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Every now and then, I get an insatiable craving for cock, and it completely takes over my life. I can think of nothing else. I'd been in this permanent state of horniness for about two weeks, and needed to sort myself out. My poor vibrator had been working overtime - I'd been masturbating five or six times a day - but I needed the real thing. I needed cum - and lots of it - in my pussy, on my face, on my tits, everywhere. I wanted to be covered in the stuff. But one cock wasn't going to be enough - I needed fucking big time.

I told my best friend Nicola what I had in mind and she agreed to help me find some suitable guys – although she made it clear she wouldn’t be joining in. So I dressed up to the nines - tight teeshirt with no bra, pink thong and jeans which showed off my long legs and firm little bum to perfection.

We went to the local pub and were soon chatted up by three great looking guys – Rob, Chris and Andy. I whispered to Nicola that she didn’t have to stay, so she headed off. The guys became even more attentive, and after buying me lots of drinks, I asked them if they wanted some fun back at my place.

Their eyes lit up, so off we went. My pussy was throbbing with anticipation as I thought about what was going to happen.

We got back to mine and I gave the guys a beer each before excusing myself to go to the toilet. I tried to mop up my dripping pussy, but as soon as I wiped it clean, it became soaked all over again, so I left it as it was. My cunt was swollen and red and I was getting randier by the second.

I came out and all the guys were already naked, their stiff cocks pointing up in the air. They were all huge, with thick, fat shafts. I couldn’t wait! I told the guys I wanted them to fuck me all night, and I expected them to cum several times each. I told them they could choose how they had me for the first session, then I would call the shots for the second.

Chris was first, and ordered me to bend over the table, naked apart from my pink thong. I peeled off my top and jeans and bent over, wiggling my little bottom in his face. Chris came up behind me, pulled my juicy thong to one side and slid his cock end up and down my slippery pussy. Then he slid it in and began to fuck me deep and slow while his mates watched. He went gently at first, filling my wet hole with his rock-hard knob. He stroked my fit young thighs and fondled my perky little tits as he shafted me, his fat cock making slurping noises as it pushed in and out, his spunk-filled balls banging against by bum. He then speeded up, ramming my hot little cunt harder and harder. He pushed me forward, mashing my tits into the table as he continued to fuck me. At one stage he was hammering me so hard, the table jerked forward until it was banging against the wall.

I suddenly remembered this was just my first cock of several, and my first fuck of many that night, and my orgasm began to build. I was moaning loudly, begging Chris to pound me harder and as he took off, so did I. My orgasm built like a steam train and I went into orbit. “Oh my God, I'm cumming! I need spunk, fucking gallons of it - FILL ME WITH CUM!" I shouted. Then my orgasm erupted. "I’m cumming I’m cumming I’M CUMMING!” I yelled as my pussy spasmed and jerked as I came like a slut. This tipped him over the edge and I felt his cock swell as he fucked my eager young cunt harder and harder. Suddenly he whipped his cock out and started wanking streams of hot spunk all over my back and bum. Hot spurts splashed onto my knickers and I could feel his spunky mess dribbling down my back. More and more squirted out as he shot his creamy load. God it felt good.

I lay there panting, still bent over the table, my back, arse and hair drenched with sperm. I staggered up and Rob said: “Come here you horny bitch! I’m next – come and sit on my lap!”

I staggered over to the sofa to where Rob was sitting, his cock ramrod stiff and at least 8 inches long. It was thick and red and covered in precum where he’d been wanking while watching me get shagged on the table.

I pulled off my soggy knickers, climbed over him and lowered myself down onto his throbbing cock. Trails of spunk and pussy juice dripped out onto his balls. My cunt was so wet it slid in easily and I started to bounce up and down. My firm little tits were on just the right level for his face, so he licked and nibbled them as they went past.

The great thing about this was that I could control the pace. He thrust upwards hard as I bounced down and our sweaty bodies slapped together loudly as we fucked.

I looked over and Andy was just about exploding watching this little performance. I told him he was next, and to get his cock ready for my tight little cunt. Chris was rock hard again, drinking his beer and stroking his massive erection.

