• Written by deppy72 3 Mar 2008, 13:19
  • Swinging

i have always fancied the arse off my mother in-law.shes in her late 40's married to a geezer 12 years older than her.shes not a stunner,but she looks horny as fuck! nice big arse, nice tits although she says she hasnt got any,and great legs,big thighs but nice that look amazing in tights!ive always had wanks over her,thinking bout me fuckin her, ive gone through her laundry basket, and sniffed her worn knickers,tights and bras,she doesnt wear thongs, although her knickers are always lacy either black or white and her tights are always black.she wont wear stockings and suspenders for some reason,im still workin on that 1!anyway nothing has ever happened between us until the other week she caught me filming her with my phone bending over in our kitchen.she only had jeans on although i could see the top of her black silky knickers rising above her jeans.i was basically going to wank myself stupid over it later on.she turned round and i quickly pretended to be textin although i guessed she knew what i was doin. a few days later she texted me, asking why i was filming her bending over.i thought fuck it!here goes! i told her i wanted to fuck her.she texted back saying she was flattered,thought i was fit and if i wssnt married to her daughter would jump at the chance. but it wasnt a good idea for us to go ahead.
that was that until we had a family do round the inlaws, we were all pissed my mrs had gone home with the kids,father in law was pissed up and gone to bed which left me and the mother inlaw.she looked fuckin well tasty.she had done herself up with make-up, had a see through blouse on, tight knee length black skirt,black tights! and knee high black boots on.we carried on drinkin sat on her leather sofa just chatting, then she leaned over and kissed me.i responded of course! i ran my hand up her leg kissung her, i then parted her legs and hitched up her skirt i really wanted to get in her knickers i wanted to find out if she was shaven or had a bush i guessed bush!. she was rubbin my cock for england she undid my zip nd out popeed my hge hard-on! i reached my hand inside her black tights and into her silky knickers. it was a bush! fuck me it was bushy i began to finger her she moaned i told her to calm downas we didnt want to wake her husband.i undid her blouse and felt her wonderful tits over her black bra i could feel her erect nipples. i got her off the sofa we stood up and i bended her over the arm of the sofa i hitched up her balck skirt, pulled her black tights down, ripped her black silky knickers down,parted her legs and rammed my erect 7'' up her fanny and pummelled her senseless, i groped her tits as i pounded into her from behind. i remember seeing her arse cheeks wobble and shake, i had to put my hand over her mouth to stop her screamin the house down. i fucked her doggy for bout 10 mins before i unloaded a bucket load of cum right up her fanny.