• Written by Alan & Gaynor 5 Jan 2005, 14:02
  • Erotic

After picking up Gaynor from her Christmas party I knew she was very drunk. Gaynor and I have been married for 2 years and sex is always great but like every bloke I want to try new things and my thing is to watch her being fucked by another bloke. I had mentioned a few times to Gaynor about this but she had alwys said no even though she got very turned on.

Anyway after picking Gaynor up I knew she would be very randy and would want some sex so I came up with a plan. I had let some air out of the car tyre and ensured the spare was flat. The next stage was easy I drove our usual route home which went past a couple of dogging sites just before I passed them I would tell Gaynor the car felt funny and would pull onto them to check it out.

Gaynor is 34 years 5 feet 3 slim with long blonde hair to her shoulders, she was wearing a short red satin skirt and top with black stockings and suspenders and knee length boots and looked fantastic. I followed my plan to the T and pulled onto the car park. There were 2 cars and 1 transit van parked up and I ensured I did not get to close to start Gaynor getting suspicous. I got out of the car checked the tyre went through the drill of pretending to be pissed off and even more so when I got the spare out. Gaynor is usually very she but when she has had a drink she gets a new wave of confidence. Gaynor got out looked at the car and said I'll ask those cars over there if they have got a pump. BINGO!!!!

Gaynor walked directly to the van and I saw her lean in the window speaking to the driver for a bit. She then came back with two guys who looked about 45 neither were particularly good looking but they weren't ugly either. They both looked at the tyre and said they would take us to the garage with the spare to put some air in it for a reward. I said I had no money as I had left my wallet at home and Gaynor had spent all hers at her Christmas party. Gaynor suddenly said I'll give you both a blow job if you help us out. I was surprised at how easy it was. Both guys looked at each other and one said that would be nice but I think it will have to be a fuck of you for each of us. Gaynor turned to me and said what do you think honey? I stuttered fuckem both.

We wandered over to there van with the tyre and they opened the rear transit doors. Inside was a matress and I knew these guys were proper doggers. Gaynor jumped in lay on her back on the matress and said who's first boys.

The driver shouted me you dirty bitch and within 30 seconds he had striped of his lower half and was feeding his cock into Gaynors mouth. His dick was about 7 inches long and uncut. As Gaynor was sucking him off the secong guy pushed up her skirt and tore of her little red knickers. He started fingering Gaynor first 1 then 2 then 3, 4 untill he started fisting her. I had never done this in my life but she was loving it. I was harder then I have ever been in my life and started wanking my cock.

The 2nd guy pulled down his pants got ou his cock and said now for some proper meat. He was much bigger than his mate at about 9 inches cut. He slammed his dick in Gaynors Fanny and just started pumping away like there was no tomorrow. The driver stopped getting his cock sucked and just watched. He turned to me and said He does half bang these sluts hard he'slike a hammer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and loving to watch and my wife was fully enjoying. The 2nd guy had Gaynors legs over his shoulders and was getting some deep pentration. He started saying tell me how much you like it slut. Gaynor then said I fucking love it I'm your dirty slut just fill me full of your cum, bang me as hard as you want. He then turned around into the doggy position and started hammering away. Gaynor started screaming she was cumming. At this point the 2nd guy let out a grunt and exploded his load depp inside Gaynors cunt. Gaynor said thats it baby empty it all into me I'm your cum dump. As he withdrew from Gaynor I saw cum dribble from her cunt. The driver looked at her Cunt and said I'mnot going there I'll take your arse you slut. I have tried a couple of times with Gaynor to do this but she has always asked me to stop. Gaynor said nothing though and he produced a small tube of KY jelly from his pocket rubbed it on his cock and then pushed deep into Gaynors arse. Gaynors let out a screach. The driver just said shut up slut and enjoy. He started hammering away like there was no tomorrow and only lasted a couple of minutes before pulling out and cumming across Gaynors arse and skirt.

Gaynor looked at me and said that was great. Both guys said to me she was the dirtiest slut they had had in ages. I told them I had set it up for the tyre and they said we know. When asked how they said Gaynor had told them what I had done she thought was a set up and if I wanted to see her get fucked then she would enjoy it a be a slut.

They helped us sort out the tyre and went on there way. I don't know what happened to the other cars but they had gone when we returned to ours.

On the drive home I asked Gaynor how she enjoyed it. She said she loved the sex with strangers but she had forgotten to take her pill that day. I told her we would have to get the moring after one as although I loved watching her get fucked I did not want to have a constant reminder every day. Gaynor has not washed her skirt full of cum and says she will keep it as a reminder of her slut night until it happens again. I told her it will happen again very soon if I have my way.