• Written by paul 3 Jan 2005, 02:53
  • Erotic

we're a couple who absolutely love wanking...and obviously fucking..anyway this story relates to a time when i had ust first met my girl, i was amazed to find she loves to wank as much as me and she dont mind admitting it, my past girls had never been open enough to admit to how much they wanked which i used to get frustrated over, because i absolutely love to her a girl tell me about her wank sessions, i love to tell them about mine too, im an exhibitionist and i just love to wank in public, sometimes when i get the chance i will flash my cock , especailly as im just shooting my spunk, thats a big turn on...i got into public wanking and flashing when i was in my early teens, i was out one day walking alone, i had left my uncles house heading for home and decided to take a detour accross the mountain which took me about 2 miles out of my way, but fuck it was well worth it..i had been walking for about 30 minutes when as usual on a hot summers day out in the open i fancied a wank, so i was looking for somewhere to strip off naked and beat my meat when i spotted somone in the bushes i was headed for, hoping it was a couple shagging i crept up slowly, fuck was i surprised, i found a girl who looked to be about 18 or so, she was crouched down having a piss which instantly made my cock throb, i quickly pulled it out and shamelesssly wanked, not bothered if she saw me...as i watched her pissing i was trying to picture sliding my cock up her cunt, then she put a hand down between her legs and started to play with herself, i just shot my load...usually im finished for a while after spunking but this time my cock remained stiff so i carried on wanking, spunk all over my hand and legs..then the girl pulled her knickers up and i was gutted , until she sat down, leaned back and pulling her panties to one side she carried fingering her juicey cunt plunging 2 fingers in and out pretty hard, i could hear how wet she was as she wanked, it was making a squelching sound, at this point i was so aroused that i stripped off naked and carried on wanking really hard, i watched this beauty finger fuck her her hairy cunt hard and wondered what it would be like to slam my cock up her, she was a really pretty girl with long dark hair and a body to die for, i just knew she would be part of my wanking sessions for long time to come..25 years later i still wank like fuck thinking about her..anyway as she lay half naked, knickers pulled to one side she started to grunt like a pig, she was obviously coming big time, legs spread wide and her hand just a blur as she fucked herself hard, i lost control and grunted myself which she heard, she got up and came over to find me naked with a stiff and farily big cock for a 14 year old, as she stood there i picked up my shorts and she grabbed them out of my hand and said, your not going naywhere, you watched me now im gonna watch you so carry on wanking that cock, her forcefullness made my cock twitch and i carried on wanking, after a few minutes she sat down spread her leas and fingered herself as she encouraged me by saying things like "come on wank harder" and "let me see you spunking"..considering it was the first time i had wanked in front of anyone i was well away and not at all embarassed
in fact i was wanking as openly and candid as i would when wanking alone..every no and then i would peel my foreskin right back to show her my knob and she loved it..then when i started to shake she said your gonna spunk are'nt you...i said yes and she said come over here and shoot over my cunt..kneeling over her i wanked like a madman..she said come on you dirty cunt spunk all over me, and she was coming now too judging by her laboured breathing..themn as i started to squrit my hot spunk over her cunt she was shouting...oh fuck yeah thats it spunk on my cunt..then she grabbed my arse and pulling in she fed my cock into her cunt, it was the most amazing feeling i had ever had, i think it was the fatc that it was all spur of the moment and not planned, and she was a stranger
which made it even more exciting..as i fucked her for all i was worth she was saying ram it in yoiu filthy bastard fuck me hard...withing minutes i was pouring more spunk deep into her tight cunt..when i was finished we just lay there, me on top stuill inside her cunt..then after a few minutes she said i'd better go my boyfrined is coming to pick me up soon..she stood up and lifting her skirt she pelled her wet knickers off and gave them too me saying..here you go , something to remind you of me..i wanked over those knickers for a hell of a long time filling them with spunk over and over