• Written by Suz & Mike 11 Feb 2005, 17:08
  • Erotic

A lot of these stories start with the sentence, "This is a true story"...but this one really is!!
Last month I posted an ad on this site in the 'dogging' section and this is a true account of what happened.
My name is Suz, I am 38 years of age, a slim size 8 with small boobs but great legs. I recently entered a relationship with a guy who had had some experience in the 'swinging' scene around Manchester and his tales intrigued me. After talking about it for some time I said I would love to experience some of things he had done in the past. He suggested an ad on the site asking guys to join us in a car park for some dogging fun. He took a sexy pic of me and posted it along with a request for clean, respectful guys to join us on a Wednesday evening at a remote car park. I spent all week thinking about what would happen and how many men would turn up. Each day dozens of men emailed to request details of the 'event' and we both really enjoyed selecting a few that sounded genuine. By the Wednesday afternoon we had received 160 emailed requests for details and sent out 70 invitations. The evening arrived!...... I dressed in my shortest black micro mini skirt (only 10 inches long), black stockings and suspender belt and bra top. All I wore on top was long coat and by request, didn’t wear any thong. We set off for the car park with me already moist with excitement. On arrival a few cars were already parked up. We found a quiet spot and parked our car. Before turning the interior light on (the pre-arranged signal for guys to join us) I got my vibrator out of my bag, laid on my back with my head on my boyfriends lap and brought myself to my first orgasm of the night. As soon as I had finished I told my partner to put the light on. Within seconds several men were crowded round the car. It was dark and so not possible to make out much detail, but sat in the passenger seat, I saw that a man had his cock out of his trousers and was masturbating by my window. My partner instructed me to wind the window down and bring him to orgasm. The window went down and a medium sized cock was thrust towards me. Without thought I grabbed it, placed it in my mouth and tasted my first strangers cock. He only lasted about 5 seconds before I felt shots of warm cum enter my mouth. After playing with his cum with my tongue I swallowed every drop. He moved away and another cock was placed before me. Sucking slowly and wanking him gently this guy lasted a little longer before emptying his load in my mouth. Again I swallowed and turned to my boyfriend to check he was OK. It was then I noticed that the car was completely surrounded by about 20 guys all watching me!! My partner told me to suck off another guy and show him the cum. I selected a guy in the darkness some distance away from the car and motioned for him to join me at my window. He produced a thick clean hard cock from his trousers and placed it in front of my face. Stretching forward so my head was out of the car window I took him in my mouth. He kept one hand on his cock and wanked with the tip of his cock just entering my mouth. After a couple of minutes I felt a twitch in the tip of his member and knew he was about to cum. Bracing myself for a 3rd load of cum in my mouth I opened wider just in time to feel the first spurt of warm liquid hit the back of my mouth. Again and again he squirted his salty juice into me. I slowly pulled away and turned to my partner seated in the drivers seat. Facing him, I tilted my head back slightly and opened my mouth, slowly dribbling the hot cum down my chin and onto my breasts and skirt. Horny as hell a reached for my vibrator and brought myself to another orgasm with all the guys watching!!. The adventure finished with me leaning across my boyfriend who had opened the window on his side. I placed my face by the open window, just inches away from my boyfriends gaze. I took the first cock I saw and started to wank him slowly. Just before he came I laid my head face up out of the window and let him finish off my masturbating over my face. Stream after stream of cum plastered my face and slightly open mouth. As soon as he had shot the last of his load we wound up the window, started the engine and drove off. All the way home the cum on face remained where I had taken it and gradually dried to form a crusty layer. We havent stopped talking about our experience since, and plan to return in the next few days. Look out for my ad requesting more men !!!!!