• Written by yogibear123 10 Nov 2008, 11:48
  • Fact

Well let me explain. I have for many years wished to see my wife with another man, but alas its not to be. She is very shy and conservative and so this will just have to remain a dream. However, I have been making some progress on my desires for her to be viewed in public.

It started last year when, after much persuasion, I managed to get her to go out for long walks in the country both bra less and with a semi transparent top on. In the early days when we met up with people she would always cross her arms, or place a jumper in front of her. But as the year progressed, she did get a little bolder and one lucky guy got an eyeful. It happened as we were out picking blackberries. She had a jacket over her blouse but lent across to pick a blackberry and her coat opened up giving the guy walking his dog a great view.

Nothing else happened last year. And I had to wait for the weather to pick up, now she has often walked with the transparent blouse, but now also with a ¼ cup bra. It has taken all year, but at last a fisherman got to have a good look. We stopped to talk to him about his catch, me just a little to one side and behind her. She had a coat over the blouse but I had got her to keep it wide open. I kept him talking for several minutes during which time she just stood giving him a great view.

Now up to the present. We go to our local sports centre every Saturday to play badminton. Over the past 2 or so months we have started to stay there for a shower. Now the sports centre is located in a nearby school and the changing room are the normal Boys in one side girls in the other. Now about 1 month ago I had just came out of the boys and watched as a man started to enter the girls. He called out before going in. Now my wife shouts out for him not to enter and he turns around and goes into the boys instead.

As it turns out there is a Men’s Hockey team that play here and the away team use the girls changing room while the home team uses the boys. I saw this as a great opportunity to take things to a new level. Reluctantly my wife has agreed to keep showering in the girls showers and I have also got her to agree to ignore the calls as they come in through the first door and to just keep on showering.

Success, this week three groups of guys two or three in each group walked into the girls changing room and not until they were inside did my wife speak. She had her back to them, as she did not want to make it obvious that it was not an accident. I believe all these guys got to see her naked (from the back only) although I hope a few may have got a side view of her great tits.

Next time, I will try to get her to turn round giving them a full frontal. It may take some work but I keep hoping.

Now, if any of you out there are reading this and you saw my wife naked on Saturday as described above. Then please let me know what you saw. Also remember that she is trying to make it look like an accident. But next time you go in you will know that she will not object to you having a good look (please do). You might want to push your luck and join her? You have my permission.