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Hello everybody

I want to tell you my true life experience,, first can I give you some background information. I my name Jan and I am a married woman of fifty five,, and i have been married to my husband since I wax 19. I have managed to keep my looks but i do have a slight belly. My husband is seven years older than me and we have a very good life together. We make love about once every two months. I know its not ideal,, but my husband has a problem maintaining an erection. He does have pills but they give him a bad side affect.

Then one day i finished work early,, I looked down stairs but he was no where around. I went up stairs an found him in his office with the pc on and he was wanking himself off. I was furious and stormed out of the house. On my return I confronted him as to why he was wanking over other women,, but he could not make love to me. He said he was not wanking over other women,, but that he was thinking of me when he was doing it.

Yeh right of course he was,, i did not believe him although he assured me it was true. Over the next few months i caught him a few more times,, but the last time he grabbed my arm and sat me down at the pc. Right read that,, no I don’t want to read your perverted stories. But he insisted that i read it amazed me that the story was about cuckold husbands. Until that day i had never even heard the term cuckold. Later that night in bed he explained of his desire for me to fuck other men.

As he was telling me about how he wanted me to fuck other men, he was rubbing my pussy,, god i was so turned on. I would never have thought that it would make so wet and horny. Afterwards he was still telling me that he wanted me to fuck somebody else. But i was not really interested in taking it further. Then he bought some porn DVD’s entitled screw my wife please,, we would watch these then make love. It was the same scenario that he wanted me to fuck another man. He would go into fine detail of how another man would take me in his arms,, while kissing me softly on the lips. Then his hands would slide down to my bottom and slip his hand under my skirt and rub my pussy.

This would end up with the man fucking me and filling me full of spunk. I must admit that this used to blow my mind and i would have massive orgasms. Then as time went on my husband would insist that I should call him useless and that he was a wimp. When i talked to him like this it always made him cum quickly,, I then started to interact with the role play. I told him that i would force him to watch me being fucked and in return he have would do everything I told him to do.

This excited him even more and he begged me to go out and get fucked by another man. But after we had had sex i did not think about screwing around i was happy at home. Then one night i went to a party,, but about 10 pm hubby said he was tired and was going home and i should get a taxi home later. Well as the night wore on we all consumed a fair amount of drink. Through out the evening i was talking to a guy called Mike. He was around 6 feet tall and i looked dwarfed beside his as i am only 5 feet 3 inches. I then decided to phone a taxi but there was one for three hours. We live in a small country town and at weekend it can sometimes be difficult.
So I decided to walk home as it was only two miles,, so Mike said your not walking on your own. Its not a problem i told him,, but he insisted so i agreed to let him walk me home.

While walking home he started asking question about my marriage and was I happy. I told him i was very happy,, then he asked how many times a week we make love. I told him that’s not really any of you business. I am only asking you because you are a very attractive woman,, I then realised he had his arm around my waist. Then as we approached a bus shelter he asked if I wanted a smoke so we sat down and had a cigarette. After we had finished our smoke he still had his arm around my waist. then out of the blue he leaned over and kissed full on the lips. I pushed him away and said no Mike I am a married women,, i know you are,, and fucking sexy with it. I stood up to carry on walking when he gabbed and pulled me into his arms and kissed me again. He had me held firm and even though I put up a resistance he still held me.

I want to fuck you Jan,, and his hand went up my skirt,, and running through my mind was my husband telling me to fuck another man. I had by this time probably resigned my self to that fact that I was going to be unfaithful and commit adultery. It was a warm bright moonlit night that probably added to the excitement of it all. All the time Mike told me what a sexy woman i was and how could my husband leave me alone out here with him. By this time mike had his finger inside my wet pussy and I was softly moaning. I was now lost in the lust for this man and I could here my husbands words in my head saying FUCK ANTHER MAN. Before i knew it Mike had stripped both me and himself naked,, then he lay me down on our cloths on the floor.

Mike was frantically kissing my body all over with his big hands massaging my bum cheeks. I in turn had hold of his cock which felt a lot fatter than my husbands and definitely a whole lot harder. Then heard myself telling mike to fuck me,, here i was doing just what my husband had been begging me to do. Mike entered my sloppy pussy in one almighty thrust,, I was now calling out his name Mike, Mike, Mike. As i lay beneath on the floor Mikes stokes began to increase and i screamed fill me Mike,, my husband wants you to fill me full of spunk. Mike was reaching parts inside me that my husband never had. Then i felt Mike stiffen up as he emptied his thick warm creamy spunk inside me.Ihave never had so much spunk inside and i could feel it running down my inner thighs.

We lay there for a while and Mike asked what’s this about your husband,, wanting me to fuck you and cum inside you. I explained that he wanted me to fuck other men and i had just done what he had been asking me to do. Mike said he must be fucking stark raving bonkers to let a gorgeous woman like you fuck somebody else. Then then got dressed and he walked me the rest of the way holding me tightly around the waist. When we reached home he wanted to come in and fuck my properly. I told him this was not possible at the moment as i had to tell my husband what we had done. Bit I kissed passionately and i took his mobile number and i would contact if that’s what my husband really wanted.