• Written by Dirty Steve 20 Mar 2008, 16:39
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I wanted to share a story about what happened a couple of years ago. I am married to Jenny who is blond and slim with long legs and quite large breasts. Not surprisingly, she often gets much attention, often unwanted, which has put her off dressing in revealing clothes. Back when she was 29 we were out with some friends in a nightclub in Leeds, after the pubs had shut. As normal, the girls had taken to the dance floor whilst the boys were at the bar watching them from afar. After about 20 minutes or so, my mate nudged me and gestured that I should take a look over to the dance floor to see what Jenny was up to. I looked through the crowd and noticed that she had become separated from her friends and was surrounded by a group of four rugby-type lads, probably all in their mid-twenties, who were trying to move closer in to her. Oddly to me, I realised that she wasn’t pushing off their advances, and as I watched, one of them held her hips and pulled her body close to his as they danced together, Jenny placing her hands lightly on his arse. Just as this happened, a second one of the boys came behind her, forming something of a ‘Jenny-sandwich’.

I was quite shocked, but also strangely aroused. We’d not been into anything like swinging before. As I watched I noticed that the guy behind her had put his arm over her shoulder and was touching her right breast – and she wasn’t trying to stop it. The other two guys moved around the sides which then restricted my view considerably – something which I later realised had been entirely intentional.

The group gradually moved towards the corner of the dance floor. I could barely see Jenny through their bodies, but when I did, I noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned and the guy behind her had his hand slipped into her bra, feeling her breast. I moved closer to try to get more glimpses, but it was hard to see.

For the next few minutes, I realised that they had partially undressed her. Two of the blokes had taken turns kissing her. Her jeans had been unbuttoned and a male hand was down the front of them, presumably in her knickers.

It struck me that she might actually not be enjoying this at all, so I decided to go closer to check she was alright, whilst secretly hoping that she was encouraging all of this. As I got closer, one of the lads barged me away, protecting their scene, but then I say Jenny mention something to him and they let me into the crowd with them. At that point I realised that her blouse was completely unbuttoned, and the front fastening of her bra had been unclipped, revealing her large breasts to the group. Her jeans were unbuttoned revealing the fronts of her knickers. There were hands all over her. I caught her eye and realised that she loved it. I was shocked but oddly I wanted it to continue, which it did.

Apparently spurred on by my presence (as I could also help to hide what was going on), the guy who’d been behind Jenny undid his fly and took Jenny’s hand, placing it on his cock and gesturing her to pull it out of his trousers. She pulled it out, revealing a very large and swollen cock. He pulled her head down towards it and she took the hint, dropping to her knees and taking his cock in her mouth, her head bobbing back and forth as she brought him to orgasm in a matter of minutes whilst the others both groped her body and kept her from view of the other people on the dance floor (who still hadn’t noticed what was going on, or who chose to ignore it).

The first guy came in Jen’s mouth and, as she stood back up again, a guy behind her pulled down her jeans to around her knees. Another held her head down as he got his own cock, gesturing for her to suck it. As she did so, the guy behind her lifted her knickers to the side and undid his own fly, pulling out his own cock. In one motion, he slid it into her from behind – she was clearly so wet and excited that there was no difficulty. Without protection, this unknown guy was shagging my (then) girlfriend whilst she was sucking another guy’s cock.

Again it wasn’t long until both guys had come. Inevitably, there was a bit of attention from the others on the dance floor by now. Everyone tidied themselves up quickly and dressed. I was about to take Jenny back away from them when the one bloke who’d not cum pulled her back and kissed her. He then took her hand and led her away towards the toilets. She was still holding my hand so we ended up moving in a human chain across the dance floor and up the stairs.

We ended up in a cubicle in the blokes’ toilets with a broken door. He sat on the toilet seat and undid his jeans freeing his cock. She knelt down in front of him, started to wank him before taking his cock in her mouth. I was guarding the door and everything was a bit cramped. He then pulled her to her feet and started to undo her jeans. I helped and held them so she stepped out of them and her knickers at once. He undid her blouse again and eased open her bra, pulling her to sit astride him as he sucked on one and then the other nipple. She raised her hips and slid herself onto his shaft and began to ride him, her rhythm being assisted by his hands on her hips lifting her up and down on him. Within about 30 seconds he was pumping cum into her and she was cumming loudly – the fastest I’d ever seen!

He then lifted her off him, pulled his jeans up and left us there alone in the cubicle, her still with her jeans on the floor. I was very aroused, but she seemed quite worried about what I’d think. I motioned her hands towards my jeans and she released my cock which was extremely hard from all I’d seen. She began sucking it and, after about a minute, she stopped and turned round, bending over the toilet seat. I took the hint and slid my cock into her very wet and used pussy. I came quickly and we tidied ourselves up. We went home shortly afterwards as neither of us was keen to bump into the rugby lads again that night.