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I had been married to Sarah for three years and we had been together for a further three years before that. We were both 25 when this story occurred. She is about 5 foot five, a size eight with 34 DD boobs, shoulder length blonde hair and is considered very pretty. Throughout our six year relationship the sex had gone from mind blowing, nightly marathons to completely average twice weekly quick and rather boring sessions.
As we lay in bed, my wife Sarah and I both put down our books, and turned off our bedside lights. We had been married for three years and sex was a bi weekly event. I began to drift off to sleep but something kept me awake. After about 10 minutes I was aware of small movements on Sarah’s side of the bed. I began listening more closely till I could make out that her breathing had increased to small whimpers. I could not believe it, she was playing with herself while lying next to me and was obviously was just about to come.
When the noises died down, I touched her on the shoulder and asked “did you enjoy that?”
Sarah gasped and turned to look at me, her eyes were wide open. “I thought you were asleep, sorry did I wake you up?”
“No I couldn’t get to sleep, and then I heard you obviously enjoying yourself.” I said smiling, my cock now growing. She rolled over to face me, and moved her hand down to my erection. She kissed me passionately on the lips and forced her tongue into my mouth. She began slowly wanking my now stiff cock and I could tell she was very aroused. I moved my fingers down into her the pyjamas, straight to her pussy which was wet and warm.
“What were you thinking about?” I asked her.
“Some naughty things, why do you want to hear about them?” she asked with a naughty tone in her voice.
My heart skipped a beat, as I had often tried to get Sarah to talk dirty to me but she had often refused saying that she felt it would be weird. She obviously noticed my cock jump a little bit in her hand as she leant in and stuck her tongue nearly all the way down my throat. I now had one finger lodged in her pussy whilst my thumb was massaging her clit.
“I was imagining getting fucked while you were in the corner watching and playing with yourself.”
I nearly came there and then, and she knew it; in the past we had discussed our fantasies and mine had been to watch her with another man. I couldn’t believe that she had been fantasising about getting fucked by someone else and had obviously enjoyed it so much it had made her come.
“So how did this happen?” I asked, curiously. I, like many other men often got off on the thought of my wife being fucked by another man. I never really thought that I would ever find out that she was thinking this as well, let alone playing with herself and making herself come whilst I was next to her in bed.
Her pussy tightened a little around my finger as she was obviously thinking about how she had come up with this fantastic thought. “I was thinking about what you had said a while back when we were discussing our fantasies, and that one kind of stuck with me.” She moved her body closer to me and I could feel the warmth of her pussy radiating onto my dick. She lifted her leg and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, and in one swift movement she slid onto me taking me nearly up to the balls. She was so wet, it was unbelievable. I rolled onto my back and she began to ride me, slowly, as if to savour every inch of my cock.
“So where and when does this happen?” The words were tumbling out of my mouth, I was so eager to hear the fantasy I had held so long inside me come out of my darling wife’s mouth.
“You come home from work one day, and you see that there is another car in the driveway,” she began, pausing every second or so as she took my length all the way in her as if to savour the fact that one day she could, if she wanted have another fat cock lodged in her cunt. “You open the door and you hear someone upstairs, in our bedroom.”
I was now beginning to lift her up by her bum and help her impale herself on my now really hard cock. She loved it when I helped her lift herself up as sometimes I teased her and held her up there, my cock just poking into her, she thought she would drop but I delay it for a bit and then let her sink all the way down. I was doing this now, and I could tell she was loving it. I was loving hearing this fantasy come out of her mouth, it was just so horny.
“You creep up the stairs and across the landing, trying not to make any noise until you come to the bedroom door; it is halfway open and you look round at the bed.”
“And what do I see?” I asked, now so close to coming, waiting for those beautiful words to come out of her mouth.
“I’m riding another man, his cock is pistoning in and out of my little pussy, and you can see it going in and out, and all my juices are on it; it is glistening in the light. I’m riding him in reverse cowgirl so you can’t see his face but you can see all of me, and I’m completely naked. My boobs are bouncing up and down and I have my eyes closed because I am enjoying this guy’s cock so much. But then I sense that you are there, so I open my eyes and look straight at you.”
“And what do I do?” I ask, by now ready to fill her cunt with my come.
“You sit in that chair’” she says pointing to the chair we usually put our clothes on when we get undressed at night, “and you unzip your trousers and take out your cock, and slowly wank, enjoying watching me get royally fucked by this stranger.
“Is he wearing a condom?” I ask, hoping the answer to be no, as I always wanted to fuck a fresh creampie in her pussy.
“No, they don’t make them big enough for his cock, it is huge and it is stretching me and he is bottoming out every time I force myself down onto him. Plus I want you to see his come, his thick pearly come fill my pussy and gush out.” By now she was starting to breathe faster, and I could tell she was really enjoying this.
“Is that what you want? For him to cum in your pussy? For him to fill you up?”
“Oh yes, I wanna get fucked by another cock so badly, and I want him to cum in my cunt so you can FUCK it afterwards, and treat me like a dirty little slut.”
“And then what happens?” I ask, by now ready to cum in her myself, but eager to hear the end of this fantastic tale.
“Seeing you sat there, wanking your cock whilst I get fucked by stranger turns me on so much I have the best orgasm of my life, which makes him cum as well. By now he has flooded my pussy with so much cum, it is beginning to leak out of my well fucked pussy and down his thick cock. So you stand up and take off your shirt and trousers, walk over to the bed, lift me off his cock and lay me on my back, and part my legs. You then grab your cock and put it in me all the way up to your balls.”
At point I came. Sarah looked down at me, and I knew right there and then that she was thinking about it too.
“Well, that was brilliant; we haven’t had sex like that for ages.” Sarah’s face was all flustered, and she looked a little bit embarrassed.
