• stick67 20 Oct 2008, 13:35
  • Swinging

I travel quite a bit for work and get bored of Hotels so when I made contact with a couple in Yorkshire and they offered to put me up for the night it was an offer I couldnt refuse!!
We had exchanged photos and talked on the phone but I was still slightly nervous when I rang their bell, especially as I had not made a hotel reservation as back up. I needn't have worried as I walked in, as discussed, dinner was on the table, so we ate and chatted about what we enjoyed and we were all soon relaxed. The dinner, however, was quickly forgotten about when I was asked by Sue "lets see what you have got" I skat back and stripped for them both. Sue then took me in hand and rubbed my cock gently. Dave then also stripped and showed is cock which again was gently rubbed by Sue - one in each hand. We told Sue she was over dressed and she removed her dress to reveal a beautiful basque and matching stockings. Whilst I needed no second invitation to explore her body - Dave gently began to suck my cock hard. Although I love the female form - I needed to suck his lovely 7" cock - We went to the bed and laid 69 taking each others cock nice and deep. Sue joined in helping suck cock whilst easing open her pussy with her favorite dildo. I was then asked to lick her pussy and my cock was guided in to her by Dave. As she lay on the bed I laid on top gently fucking Sue nice and deep. I then felt some lubricant being worked in to and around my arse and Dave put on a condom and as I waas thrusting in to Sue - he gently stuck his thobbing cock up my arse. Iwas the true meat in the sandwich. A truly unforgetable experience. After some deep thrusting by both Of us we all came me deep iin Sue and Dave albeit in his Condom - right up my arse. And we still had the rest of the evening to go!!!! with my older lovers!