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I really like having my wife Elizabeth wearing stockings, suspenders and high heels being fucked on her hands and knees, doggy style, by other men and also with other women using a strap-on dildo. I love to watch as Elizabeth gets a right good-old-fashioned shagging and a sexual seeing too! I like to watch Elizabeth getting sexual servicing while she is on her knees and being fucked in front of a large mirror, so that she can watch herself and I enjoying sex together.

Recently we met a young couple called Ian & Angela, they are in their 20's and we are in our 40's (45 +.), together we enjoyed having some sexy erotic adventures and swinging sex sessions together. Ian loves fucking an older woman, especially Elizabeth being 45 +, while I like having sex with young Angela, who looks just like Elizabeth when she was younger. The likeness of both Elizabeth & Angela has caused some people to comment that they look like they could be sisters of perhaps even mother & daughter, they look so alike.

So I invited Ian & Angela over one evening so that we could all enjoy a sexy foursome together. I also had an Idea that I wanted to try out with them. I have always wanted to have a really good home video of us having sex. Our very own home 'Blue Porn Home Video!' I have talked to Elizabeth about it and she agreed is perform for the camera and have her face shown and not to be shy in front of the camera. I knew that Ian also wanted to make a home porn video, so he agreed to bring along Angela and try out the idea at our house.

When they arrived, Elizabeth handed out drinks and we got talking about the porn video. I explained how I wanted it to be and Ian agreed to join in. Then we went upstairs to our main bedroom where I had set up the video camera on a tripod over looking the bed and the big mirrors on the walls of our bedroom. Elizabeth and Angela began to strip and Ian too got his clothes off and soon he was bare naked with a good stiff cock read for fucking with. Elizabeth and Angela still kept on their stockings, suspenders and high heels. I love women in stockings and suspenders and love to watch Elizabeth get a right good shagging undressed like that. The three of them climbed onto the bed and I started the video going and began to watch the sex action on the bed and in the reflection of the mirrors. Ian knelt on the bed and offered up his stiff cock to both Elizabeth and Angela to share, they began licking and sucking on Ian's cock. They took turns sucking it into their mouth and shared licking along the length of Ian's cock. There was lots of sex sounds with both women sucking and licking Ian's cock. 'Mmm, uumm. Mmm, uumm.' Both Elizabeth and Angela were giving it their best 'Porn Star' performance.

The Ian picked up the lead and asked them both. 'Which one of you two sexy sluts wants my cock up her pussie first? Angela or Elizabeth?' They both looked at each other and then Elizabeth said 'ME first!, I'm up for a bit of cock in my pussie first!' Ian pushed her backwards onto her back and lifted her right stocking leg over his shoulder and spread her left stocking leg wide apart, so that I got a great view of her parted pussie and could watch as he poked his stiff cock into her. He gave three thrusts with his hips and she was fully impaled by him with his cock pushed completely up her pussie and filling her cunt right up. Elizabeth moaned and twisted her hips as Ian mounted her and worked his cock inside her body making her feel the length of him as he fucked his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. Ian screwed Elizabeth right there in front of me and the video camera recorded it all. Elizabeth was moaning now 'Oh yes! Oh yes! That's good, fucking good. Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck ME!! FUCK ME!!' Ian was really riding Elizabeth, he held her stocking legs apart and was humping away at Elizabeth, fucking her strongly and steadily on the bed as she was giving herself to him and being recorded on the tape. Elizabeth's tits were bouncing around and her nipples were big and pointed with sexual excitement, as Ian humped himself into Elizabeth, banging away at her cunt with his cock.

Elizabeth was soon reaching her first orgasm. 'FUCK! OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING, FUCKING CUMMING!' She was screaming her head off as Ian banged and screwed her on the bed. She tried to twist and turn and thrash about on the bed as she reached a massive orgasm. Ian held her tightly and kept on banging away at her cunt filling her hard and fast now and as rough as anything, holding Elizabeth between his hips and with a firm grip on her stocking legs. Elizabeth tried to kick and waved her legs about and she tried to force herself up onto Ian, deeply and harder as she could, so as to maintain the pressure of his body rubbing on her clitty and keep her orgasm going as long as she could. Elizabeth was really just screaming out now. 'AGHH! OH YA! AGHH..' She was just yelling out at the top of her voice as the orgasm went through her body. Ian just kept on going at her and made her cum in one long orgasm.

I was working the camera, zooming in on Ian as he fucked Elizabeth, then pulling out and showing their refection in the mirror. I would focus on Ian's cock pumping in and out of Elizabeth's open wet cunt as he humped his cock between her cunt lips, then turn the camera onto Elizabeth's face to catch her expression as Ian shagged her on the bed. Ian's face sometimes looked very serious as he kept up the rhythmic fucking of my wife. I would turn the camera onto Angela's face to see her reaction of watching her husband riding and fucking my wife, Angela was playing with her pussie, teasing and finger fucking herself as Ian and Elizabeth fucked right in front of her. It was amazing to watch Elizabeth perform for the camera, she closed her eyes sometimes as she concentrated on her orgasm but she would also look straight down the lens, smile at me as she realised I was watching and enjoying the sight of her getting fucked and making a home 'Porn Video.' of her.

