• Written by wesleyomand 8 Feb 2008, 22:47
  • Swinging

My wife Helen and I are far from glamorous, overweight, fifty somethings who have been married for thirty five years and still enjoy a fairly healthy monogamous sex life. On one of our infrequent nights out we met a couple, Mike and Jill, that we hadn't seen for years in a queue for a popular new restaurant in Chester. We had dinner as a foursome, drank a lot of wine, especially Helen, and enjoyed a really good evening. Jill invited us back to their very smart house in the upmarket nearby village of Mollington, for a nightcap. I got the impression that Mike didn't think this was a good idea but he didn't protest too much. It was still early, not yet nine O'clock, Helen was very tipsy and accepted immediately.

The house was large and beautiful, Mike thrust a large scotch into everyone's hand then he and Jill were proud to show us around. We finished our tour in the conservatory which contained some lovely cushioned cane furniture and an above ground wooden hot tub with steps up to it. It was full and, judging by the steam coming off it, nicely warmed up.

Helen and I had never been in one and were fascinated as Jill explained how they used it. "We like to relax with a drink, sometimes with friends. We switched it on before we went out so we could get in when we got home tonight." Talking directly to Helen she went on. "Would you like to join us?"

Helen replied. "What about swimming costumes."

"We don't worry about swimming costumes. We're grown ups. Anyway we'll make the boys keep their eyes closed." She chuckled, turned to me and said. "You don't mind skinny dipping do you Wesley?" I sort of shrugged which she took to mean that I didn't mind, took Helen's hand and said. "Come on we'll get ready in here."

They disappeared into what Mike told me was a dressing and shower room. Mike started to strip off and indicated that I should do the same. Leaving our clothes on chairs we stepped into the hot tub and sat down opposite each other. Helen and Jill came out of the changing room wearing white bathrobes that came down to mid thigh and carrying two others, which they said were for us, and towels. Jill said. "Close your eyes boys." There was a splash of water we opened our eyes, Helen was sitting next to me and Jill next to Mike, there was enough room for two more couples one either side of us.

No sooner had Jill sat down than she said. "I've forgotten the drinks." And climbed out again displaying everything she'd got. She was slimmer than Helen but a lot saggier, not bad for a fifty five year old woman I thought. Mike climbed out saying he'd give her a hand giving Helen a good look at his assets. They handed drinks to us then got back into the tub but this time Mike sat next to Helen and Jill next to me so that we filled one half of the tub; Jill, Me, Helen then Mike. They described it as cosier but it was actually a little tense at first, I had a naked woman either side of me and Helen a naked man, it took some getting used to.

The drink flowed we all relaxed, I felt Jill’s hand settle on my leg under the water as she got out to go to the loo it touched my penis. Helen got out too and went with her, neither of them bothering with the bathrobes Mike and I followed their swaying drunken arses with our eyes all the way to the door. As the door closed Mike said. "Listen Wesley we've got some friends dropping by anytime now, we are swingers and our friends are coming for sex and wife swapping. Do you want to stay or go? I can call you a taxi or you can stay. What do you want to do?”

“Fucking hell Mike, Helen will never go for it.” I replied.

He shrugged at me and continued. "Pity, she's a sexy looking woman, beautiful arse. Never mind, you know best." Nothing more was said for a minute. I was in turmoil. The door to the dressing room opened, Helen and Jill emerged, still naked, supporting each other and giggling.

“Oh bollocks." I said. "We'll stay and see what happens.”

“Good lad." Mike said, getting out of the tub and grinning at me. "Let battle commence. Let’s go and get a drink.” We dried ourselves and put on bathrobes. Mike spent longer than necessary drying his penis and rubbing it before putting on his bathrobe. I caught Helen looking at it.

We went through to the lounge, the doorbell rang and Mike let two couples in followed by another a few minutes later, another, a small group of men, two more couples, then I lost count.

Jill made introductions I was acutely aware that Helen was wearing nothing under her bathrobe as she accepted kisses from the guests. People started to dance, Mike took Helen up and Jill started dancing with me. Mike lost no time. I was shocked to see his hands all over Helen. I got flashes of her arse as her bathrobe was intermittently lifted as he touched her up. She wasn't complaining.

Jill took hold of my stiffy and said. "Wesley! Have I given you this hard on? Or is it Helen and Mike over there?" I looked over and Helen's robe's belt was undone and hanging down. Mike looked me in the eye and gave me a big smile as he undid the belt on his robe. "Let's get out of here." Jill said as she gave my penis a little tug. "Our spouses seem to be enjoying themselves. Lets see if we can't soften this beauty."

She led me into the hall then upstairs to a bedroom and we were fucking in a few moments. I didn't last too long but she didn't seem to mind, telling me it was a nice start to the evening. We went back into the lounge she started talking to some people, I left her to look for Helen but she and Mike were not downstairs.

I had a drink then returned to Jill. She introduced me to an attractive young couple in their early thirties. Phil put his arm around Jill's shoulder and she put her's around his waist. Jenny was wearing red high heels, red stockings, a red basque with her nipples poking out of the top and no knickers. I was thrilled to kiss her cheek in a conventional greeting. I couldn't believe it when this gorgeous young woman turned it into an open mouthed French kiss. A few minutes later the four of us left the room and I caught sight of Helen swaying to music with her arms around a boy in his early twenties and her head resting on his shoulder. I was soon back in the bedroom that Jill and I had just left, fucking the lovely Jenny and listening to Phil fucking Jill.

We made our way back to the lounge I searched for Helen but couldn't find her or the young man she'd been dancing with. Jill was already dancing with another guy when I got back to the lounge.

There were two women and three men in the hot tub I asked if there was room for a little one and was invited to join them. The skinny middle aged women were sitting opposite each other. Linda was about my age and had a man either side, Rachael was about sixty five and had just one man. I was invited to sit the other side of her so that there were two threesomes. I learned that they were two couples and a friend, there was usually another man but he couldn't make it tonight. They were staying over and the five of them would soon be going to bed together and would I like to join them. I told them I'd love to but would have to check with my wife.

I went to look for Helen again. Even after everything that had happened I was shocked. I found her sitting naked between two naked men on a large sofa, a penis in each hand. She had a leg draped over each of the men's nearest knee so that her legs were wide open and so were theirs. A third man was on the floor in front of her with his head buried in her vagina. The men either side of her were each sucking on one of her breasts. As I approached her head went back to start kissing a fourth man behind the sofa.

I went behind the sofa and when she came up for air I asked her if she was enjoying herself and would she like to stay the night. The man licking her out got up on his knees and started fucking her. She just managed to say yes before the man standing next to me put his cock in her mouth.