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I wanted to give my version of the night I witnessed my best mate screwing my wife. Mrs Delights has already posted her side (Search under delights1).

Before this night, I had always had the fantasy of seeing her take another mans cock and had told her so. We had discussed it many a time and even started searching, selecting someone, which failed to materialise. It got to a point when I thought it was just never going to happen. But the sexy nights talking about it were very satisfying!

Anyway, During a January day, My best mate Adam (name changed) was helping us move house, and as he lived a far way away, he was staying with us.

Once the heavy lumping was done, we started emptying some essentials and sorting the living room out whilst Rachel was cooking us a chilli (and enjoying a glass of wine!). Every now and again I would go into the kitchen for more beers for Adam and I, and would tease Rachel saying how much I wanted her and that we should have a fun night! I even suggested that as she was cooking for us, she should go and get her maids outfit on for us boys.... She scoffed at the idea and told me to stop being so silly, but I think it put the seed in her mind........

After dinner, we'd had a few drinks and started to play Uno, One of Rachels favourite card games and continued drinking. We'd been playing for a while and it was decided then, it was time to shower, as us boys were still grubby. Once we had done, Rachel went up and after a while had shouted me for help. To my surprise, she had her maids outfit on and needed help with her stockings. I, of course helped and tried to feel her pussy, when she slapped my had away and said "later!"

When she came down, Adams face lit up, a mix a shock and excitement. I knew he fancied Rachel and this was a very pleasant surprise! And so we continue our game. I was then sent out for a bottle of Sambuca and I'd love to know what happened while I was out!

When I got back, we decided to play Black Jack for shots, which slowly started us all feeling merry, which then lead to playing truth or dare for the loser of each hand. Adam and I kept fixing Rachel's hand, and whilst losing the 'Odd' game ourselves, she was definitely losing the most!

We managed to get Rachel down to her underwear, Adam and I both losing our tops only. Rachel then lost her next hand. I dare her to lose her bra.... it took some time to convince her, but eventually it came off. Rachel was trying to protect her modesty with her forearm, but to no avail. Rachel's breasts are quite large (even though she's doesn't think so) and they we're spilling over all over the place. Adam's face lit up and I knew he'd want to play with them.

We sat for another hand, and whilst doing so Rachel was squeezing her arms together slights, causing her tits to push up further and the sight was causing me to get more hard by the minute. Adam lost the next hand, as a dare Rachel said he had to wear her nurses outfit. He wimped out at first but conceded when I was forced to wear a red and black nightie! We stripped to put these garments on, for what garment they were, and I could see Rachel biting her lip, watching Adam strip. Now I'm not exactly small (7 1/2") but he's very large in the trouser dept and I knew then that she wanted to feel him. The nurse's outfit of Rachel's failed to cover anything and both us guy\'s were on full display.

Again, Rachel lost her next hand. Her next dare was to run up and down the street in her current state of undress, which to both Adams and my surprise she did. We both watched from the bay windows as she left the house disappeared down the street and back up. Her breasts were waving all over as she ran (which all bloke will say is a gorgeous sight) and back into the house she came.

Neither Adam or I lost another hand! Rachel lost again and I dared her to remove her thong. Adam was sat next Rachel on the sofa and I was on the floor, we both watched Rachel bring her her knees together and lift them as she slowly pulled the thong down. We knew she was wet down there as she peeled her thong away from her pussy. She then moved back to the floor kneeling in just her stockings and suspenders.

Again, she lost (i love fixing her hand). I dared her to kiss Adam, I moved from the floor onto the other sofa, and watched to proceedings. Rachel crawled over and knelt in front of him. She held her arms out slightly and asked if he fancied her, stupid question.

She leant forward and started to kiss Adam slowly, I could see both their tongue darting in and out of each others mouths. this lasted for what seemed an age. And whilst this was going on, I saw Rachel take hold of his cock for the first time and slowly start to wank him. At this stage he wasn't fully erect, but that wouldn't last for long.

They eventually broke the kiss, and Rachel sat back onto her heels, looking at Adam while she played with his cock. Then without anything been said, she bent forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth whilst wanking him. I was watching my wife give Adam a BJ knowing what he was feeling (she's fantastic at it) and wanking myself, I was getting so excited.

From then the game was finished, the barrier had been crossed and I became director from a moment. When Rachel came up and released Adam, I told her to lay down and let Adam do what he wanted to her. I said if he wanted to shag her then he could, I knew she wanted to.

I watched Adam move from the sofa and crawl over to Rachel, he leant over and kissed her whilst moving his legs over hers and spreading them. I watched as he moved slightly, probing at Rachel with his cock, then move forward slightly. I watched as Rachel's head moved back and her mouth open with an intake of breath and I knew at that moment he had entered her. The feeling that went through me is difficult to describe, a twang of jealousy, because she is my wife. But the excitement far out weighed that. The pleasure in Rachel's face was a joy to behold and was the main reason I wanted to see her with another man.

