• Written by eager beaver 12 Dec 2008, 10:54
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I never really had looked sexually at my m-i-l, but she was 58, plump an going grey, anyway my wife had roped me into doing some decorating for the mil so i went over there to get stripping the paper an prepare everything while mil went and got the new stuff, as i was in her bedroom she entered and said she needed to get changed to go out i said i will leave her while she does, she said no need i will go in bathroom, well my mil went about getting her clothes from the wardrobe, and her smalls from her draw i was shocked as she pulled out the smallest thong i have ever seen which gave my cock a little jolt.
After she had gone i decieded to check out her other underwear and yes they were all the same small thongs, red ones, black ones, blue ones my cock was hard at the thought of my mil a 58 y/o still wearing sexy underwear.
Later that day after she had brought the paper back i told her i would be over about 10am the next morning to start, she said she would be there with the kettle on. The next day i arrived at 9.30 and thought mil must have gone out cos there was no sign of her, so i made myself a cuppa and made my way upstairs i opened the bedroom door to be greeted by the site of my mil still in bed fast asleep on her back she had kicked the covers off and was reveling her ample tits my wife has a 42ee mil must have been about 44dd, i stood there watching her asleep looking at her huge tits, my cock was straining to get out of my pants so i released it from my pants and stroked it i closed my eyes tring to imagine her pussy, was it shaved or was it all bush, i was soon disturbed by the mil turning over and opening her eyes an looked right at me an my cock i tried to hide the fact that i was stroking to her, she said in a stern voice DONT YOU DARE COVER THAT UP you have seen me so i want to see you, i didnt know what to do so i just dropped my hands from infront of my cock an let her see what she had done to me.
She told me to move closer and proceeded to sit up in bed but she pulled the cover up so her pussy was still covered i reached her bedside and she placed her warm hand on my throbbing cock and stroked me for a few seconds, i thought she aint going to have all the fun so i reached out my hand an played with her tits and her nipples taking them inbetween my thumb an forefinger and rolling and pinching them she began to moan and squirm with pleasure so i kicked off my boots and took off my pants as my mil layed down in the bed, i climbed on and she intantly went for my cock with her mouth now my wife knows how to suck cock but this was amazing, she slowly took my whole 7.5 inches into her mouth till my balls where touching her chin she let me slip out before taking me back in again all the way i didnt know how much i could take of this especially as it was my mil sucking on my cock which only the matter of 10 hours earlier her daughter had been doing the same thing.
I pulled out of her mouth and wanted to see what her pussy was like i moved down the bed till i came face to face with a smoothly shaved peach of a pussy i spread her lips with my fingers and unovered her clit she moaned as i touched it saying she hadnt been touched there for over 5 years (since fil run off with a younger model) she continued to moan and squirm as i plyed with her i bent my head to lick it and mmmmmm she tasted wonderful, as they say in austrailia the amber nector god she tasted good i licked and lapped at her pussy bringing her to her 1st orgasim on the end of my tounge i then inserted 2, then 3 fingers into her pussy and she began rocking on my hand she said for me to keep still and she would move she liked it that way she moaned and groaned till she said she was cumming then in one almighty gush she came all over my face squirting all over me and the bed we were both soaked but she was more than happy, she the said to me now its ur turn to cum but i want it all in my pussy and dont want to waste a drop, she moved into the doggie position so i got behind her and slid my cock in going balls deep into her pussy she was moaning again now as i slowly stroked my cock in an out of her, she reached between her legs and began to play with her clit bringing herself to another orgasim i fucked her like this for what seemed ages with her cummin again, i turned her over onto her back and i slipped my cock back into her soaking wet pussy and began to fuck her again i knew i wouldnt last much longer, and sure enough i felt the build up pushing its way out from my balls i told her i was cummin she said come on hunny fill up your dirty slut of a mil with that hot cum, so i did as i was told and squirted all my hot seed deep into her pussy till i was spent. she wrapped her legs around my ass so i cudnt move so she could keep all my cum in her pussy for as long as possible. she finally let me go and we both went and showered. Since that day i have made love to my mil many times my wife thinks me an the mil are just great friends little does she know..