I was gripping the back of the sofa as I slammed relentlessly up and down Rob’s cock. Eventually, he began to groan loudly and pushed his cock into me even harder. He suddenly yelled “Oh fuck, here it comes, here it comes!” and his fat cock erupted inside me. He blasted huge wads of sperm into my eager young cunt with such force I could feel every spurt as it splashed inside. More and more jetted out until it started overflowing and dribbling out. Eventually, he stopped spurting and I climbed off, leaving a sticky trail of spunk as it oozed out of my pussy.

Andy said he couldn't wait any longer. "Lie on your back!" he ordered me "and put your legs in the air!" I did as I was told, my red, swollen pussy exposed to the world, twitching and ready for its next cock.

Unbeknown to me, Andy had found a feather duster in my flat and started tickling my cunt and clit with it. I was in absolute heaven. After an hour or so of sustained and heavy fucking, having my clit stroked with a feather duster sent me into orbit again. But Andy was teasing me, the bastard, and wouldn't let me cum until I was virtually begging him. I tried to get my fingers down to my clit to finish myself off, but he stopped me. After ten minutes or so of this agony, he eventually took pity on me and let me explode. My orgasm built and built, and I moaned loudly. Then it hit me, and great waves of orgasm swept through my twitching body. God it felt so fucking good.

Andy laughed, and in one swift movement, entered my steaming pussy. His cock was the biggest of them all, and he plunged it in and out. He didn't last long though, and with a loud groan, he flooded my sloppy pussy with yet more cum. It was a massive load - one of the biggest cuntfulls I'd ever had. He went back to join the others, and Chris said: "OK - what's next?"

I told them that for the next round, I wanted a cock in each hole - one in my cunt, one in my arse and the third in my mouth. They were all hard again, so we quickly got down to business.

Chris lay on his back and I lowered myself down onto his cock, then I leaned forward so my firm little arse was up in the air. Rob came up behind me and scooped a load of juice from my pussy and spread it all over my bumhole. He smeared another handful over his bulbous cock end and gently pushed it into my hole. It slid in easily and was soon fully embedded. Andy then stuck his cock into my mouth and we were ready to go.

We started slowly at first, building up a fantastic rhythm, then got faster and more frantic. The guys were thrusting away, pounding me for all they were worth. I could almost feel the two cocks in my cunt and arse rubbing together inside me as they rammed in and out. The guys were shouting and moaning, telling me what a hot bitch I was and how they were going to fill all my holes with their thick juicy cum. This just turned me on even more, as I writhed between them, trying to coax their spunky loads out of their fat balls.

I yelled at them to try and cum at the same time, and Chris and Rob almost managed it. Rob came first, jetting huge blasts of spunk into my tight little arse, followed shortly by Chris, who pumped another hot load into my soaking puss. Spurt after spurt flew out of his raging cock as he filled me yet again. By now my cunt was so full that as soon as Chris squirted his load, it just flowed out again.

This all set Andy off as well, and he covered my face and hair with his thick, gooey cum. It dripped off my nose and hair as he wanked out the final drops.

We all decided it was time for some sleep, so we all collapsed on the bed. But not for long! After a couple of hours, I felt a whopper of an erection nudging my legs open. I was half asleep, but very horny again, so I let him slide into me. I think it was Rob, but I'm not sure.

What followed was nothing less than a fuck frenzy. For some reason I was overwhelmed with lust, and started moaning really loudly as his cock slid in and out. The angle on my clit was fantastic and I came with a scream. The other two had woken up by now, and took their turns filling my pussy. Load after load shot into me - as soon as one had finished, another took his place. None of them lasted very long - they just rolled on top of me, fucked me hard and dumped their loads. My cunt was overflowing like a drainpipe and the whole bed was drenched with sweat, spunk and pussy juice.

I woke up a few hours later and they'd disappeared, but not without leaving their phone numbers! I might use those one day. I lay in my soaked bed, masturbating gently as I thought about the previous night's activities. Despite having come so often, I soon felt myself building up again, and had another glorious orgasm as I frigged myself to oblivion, thinking about all the cock I'd had in the last 12 hours.

Should keep me going - for a couple of weeks at least!