• Written by Anne Martin 26 Oct 2003, 19:48
  • Erotic

My second true experience. Well I did not realise when I sat down at my computer last Sunday night that I would be returning so soon to confess to another amazing experience. I have received at lot of e-mails asking me about my previous experience “My Blindfolded Fuck”. It seems a lot of people, men, wanted to know what I look like. If you really want to know you can view our ad 19631.

Anyway Monday having dropped the children at school I met my friend Jane at 9.00 AM and we went for coffee in our little Norfolk village. We sat having our drinks and I told Jane about my experience and how it had felt, I ended it by telling I wrote the whole thing down and posted it on the web site. She was very interested and wanted to know where it was as she dying to read it, so naturally I wrote down the web address and instructions as to how to read it.

The following day at 9.00 AM I dropped the kids off at school again and was ambushed by Jane who insisted we went for coffee so she could tell me about the night of passion she had with her husband Richard. Over a cappuccino Jane explained how they found the web site that night and sat and read the story together. Apparently it had really turned her husband and her on. Richard explained that he had always fancied me and the thought of me doing that just drove him wild. They had sex and Richard admitted to fantasising he was with me. I asked Jane whether she was comfortable with that and she said she did not mind as it was only in his head and it had been so sexy. Jane then blushing confessed to fantasying it was her in the blindfold feeling a fresh naked man lying on her. We sat for an hour more with Jane pressing me for more details.

The following day it was pouring with rain and was soaked by the time we got to school. I dropped the kids off and was leaving and heard my name being called. I looked over the road and saw Jane’s husband Richard calling me from his car. “Anne need a lift it’s throwing it down”. I immediately blushed knowing he knew what had happened and therefore knew intimate details about my sex life. I had been in his car before as this was not the first time I had been rescued in the rain as I do not drive. I thanked Richard and jumped in. The moment I got in Richard asked about my experience and whether it had really happened. I explained it happened as I wrote it and whether he thought it was bad thing to do. He thought about it and said he could not let Jane do that but thought I was extremely sexy now in his eyes and could no longer see me as the quiet shy Anne. We started back the journey only taking 3 minutes. Richard parked his car and asked me if I would like to come in and have a coffee as he was interested in what had happened and loads of questions. I had always liked Richard he was very much like my husband Martin.

I went in but was surprised to be told Jane was in Norwich shopping and that we were alone. I had been to Jane’s a lot and said I would make the coffee. I went to the kitchen having taken off my wet coat; my jeans were wet below the knee. Richard came into the kitchen and said “Anne I find myself looking at you wondering what it would like to have you, sorry I can’t help it”. I continued to make the coffee feeling aroused by this man who wanted me. I liked feeling desired as I have never felt confident about my appearance. I said “what would Jane think about all this”, he replied “she knows said I could try once if you agreed”.

I felt the familiar tingle begin to get more intense in my pussy and felt the folds begin to moisten. Richard came up behind me and held my waist and pulled me back into him. I could feel his hard cock resting between the cheeks of my arse and could feel it throb. I lent my head back not saying anything as he began to softly caress my neck with his lips. I felt this to be very arousing and my breathing started to fasten. I placed my arms around behind me onto his hard tight arse and started to push and pull him into me. He started to kiss my neck more passionately as his arousal rose and I could here his breathing had became more frantic. He was exploring my body around my waist and tummy and then raised his hands to my breasts and began to kneed them gently. I became aware that without realising I was rocking my hips back and forth like I was fucking. The feel of this mans hands on my breasts felt very erotic and made my wanting him more so. The tingle in my pussy was so warm and the crotch of my knickers must now have a wet patch seeping through.

Richard reached around and undid the button on my jeans and slowly pulled down my zip. He slipped his hand into my knickers and ran his finger from the top of my clit down to the entrance of my vagina. From the ease of movement I knew I was extremely wet and this act just increased it. He tracked his finger back to my clit and softly began to rub it in small circles. I held me breath and the intense please that shot out from my quim mad me jolt. Richard then brought his hand out from my pussy and up to my mouth and pushed his finger onto my tongue. No one had ever done this to me before; it was the most erotic thing. I lost control and sucked hard on his finger licking ever last drop of my juice off. His other fingers were also covered in my juice touched my cheeks and I could smell my scent which just heightened my pleasure.

Richard dropped his hands to my waist and slipped his hands onto my bare hips and began to push down my jeans. I let go of his arse cheeks and helped him get my jeans down and then stepped out of them. I turned around and faced him as he passionately forced his lips to mine and forced his tongue into my mouth. I responded just as wantonly. Richard reached around me with his right arm and scooped my right thigh up forcing my legs apart and raising my leg.