Adam went slow at first, slowly rock back and forth inching his cock into my wife's pussy. Eventually he pushed his whole cock into her and with a gasp I thought her eyes were going to pop out, they were that wide. Rachel called me over, and I knelt at the side of her head. she took me into her mouth and started to suck and lick me while Adam was fucking her.

Rachel the changed position, Adam layed on the floor and she the mounted him. She lift herself up and guided his rock hard cock into her pussy. She went slow again for a while then lent forward to kiss Adam again whilst riding his cock. It was at this point that I could see for the first time, another mans cock in my wife's pussy. He's that big that I could see it stretching her wide, her pussy lips gripping his cock on every stroke. I wish I had a camera to hand. The sight was wonderful. Hearing Rachel moan in delight watching Adam fill her cunt with his cock.

Rachel's first cum of the night came soon after that. She was on her back again with Adam fucking her like no tomorrow, she was panting, moaning and telling Adam to fuck her harder (She does this when she gets into the swing). She was saying things like "give me your cock" "oh god, it's massive" and "fuck my pussy harder". Adam, on this encouragement, lifted Rachel's legs onto his shoulders and thrusted his cock into her pussy. I know she loves this and watched the ecstasy in her face, God I was hard. He pounded into her, I could hear the squelching from her cunt, accepting his cock into her, I could hear his balls slapping her arse. Rachel held the back of Adam's arse pulling him into her, screwing her face up everytime he reached the top (and then some), then it hit her. Her head flew back, her eyes rolled up, her arms went out to the side and she clenched hers fists. She was moaning "oh my god" over and over, panting deeply in short sharp breaths.I knew that Adam could feel her cunt muscles gripping is cock in rapid motions as if to milk him. I have felt this hundreds of times before. Adam didn't stop, he kept pushing his cock into her pussy hard which prolonged her cum. It was fantastic.

Eventually Adam slowed, and slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. I think Rachel was glad for the rest bite. I moved to the sofa and sat down. Rachel moved onto all fours in front of me and started to suck and lick me again. Adam moved behind Rachel and started to play with her pussy with his fingers. Finger fucking her with at least 2 fingers, and he wasn't doing it slowly. Rachel was so wet and was getting the fucking of her life that night. She was still sucking me when Adam lined up behind her and thrust his cock into her in one movement, so hard that it pushed her mouth off my cock. He was fucking her really hard and Rachel was loving it. She managed to get my cock back into her mouth and was wanking and sucking me, with muffled moans caused by Adam. I was watch her tits swing from the thrust of Adam(another favourite sight of mine). I knew he was filling her completely and I was in the perfect position to see the pleasure in her face, i loved her so much more from that moment.

Adam stopped and sat on the sofa, Rachel moved and straddled him and sat straight down on his hard cock again. As she rode him, Adam asked if she liked his cock. She said loved his massive dick, loved it inside her and started riding him faster. I was stood in the doorway watching Adam playing with my wife's tits, sucking on her lovely nipples and gripping them hard whilst she slapped her arse into his lap, trying to get as much of his cock into her pussy as she could. I think I was forgotten about at this point. Adam let go of her tits, and I was wannking and the sound of their sex marathon, the joys of my wife\'s moaning and the sight of her tits bouncing from her movements on another man's cock. I moved with the intention to initiate a DP (i was hoping) i watched the sight of Adam stretching her cunt lips with his cock again. It was to much and I had to run to the toilet to catch my cum. I don't rachel would have been in any postion to take it from her activity. It was here that she experienced her second cum of the night. The riding was frantic, his cock was entering her to the hilt, the tell tale sing that she was coming appeared with her head rolling back. The moans became loader, the "oh fucks" became more frequent and the strokes of Adam's cock went from fast to slow deliberate long strokes, riding all the way up his cock and slamming all the way down again. Eventually she sat right down on his cock and breathed out slowly as her cum subsided.

As rachel moved off Adam, she got onto all fours. I moved behind her while she played with Adams cock. I entered her very wet pussy, and slowly fucked her while she was teasing Adam's cock. I'd like to say that I made her cum again, but it wasn't so. I fucked her for a while, then slowly pulled out, she the mounted Adam again and as soon as she had his cock inside her, i pushed her forward and started to push my own dick into her pussy. I didn't get very far. Just the tip if I remember. Adam was taking up too much space! Their fucking continued, but at a very laboured pace. We were all knackered. It ended when our little boy stirred and the mum took over the slut and she was off.

Breakfast was awkward for Rachel, I don't think she knew what my reaction would be. I loved my wife more than ever. She made my fantasy come true, something I will always be grateful for. Adam and I are still the best of friends, and while this has not happened since, I know he'd repeat at the drop of a hat, so would I.

I long for the day to see my wife in action again, my fantasy remains, I try and explain the reasons to Rachel, to explain that it's not cheating and another mans cock is nothing but a toy for us to enjoy. Her to experience and me to watch.

The effect it had on her afterwards was amazing and I loved every minute of it, hopefully one day soon we'll unlock that inner slut again....