• Written by livingoutofacase 12 Sep 2008, 19:36
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Last year my very sexy wife and I were going out for a meal. After she had spent an age in the bathroom getting ready I went upstairs to find her dressed in a tight black sweater over her great breasts, short skirt and trying on her fuck-me boots. She walked over to me and asked what I thought. I pulled her towards me to kiss and as I fondled her bum I could not feel anything underneath. As I snogged her forcefully I curiously slid my hand up her leg to work out whether she was wearing a g-string but as I did so and lifted her skirt my fingers ran over the top of stockings and on to bare leg then upwards on to bare cheeks. My hand slipped round the front as I got more excited and found no material, nothing, nothing but a freshly shaved and dripping wet pussy. My wife begged me to fuck her right there and then as she was so excited by how naughty she was being and pushed her tits against me hard and slipped her hand into my jeans and onto my cock. I pushed her back onto the bed, lifting her skirt so that I could enjoy the view of her bare cunt, soaking wet with lips swollen then entered her with my cock with five deep slow thrusts before pulling out and leaving the room leaving her absolutely gagging for more.

We then set off to the restaurant with my wife incredibly excited. She had decided to swap the fuck-me boots for black high heels and looked fantastic. It was an incredible turn-on as she got out of our low sports car flashing her stocking tops and with both of us knowing she was completely bare and soaking wet under the skimpy skirt. As we climbed the stairs to the restaurant I got a great view of her arse then we were given a table on the higher level of the restaurant that gave people a great view of her stocking tops.

I plied her with wine and we ate as quick as possible then headed back to the car.

Once in it, we pulled down the roof and drove off with my hand stroking her leg and pushing her skirt up above her stocking tops, onto her inner thigh, then spreading her legs and pushing my fingers on to her clit. As we drove with the roof down I was fingering her shaved pussy hard and her hand started to rub up and down my leg as she told me how deperate she was to get fucked now that she had been wet for over an hour and how much the five thrusts in the house had teased her and how sexy she had felt in the restaurant with no knickers on and a soaking pussy in the air that had been entered just minutes before.

We drove to a quiet road in an industrial estate and I told my wife to get out and walk round the front of the car. She did and when right in front I told her to take her skirt off. She did. Then I told her to walk around for me ..and she did. Her black top was really stretched as her 38dd tits were so aroused and her nipples were huge..and her high heels and stockings looked great..but best of all she was just walking around with her arse completely bare, her pussy completely bare, freshly shaven and dripping wet in the open air.

I switched the headlights on to her and told her to walk right away from the car and she looked so incredibly sexy as she walked away in the light with anyone potentialy watching from the buildings around as she put on this incredible show - pussy dripping wet, cunt lips swelling and a stream of wetness tricking down her inner thigh and dampening her stocking tops.

I got out of the car and walked over to her and stood with my back to a wall and she unzipped me fully, pulled my cock out and started slowly wanking me. I fondled her tits through her top and pulled her arse then she slid down and started to suck me off. It felt incredible to be making out with my wife in public like this with her looking so hot, virtually naked, with her pussy on display, and acting so dirty and so desperate to be shagged after being on the verge of orgasm for so long that she was talking really dirty and telling me how much she wanted to be fucked so I walked her back over to the car, leant her over the bonnet and with her arse towards me slipped into her really sensitive shaved pussy once again, thrusting into her hard , telling her how dirty she was to be walking around naked in public like this, and sucking me off like that and masturbating whilst I had been driving like she had and sucking on her own nipples like she now was and fingering her own clit like she now was and having her arse teased like she now was and having a cock deep in her bare pussy in public like this where anyone could be watching until she exploded into a huge shaking, screaming orgasm that forced my cock to spurt deep inside her then finish off spraying her arse, the tops of her legs and her stocking tops and rubbing it right in before we jumped back in the car and going home.