My heart missed a beat as I felt his cock pushing through his trousers against my pussy for the first time with just the small wet triangle piece of cloth between us. My arms were wrapped around his neck pulling him toward me. I lowered them down to his belt and undid it quickly and pulled open his flies. I reached into his pants feeling his erection pushing against his underwear, wanting to be let out and began to explore him. I went straight for the tip of his cock and rubbed feeling it to be wet like me. I found this so satisfying that I had made him feel like this. Without thinking (I was very curious as to what it would be like sucking another mans cock as I had only sucked Martins) I knelt down to his waist onto my knees and pulled down the tight charcoal grey trunks he was wearing. His cock sprang out and hit me on the face. Drops of his pre-cum hit my forehead. I grasped him around his shaft opened my mouth and closed it around the end of his cock. I explored his foreskin with my tongue around the whole circumference of his mushroom shaped bell end. Tasting him was very sensual and I began to deep throat his cock. Richard, like I, was rocking his hips back and forth, I suspect not even knowing he was doing it, he was too engrossed into the pure want of it, two people having fantastic sex. I cupped his balls in my left hands and they felt huge.

Richard pulled me up and forced me back against the kitchen work surface and picked me up and put me down. He undid his shirt and threw it to the floor. He pushed open my legs forcing me wide open. He knelt down and started to suck on the front of my knickers. I reached down and pulled the crotch of my knickers aside and revealed my cunt to him. I felt his tongue running up and down my pussy slit and then resting on my clit. I could feel myself getting closer and then the rush as my climax kicked in. This had only taken about 15 seconds of work from him I was so very aroused being with another man apart from my husband. I moaned and let the noise out and my legs shook which surprised Richard, who stopped, and asked whether I was ok as his wife always came in silence. I said I was not his wife and he smiled. He stepped out of his trousers and trunks.

He took my hand and led me from the kitchen upstairs to their bedroom. I was a little worried about this and Richard must have noticed who said it was OK. Richard unbuttoned my blouse and undid my bra. There I stood facing Richard feeling a bit shy who was naked before me. This was only the second man I had seen naked and my eyes were all over him but trying not to let him see. Richard commanded that I suck him again and a wave of electricity washed over me at being told what to do and having no choice about it. I went down on him again on my knees. I enjoyed being told what to do by this man and being used. I felt dirty being with my friends’ husband and doing these acts. We were at the end of the bed and Richard cock began to jerk in my mouth. He pulled out and said he was close to coming but wanted to fuck me.

I stood up and sat back onto the bed. Richard climbed on and reached at the stringy waist of my kickers and ripped the fabric on my right hip. He then did the same to the other side. The now useless knickers he pulled off my now naked body. My god this act drove me wild wish passion and wanting. To have this man rip my knickers from me drove me to a place I had never been before. I have never needed or wanted a cock in me so much before. He looked at me and said not to worry as he had had the snip. I had not thought of this and was relieved he had told me. Now I could look forward to him coming in me. He said this probably will be quick he said as he was so aroused and wanted me so much but he would make sure I was satisfied. At that he pushed open my legs and laid down on top of me.

He guided his cock to the mouth of my pussy and began to push himself into me. I felt the mouth of me open, stretch to accept him into me. He pushed gently and moaned as he went in and all I could do was to say “fuck me Richard”. This got an immediate reaction and he then started to fuck me hard. His cock was just in the right position to rub my g spot and the feeling as waves of pleasure began to drown me was very satisfying. I began to raise my hips so he could take me deeper and felt his balls banging against my arse. In about one minute I started to cum and felt my pussy contract and suck on his cock. Out come the noise of my climax which triggered Richards ejaculation and I felt an enormous wave of cum fill me cunt. Even Richard could not contain himself and let out a moan of satisfaction. Those huge balls were filled and now emptied their entire contents into me. It felt hot and warm and he continued to pump me. I could feel his cum seeping around the entrance of me and be squirted out. This made me cum again and Richard once more at the feeling of my contracting pussy began to dutifully pump me hard. After I had calmed down he pulled himself out and went into their bathroom which is en-suite. I pushed myself up and looked down to my pussy. I was red and swollen and covered once more in cum. It was everywhere, all over my pubic bone, my clit, my thighs and it was seeping out of my pussy hole dripping onto my arse.

Deep satisfactions washed over me. Without knowing why, I still do not know why, I reached into my pussy with three fingers and pulled them out all covered in cum. In one swift movement my fingers went to my mouth and I sucked, licked and tasted and then swallowed Richards’ semen into my stomach. I still do not know why, I must have had a deep need for another man to mark me in some way I cannot understand it.

Richard returned holding a vibrator which must have been about 8 inches and one of the ones that have a feeling of being real skin. Richard explained it was Jane’s and wanted to use it on me, the thought of it the next time he used it on Jane drove him mad with desire he said. After what I had just done I did not say a word and laid back. He slowly fucked me with this thing for about half an hour and I lost count of how many times I came. It was OK but the real thing was better, but after, I was exhausted and deeply satisfied, I thought I would never want to have sex again. We took a shower together and after I got dressed and went home.

That afternoon I sat down and wrote this down in as much detail as I could remember and then later that night in bed I showed it to Martin. Once more I was fucked harder than any man could fuck me. Again it was better than anything else I had experienced so far.