• Written by paulette 10 Nov 2008, 18:47
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Sticky panties

I got a phone call the other afternoon from a friend asking if I would like to have my knickers soaked in cum that evening, he told me he was very heavy with cum and hadn’t shot his load for over a week, as I love having my knickers soaked in hot cum I said I’d love to, so we arranged to meet at a quiet place in the local park, he asked me to dress fully as a 50 year old gurl would, I knew what he meant so I agreed as we arranged a time he added if I would mind a friend of his watching and possibly adding to the mess I was going to get shot in my panty, the thought of this almost made me cum on the spot but I managed to hold it and agreed to let his friend watch.
I knew what I was in for that evening as he’d shot in my knickers before so I got my clothes ready and had a shower, I couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen but had to force myself too or I was going to make a mess in my panty before I started.
I got dried and started to get dressed I know what he liked so I put on my light blue thin nylon panty and blue full cup bra followed by sheer tights and a salmon pink waist slip, I finished with a stretchy black top and red very loose skirt, so I could flash if it was windy. He liked my light blue nylon panty because when they get wet they go very dark blue so all the sex mess shows and they also had lacy side panels which he loves, my 40c bra covers my breasts fully as an older gurl would wear it helps to keep them under control and I always wear tights because he’s a VERY heavy cummer and makes a terrible mess in a gurls underwear, so they help to keep it in and stops it all running down my legs I hope.
At 7 pm I got in my car to drive to our arranged meeting place ,which was a 20 minute drive away, as I got to the park I was felling so horny I started to leak cum into my panty but managed to stop short of a full orgasm but I could feel my panty was damp and sticky, also the wind had got up and my red mini skirt which was very loose allowed me too flash my undies all the way to our meeting place which was a known dogging site, so I got out of my car and headed up the hill, there was a few men around all looking at me and a few passed comments on my short skirt but no more, as I got half way up the wind suddenly gusted and lifted my skirt but as I had a slip on I didn’t bother stopping it, and looking behind noticed 2 men following me as I love flashing I didn’t mind and knew my slip was covering my bum till one of them said look blue panties, I felt my bum and my found my slip had been blown up as well but no problem I was at the top now and as my friend kissed and hugged me he lifted my skirt right up and rubbed my panty covered bum and pulled me to him so I could feel his erection push into my belly he told me he was watching me come up the hill and I got him worked up, with that his friend started playing with my panty elastic, both the legs and waist elastic were being felt then there was hands everywhere my breasts were being fondled and a hand was in my panty back, I looked round and saw 4 other men looking and playing with me in full view of every one else and my skirt and slip were pulled up over my waist also my top was up over my bra, all my undies were now on full show to every one who cared to look and I was loving it, I was so horny I thought I was going to explode, when suddenly I felt my tights and panty back being pulled out and before I could do anything I felt a gush of semen spray into my panty back all over my bum and because he’d pulled it out so far his hot spunk went right down to my clitty and made me cum instantly I put my hand in the back of my panty to feel his cum which was quite a heavy load, as I was spreading it around with my hand another man grunted and shot his load all over my panty lacy side panel it shot up over my belly and down my leg, I now had 3 loads of cum in my knickers 2 man loads and mine and it was less then 5 minutes after arriving I thought that was a good start and I was now very very horny again because I knew I still had the biggest load yet too cum.
My friend then told me he was ready and pulled the front of my tights and panty out and holding his wonderful big 10 inch cock in his hand pulled his foreskin back revealing his big purple end and wanked for a few seconds before blowing a massive load of 12 very heavy thick hot cum spurts all over my belly and panty soaking my bush, he came with such force some splashed up onto my bra and chest, this load turned my panty dark blue and filled my tights with thick heavy cream, the smell and feeling were heavenly and I knew I was going to cum again, as I could feel my second orgasm starting 2 other men held my panty front open and shot there loads into my panty, the first about 6 thick gushes all over my bush the other who was standing beside me about 8 powerful spurts in my panty front, he came with such force it shot through my thin panty nylon and tights and run down my legs this made me cum again with such force it shot through my panty gusset.
I was now standing with 6 men around me all with there cocks out and with all my clothes in disarray my underwear on full show and my panty soaked in cum and I was as horny as hell again when suddenly the final one standing behind me started rubbing his cock all over the back of my panty it felt wonderful, I felt behind me and found he wasn’t very big but his balls were massive and they were full of cum he then pulled the back of my panty and tights down and rubbed his cock in the cum puddle in my gusset and the smeared it up and down my crack then suddenly he entered me, he went right in with one push and I could feel his balls bang against my thighs after about 15 full pumps he pulled out and shot his massive load of thick hot spunk all over my back and bum he soaked my bra straps my black top and it got in my hair. It then run down all over my skirt and slip leaving puddles in the folds as they were both bunched up around my waist.
After they left I straightened my self up and adjusted my skirt and slip then went back down the hill my underwear full of cum I could feel it everywhere between my legs and running down the inside of my tights even my bra had a load on it. My knickers were doing there best to soak it up but there was just too much I had a little peek much to the delight of 2 men who were watching me and noticed my panty was now completely dark blue and it was coming through the thin material soaking into my slip and skirt, I was offered 2 more loads but my panty was wet enough so I declined but noticed one had a wet patch on the front of his trousers they told me they had watched it all and though it was fantastically sexy for a gurl to let men do that to her knickers.
When I got home I ran a bath and slowly undressed I couldn’t believe how much spunk was in my knickers and tights there were covered in thick jelly cum with streaks running down both legs of my tights and when I dropped them they hit the floor with a dull thud splashing cum all around, my pubic bush was in a terrible state completely matted with cum also my slip was drenched and there were big stains on the front and back of my skirt. I took my top off and as I undid my bra I felt the back strap was wet when I got it off the back and shoulder strap was soaked in cum he must have cum with force as well as the inside of my black top was drenched right up to my shoulders.
I soaked in the bath for ages thinking of what I’d just done and cant wait to do it again possibly with more men but I think I’ll wear cotton full panties next time they soak up more love cream might wear pink or green ones