“Thank you, I love hearing about you getting fucked, it really turned me on then, and I think you enjoyed it too?” I asked looking into her eyes.
“Well if you behave yourself, you never know!” She said cheekily, turning her back on me, knowing I would not stop thinking about that until the next time we fucked.
I cuddled up to her back, put my arm around her and we fell asleep.
Over the next two weeks we had sex every night and it was always that same fantasy, and I never got bored of it. The only thing that changed was afterwards she would ask me whether I was sure that I would want to see her with another man.
I would always reply “YES!”
Then the best thing that could have happened, did.
It was a Friday and I finished work at the normal time. I was driving home and our little fantasy was popping into my mind. Then, when I pulled into my driveway I saw another car and my heart skipped a beat. My cock nearly jumped out of my trousers, as I thought perhaps my wildest dream was coming true.
I jumped out of the car and ran to the door. I gingerly opened it and listened intently, hoping to hear the sound of two people fucking in my bedroom. I could. My cock was at full attention and I began to climb the stairs. The bedroom door was half open and I peered around to see one of the best sights I could have hoped for.
Sarah was on the bed in the doggy position being spit roasted by two men. I couldn’t believe it, our normal fantasy was for her to FUCK only one guy but here she was getting well and truly fucked by two well hung blokes.
There were clothes all over the floor; it looked like they had been taken off in a hurry, as if she couldn’t wait to begin the fun. They hadn’t noticed me yet, I was still just peering round the door. The guy who was fucking her was standing up, legs banging against the bed as he ploughed Sarah’s cunt from behind. The other guy was lying on his back as Sarah sucked his massive cock; her hands were up by the side of his chest so she could get as much of his cock in her mouth as possible. Her blonde hair sometimes obscured the view but as if she knew what I wanted to see she would grab her hair and hold it back so I could watch his cock disappearing into her pretty little mouth.
I decided I wanted to join the action so I walked into the bedroom. Both guys turned to look at me and gave me a knowing smile, and carried on fucking my wife. Sarah took the cock out of her mouth and motioned for me to sit down in the chair as we had discussed. At that moment the guy fucking her pussy slammed his entire length into her and made her moan with what sounded like pure pleasure. “Can’t you FUCK me any harder than that, my husband is there, fuck me like you own me?” She immediately replaced the cock in her mouth and began bucking back onto the cock now slamming her tight cunt.
The guy fucking her pussy couldn’t hold out much longer and began to moan, it was obvious he was going to cum in Sarah, my wife’s pussy. This was the moment I had been waiting for, and it was finally here. My cock was in my hand and I was wanking in time with his thrusts. He let out a long sigh and rested his pelvis against her arse; it was obvious he had just spilled his seed all up inside her tiny little gash. I couldn’t wait to see it; he slowly withdrew, tendrils of his ejaculate were streaming from the end of his huge dick, as if still linking him to his latest conquest, my wife the slut. Her pussy was still splayed open, her fat cunt lips spread wide from the pounding she had just received. And there, in the middle was the mother lode, another man’s spunk pooling in my wife’s well fucked hole. I nearly came just staring at it.
The guy who was having his dick sucked began to move; he stood up and pushed me out of the way, his massive erection rubbing against me as he passed me. Unceremoniously he lined his length up with her twat and sunk himself up into the balls and began banging away. Sarah was moaning and groaning, obviously loving the feeling of having fresh spunk lubricating her tight box whilst being fucked by huge dicks.
The guy who had been fucking Sarah came up and introduced himself as Jake. “One hell of a missus you’ve got there, Tom,” he said, “amazing little slut. How long have you been swinging?” he asked.
“First time,” I said. I couldn’t stop glancing down at his cock, it was huge, and more importantly it was covered in his and Sarah’s juices.
Sarah was now screaming, winding up for a huge orgasm. My cock was at full strength now, and I was fit to bursting, but I wanted to wait and fuck her sodden hole after these two had finished.
As she was cumming, the guy lodged in her also came, emptying his nuts all up inside her. Sarah didn’t move, she just stayed there with her arse in the air, probably to keep the cum pooling inside her.
She looked at me, “Look at it,” she said “Look at my well fucked pussy, these guys have dumped their load in me like the slut you wanted me to be, are you happy?”
I moved round to look at her hole, it was even wider than before and the spunk couldn’t stay in, there was loads of it. I got my cock and forced it into her. It was the best feeling I have ever had. Her pussy was so wide and wet and warm and I just loved the thought that not 10 seconds before some other guy was enjoying what had only previously been mine to enjoy. I was pumping her with all my worth and she was playing with her clit. Obscenities were pouring out of her mouth, saying how much she enjoyed their cocks and how she wasn’t going to stop until her cunt was full of spunk. I still couldn’t get over how amazing it was to be fucking some other guys’ cum back into my wife’s pussy, it was incredible.
The physical feeling and the emotions running through my head meant that I couldn’t last much longer. I sprayed my jizz inside her and kept my cock in her until it shrivelled up.
I looked round and Jake and his mate were gone, it was just Sarah and I in our bed. We both collapsed backwards, our heads on the pillows. I looked over at her and smiled.
“Did you enjoy that?” she asked with a naughty glint in her eye?
“Hell yes!” was all I could muster. I reached my hand down between her legs and felt her hot, wet, sticky cunt, I pushed three fingers into her easily and mixed all the cum around, feeling it flow out of her and onto her thighs.
We now have regular lovers for her, and we have even had a 5 man gang bang. I love watching her get fucked, it makes me so happy to watch everyone running their lengths up into her tight little snatch, I know some people might find that weird but all I would say is try it, you might like it. I know I do!