• Written by john wife watcher 6 Oct 2008, 22:46
  • Swinging

My wife and I are now in our late forties and have been married since we were just twenty years of age. I guess just your average couple in those days to marry so young but we later chose not to have children.
Over the next couple of years I developed the fantasy of watching my wife have sex with other men. All very well in fantasy but I could never imagine it ever happening or even having the nerve to tell my wife.
However, we’d been married for just over two years when I discovered my wife was having an affair. Turns out, a much older guy at work but his wife found out then passed me the good news. Despite my fantasy I was just as pissed off as the next guy and assumed we would be divorced until she finally persuaded me to give our marriage another try.
It was some months before things got back to some kind of normality and needless to say I thought much about her having sex with this other man. Without giving me too much detail we often talked about her affair until gradually I became excited by the idea until I told my wife about my fantasy. She was never really keen on the idea so instead I suggested that she could have an affair but on condition that she always told me and was forever discreet.
She didn’t say so much but from that very moment I knew she was pretty keen. Just a few days later she asked me if I was serious but it wasn’t until a few more weeks when she asked if it was okay for her to stop out for a Friday night. Another guy from work but this guy was single and obviously had his own place. Started off just for the Friday night until she also met him for two evenings during the week. As far as she knew no one from work ever suspected so that’s how things started for us. At first I found the idea exciting, especially when she came home in the evening knowing that she just had sex with another man. I can’t ever remember her refusing sex but where normally I was happy with once or twice a week for those first few months I was much more keen.
The novelty gradually wore off until strangely it became a normal part of our life where I got used to her sleeping with other men.
There were a number of one-night stands but mostly she preferred to have an affair with another guy where sometimes I felt a little vulnerable. She always promised that she just enjoyed the sex and mostly she broke off the relationship whenever I guy got too heavy. But I knew she had been really keen on a couple of men and was really upset when one guy broke off the affair after nearly a year. That was an odd experience, consoling my wife when her boyfriend had dumped her.
Over the years I’ve met several of her lovers and for those she always told them that we had an open marriage and I’m sure, some left their mark for my benefit. Not that it happened very often but I was always thrilled to see any evidence of her having had sex with another man. Usually marks on her breasts but with one guy he enjoyed telling me the graphic details. He sometimes phoned me late on the weekend, drunk, but while I never admitted he obviously knew that I was turned on. Since my wife never objected then we had some interesting conversations where he liked to talk dirty about my wife.
She did have a wild spell in her early thirties, having sex with young lads, toyboys, that I was getting so worried word might get around. She often had nights out with friends from work and slept with a number of lads from the factory floor. Although she worked some distance from home I understood she earned some reputation.
Gradually she calmed down but it wasn’t until we reached our early forties when she introduced me to her latest lover suggesting a threesome. That was something I could never have done when we were younger, still a little nervous when we all first met but for some years since we’ve enjoyed regular sex together as a threesome. We’re all around the same age and get along fine. So I finally lived my fantasy of watching my wife having sex with another man.