• Written by danny 24 Mar 2005, 16:08
  • Erotic

This story starts on our honeymoon. My wife was a virgin and very naive when we met 3 years ago but how things changed on our honeymoon in the canaries.It all started off well she is a natural blonde and had completely shaved for or wedding and only too he g strings on holiday even her bikin g string bottoms and showed that she was obviously shaved down below. On our first night she gave me the best blow job ever as i shot my load twice into her lovely mouth. Aftr about 4 days we were sunbathing in the sand dunes when she suddenly put her hand into my shorts and yanked my 8'' of manhood out and statred to give me a fantastic bj her lovely firm tits altough only small 32c they were beautiful flopping on my stomach as i opened my eyes i noticed 3 men peeking over the dunes at us. I tried to pull my dick out of her mouth and cover up but she just said let them watch if they want and with that continued with her task. when i shot my load she just licked her lips turned onto her back and asked me to put sun cream on her. This meant rubbing it into her loverly tits and her nipples were soon erect as i .licked them before applying the cream. The 3 men were still watching as we just lay there side by side suddenley my wife jumped up and ran to the top of the dune and caught them wnaking off at what they had just seen.
Back in our hotel that night my wife told me she had really been turned on by the afternoon exploits and would love to go furthe tomorrow if I was willing.I asked what she meant and she said for us to have sex in front of them if they are there and also for her to sunbathe nude.The thought was really turning me on so I agrred . The next day we went to the same spot about 1100 and set up our towles to make a large area covering the sand. after about ten mins my wife stripped off and lay down showing her shaved pussey for all who found us I jut lay at her side my hand just stroking her smooth mound and running a finger up and down her slit. It wasnt long before it was obvious that I was aroused but my wife kept saying not yet nobody here.Suddenley just as I was dozing off I felt emma's hand delve into my shorts and my manhood stand to attention I opened my eys slightly and saw 4 heads sticking out above the sand dune my heart was really racing now as emma stripped my shorts off and immediately mounted my 8'' rod lowering herself on top of me she started to rub her tits and coavort around after about 10 mins of sheer pleasure I could feel myself building upto a crescendo whe n Emma's body stiffened as she reached climax at the same time as i shot my cum deep inside her icould feel her juices and my cum start to seep out of her and cover my aching balls. befor she got of me and just lay down with her legs apart allowing a good view of her e#well fucked hole to our audience.That night back at the hotel I was getting horny just thinkoing about what we had done and wandered what it would be like if I let one of those guys join us and for emma to fuck him like i had but I was afraid to mention it to her in case she went mad with her.As we were in bed that night Emma confesse that she often wondered what it would be like to be shagged by a stranger with me watching and when I confessed I had been having same thoughts we agreed that as tomorrow was our final day we would try to enact our fantasy.
So the following mornung Emma shaved her pussey again to make sure it was really smooth and off we went to the beach to enact our fantasy we hope. We had only been there 5 mins when this single head appeared above the sand dune emma motioned ffor him to come and join us which he did. He explained that he was the lookout that morning and was to report back the moment we arrived.When Emma grabbed him in the groin he became solid immediately and before he could do anything she had his magnificent 9'' thobbing in her mouth he had a reallt athletic body and looked as though he had had his chest waxed before he had come on holiday it didnt take emma long to have his body rigid as he sreamed he was comming she sucked even harder as his cum spurted into her mouth and dribbled down the sides before she let him go he just collapsed oto our towels and Emaa got to work on his cock again with her hand as she told him it was his turn to pleasure her now.Within minutes he was rock hard and as emma mounted him She grabbed my cock and guided itinto her succulant mouth soon we were all screaming with ecstacy as we all came in quick succession. Then Emma just got up and said come on we have a plane to catch and off we went without even knowing his name.
About a month after we got home and had moved into our new house we discussed what had happened on honeymoon and decided that we might try something similar again but not yet.We had our house warming party and had all our friends round who wanted to look at our honeymoon pics but we had none to show then our neighbour across the road arrived and asked if we would mind if her daughter and boyfriend could come as they had just arrived un announced we agreed and was taken aback as we were introduced to alison and Scott and yes youve guessed it Scott was the man from our hols.he told me later in the evening that he had confessed everything to Alison when he got home and she had said she wished she had been there so that she could have joined in
They are both coming to a dinner party next week I will let you know how it went