• Written by Major Night 17 Jul 2008, 08:30
  • Fiction

We’d often talked about my wife’s fantasy to have sex with more than one man at once with me watching, although like most fantasies, nothing had ever happened. Then one night, completely out of the blue and in very unexpected circumstances, her wish came true.

We’d been to a Rotary Club function and most of the people there were much older than us and in their late forties and fifties. However, there were three younger lads on our table, and because our ages were similar, we ended up talking to them most of the night. It was obvious to me that the three lads had the hots for my wife, well why wouldn’t they? She’s 5’ 9”, very slim, got great legs, great tits and an arse to die for.

This particular night she was braless and wearing a light grey wrap over dress made from quite flimsy fabric. It showed her nipples and the shape of her perfect tits very clearly and it clung wonderfully to her fabulous figure. From time to time it would fall open and display her long slim thighs, occasionally giving a momentary glimpse of her black thong. I knew that the lads had seen it too and I had noticed the looks and quiet comments they were making to each other. As the evening went on, my wife became less and less inhibited and her legs were on show more and more and for longer. I could just tell by the way she was acting that she was well aware of the effect she was having on the lads and I’m sure she knew that it was turning me on too.

Eventually the evening came to an end and the party started to break up. Still being well in the party mood, we bought a couple of bottle of wine and a few beers and went up to our room. From this point on things moved very quickly and I can’t really remember who made the first move. Within a matter of moments, my wife was kissing one of the lads. His hands were all over her and soon he was squeezing and massaging her braless tits through the fabric of her dress. It turned me on like hell to see her nipples protruding and to see her kissing another man so passionately was most erotic. She abruptly stopped kissing the lad, she reached under her dress and while looking him right in the eyes, she took her knickers off and threw them to the floor. She was now in a bedroom with four men, braless and without knickers, wearing a flimsy dress which was held together by only one button and a simple belt. I suppose that this was her way of making it absolutely clear what she was after.

She then turned to one of the other lads and kissed him aggressively on the lips, at the same time reaching down to feel the size of his dick. Just like the first lad, his hands were all over her body and he was clearly enjoying her tits and her arse. Eventually he moved his hand round to the front and in between her legs. She opened her legs slightly to allow him better access and I could see her moving her hips against the movements of his hand. Spurred on by her willingness to be fingered, I saw him move his hand inside her dress and she whimpered slightly as I presume he slipped a finger inside her.

The speed of what happened next took me a little by surprise. She pushed the lad away and climbed on to the bed. She lay on her back in the middle of the bed, opened her dress so that it exposed her thighs. She then raised her knees and opened her legs, her dress fell to either side and her wonderful, freshly shaven fanny was on view to us all. She licked her middle finger and began to finger herself. Before too long, one of the lads had his face buried in her fanny and he was tonguing her to her first orgasm. By this time the other lads were almost in a frenzy looking to get their turn at my wife.

After a few minutes, my wife guided the lad up from between her thighs and kissed him hard on the lips as she pulled wildly at his belt to undo his trousers. He had to help her and within a few seconds his trousers were down by his knees and he was fucking the living daylights out of her. To see her shinny stilettos kicking in the air and to hear the sound of his dick pounding in to her wet hole was amazing. Hearing her talking to him as she was getting banged was fantastic. She was telling him to fuck her harder and she was calling him dirty names and kept repeating the words, “fuck me harder you bastard, fuck me harder you fucker, fuck me you fucker, fuck me harder” and the strange gasping sounds she made as she reached her second orgasm was almost making me come where I stood.

Fairly soon, the lad off loaded into her and rolled off her. The next lad climbed on her and soon he was banging her like there was no tomorrow. Again I was taken by the sound of their bodies slapping together as he whacked his meat in to her. He lifted himself up on his arms and I could see her tits bouncing under her dress as he fucked her like a mad man. This second lad came very quickly and I don’t think my wife had time to orgasm herself. Before the next lad could get between her legs, she knelt up on the bed and took her dress off. She was now naked and her perfect body was on display to us all.

She beckoned the third lad over and undid his trousers as he stood next to the bed. She soon had his rock hard dick in her hand and bending forward, clamped her mouth around it. As she was leaning forward sucking the lad off, one of the others climbed on to the bed and started to finger her from behind. They moved around and somehow, in a tangle of naked bodies, she ended up kneeling over the lad she had just fucked and as he lay on the bed she was taking almost the whole length of his dick in to her eager mouth. As she was being face fucked, the third lad positioned himself on the bed and entered her from behind. He stroked in and out of her purposefully. The remaining lad had now joined his mate on the bed and she was alternating sucking on each dick in turn.

She has always like being taken from behind and I could see that she was enjoying this very much. I was in a state of such arousal as I watched my gorgeous wife getting banged doggie style and sucking off two large dicks. By the animal like sounds she was making it was obvious that she had a couple more orgasms before the lad pumped his load in to her swollen, twitching fanny. As soon as the lad withdrew from her, she took his meat in to her mouth and sucked her own juices off him.

She rolled on to her back, legs still wide open and rested for a while. Pretty soon, the lads recovered and got their hardness back. Once they were ready, they all went back for more. For the next hour or so, my wife sucked cock and was fucked time after time in every direction by these young studs, the stamina of which was amazing.

Finally, when the lads left our room, she asked if I would wank off on her tits. So I knelt over her and wanked myself as she played with my balls. I came quickly and she took my cum and smiled at me and told me she loved me as she rubbed it in to her tits.