• Written by The hubby 2 May 2009, 09:27
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i begged my wife to sleep with another man for ages but she all ways said no every time we were making love i would think of her and another man then one night i had just got home from work and was in the bath the phone rang my wife took the call and came up to the bathroom she told me mike next door had fallen and could not get back up as had all ready broken his leg and was in plaster my wife said his door was open and she would go and make him comfortable until i got dry so off she went i got dry and then went in after her mike was still on the floor in hes boxer shorts and the first thing i noticed was the bulge in them and was sure my wife must of been looking since she got in there we got mike up on to a chair and made him comfortable my wife said if you need any thing else just ring and we will come back in as we left i joked to my wife did you mean anything and she just smiled then i said did you see the bulge in his boxershort to which she said it was hard not to and went on to say i did not have a bulge like that at which point she took my hand and pushed it up her skirt her knickers were soaking wet i looked her strait in the eye and said would you fuck mike she yes i was so turned on i pulled her skirt up and moved her knickers to the side then licked her very wet pussy she came almost strait away but iknew she was thinking of mike all that night we were thinking of how we could get mike to fuck her but we could not think of any way the next morning when i woke up my wife was a wake she said she had woken up thinking of mike and could not get the image of his bulge out of her mind so i suggested she pop back in just to see if he was ok she was up and out of bed in the blink of an eye what should i wear she said just put your leggings on no knickers and a short T shirt before i was finnished speaking she had took her knickers off and her bra and was putting her leggings on she went nextdoor and after about half an hour i herd mikes bed start banging on the wall and i knew he must of been shagging my wife the bed kept on banging on the wall for about an hour then it stopped and i expected my wife home i waited and waited but she never came home for about 4 hrs when she came home she told me mike had opened the door in his dressing gown and as he made his way back in it came open he had no boxer shorts on and she seen his cock she said his cock was at least double the size of mine mike had said sorry but she had just smiled dropped to her knees and sucked on his cock she said she had struggled to get his cock in her mouth mike had reached down and felt her tits he then asked her to take her T shirt off she had stood up pulled her leggings down took her T shirt off and said what can you do to me mike had then told her get up stairs and he would fuck her even with a broken leg when he got up stairs she had laid on his bed and he had licked her pussy but she could not wait to feel his big cock up her very wet pussy so told him to fuck her he had moved up placed his cock on her lips and slowly started to push his bellend in her she said it was really tight and mike had commented on it saying i must have a really small cock as they had laughed mike had pushed is cock all the way in my wife said she had never been so full of cock then mike had started to bang her really hard my wife even said she went on top and rode him somthing she wont do to me she said she had cum about 3 times before mike had shot his hot spunk deep into her pussy they had then laid on his bed and mike had told her if she wanted a real good fucking he would fuck her again when he was out of the plaster on his leg my wife was looking at me waiting for me to say she could do it again i just pulled my zip down showed my wife my hard cock and she laughed and said 2 weeks time then before i get that good fucking mike promised me she then went in to the bathroom and put the bath on she throw me her leggings and said that is mikes spunk that has run from my pussy you wank over them. I will let you no what happenes the next time