he came! His generous liquid was dripping between Marla’s thighs and down the furrow of her buttocks, as she reached also her orgasm.

We just lay back on the carpet exhausted. The evening had been just marvelous. It made for the 20 years of celibacy I had just endured.