As Elizabeth climaxed and lay back on the bed with Ian still riding her cunt with his stiff cock I zoomed out and focused in on the reflection in the mirror of Elizabeth's bare backside and Ian's bare bum cheeks clenched and moving back and forth between Elizabeth's parted stocking legs. I was getting some great views of them fucking together. Ian then closed his eyes as he began to cum and spunk into Elizabeth. I focused on his face for a bit then zoomed out to watch the pair of them riding each other. Elizabeth was now talking to Ian. 'Come on Ian. Fuck me! Fuck me! Ride my cunt!' Ian was responding to Elizabeth talking dirty to him. Angela joined in. 'Fuck her, Ian! Give it to her! Make her do it with you, Ian! Cum inside the dirty posh bitch! Fuck the posh bitch! Ride her!' She was saying to him, urging Ian on.

Ian was riding Elizabeth bareback, so when he started to cum and spurt his spunk into her it was right up her open cunt flesh! She was on the pill so she would not get pregnant with Ian and I enjoy watching the cum oozing and dripping out of a woman's pussie after she has been fucked by a man.

Ian spunked into Elizabeth and spunked again and again inside her. He was amazing as he kept on riding Elizabeth with his cock still stiff enough to keep going at her and fill her up with his cock cream!

Afterwards they had a short rest. We swapped places and Ian went behind the video camera and I climbed onto the bed with Angela and we got into position for fucking together as Elizabeth watched me fuck Angela. I got her to spread her stocking legs wide and got one stocking leg up over my shoulders and one stocking leg spread sideways so that the camera had a good view of Angela's cunt as I was fucking her on the bed. She was dripping wet from watching Ian fuck Elizabeth and from finger fucking herself. I put my stiff cock into her cunt and it disappeared right up her sexy cunt in one easy push. She moaned out loud as I did this to her. 'Fucking hell Billy Boy that's some fucking cock on you tonight!' she said to me. I began to fuck the dirty slut and Ian kept the video camera running as I began to ride his wife on the bed. I fucked away at Angela and was really enjoying myself, knowing that it was all being recorded on the video tape.

I was riding Angela for a few minutes, then I pulled out of her and turned her over onto her hands and knees, in the doggy style position, then got her to face the mirror and I mounted her from behind and once more began to ride her. She moaned out loud as I impaled her with my cock right up to the hilt, bouncing against her bare backside and I also began to spank her bare bum cheeks as I fucked the dirty little slut. Angela's tits were bouncing side to side as I fucked her on the bed, her tits were swinging in time with my thrusting in and out of her cunt with my cock. Ian kept the camera going as I fucked Angela harder and deeper and getting rough with her. I grabbed a handful of her hair and puled her backwards to arch her back and get a better view of her face in the mirror. 'Fuck Bitch! Fuck my cock, push back onto me you dirty little slut!' I ordered her. Elizabeth also joined in and she told Angela. 'Ride him Angela! Ride him Girl! Get your cunt going with his cock inside you. Ride his cock Angela!' I fucked away at her cunt and rammed my cock as hard as I could up her young wet willing cunt. Angela is a fantastic fucking slut, she really knows how to spread her stocking legs for a fucking up her young housewife cunt. She really is a fucking little slut. Angela responded and she fucked herself backwards onto my cock and we shagged like a pair of fucking animals.

With my cock in her cunt and riding her like a sexy slut, Angela responded and she began to move and hump herself backwards and forwards on her knees, pushing herself back against my hips and body to match my own hip thrusts with her own. 'OH FUCK!' She suddenly cried out as I hit her sexual spot with my cock thrusting in and out of her cunt. I was riding Angela bareback just like Ian had fucked Elizabeth. I was wanting to cum up Angela's cunt with my spunk filling her insides up with cum cream from my cock. Ian was smiling as I was riding Angela. He had told me that Angela was off the pill, so if I was to spunk my cum cream up her cunt, then I just might be planting my seed into her. Ian was ok with that idea, he even suggested that I should try and cum inside Angela as many time as I wanted to that evening.

I was riding away at Angela and Ian was still video recording our fucking session together. 'Come on Angela! Fuck Darling! Fuck Darling.' Ian was telling her. I looked straight into the mirror at the camera lens and smiled. I was loving this. Fucking another mans wife on video and being able to cum and spunk my cock cream right into her cunt and perhaps plant my seed into her. It was a fantastic feeling! Ian was urging his wife on to do more sex with me and to fuck herself back onto my cock.

As best as I could I kept going with Angela, but I was twice the age of Ian and not able to fuck like him. I soon began to cum into Angela. The excitement of fucking on camera was making me spunk faster than usual. I started to cum inside Angela, I pumped and pumped my cock cream deep inside her and held onto her hips as I humped and bumped myself against her bare arse cheeks. I then gave her a short sharp spanking across both cheeks. That made her take notice! She screamed out loud as she felt each smack land on her bare bum cheeks. 'Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!' Six of the best, three on the left bum cheek and three on the right bum cheek. The dirty little bitch was well and truly Shagged! Fucked! Spunked! and Spanked!

Next Ian had Elizabeth up on her knees, giving her a second fucking that evening, riding her doggy style with his young randy cock going straight into her open cunt and fucking the living daylights out of her! Ian took control of Elizabeth and fucked her long and hard. Riding her cunt with his cock and making her scream out loud as he shagged & spanked her as she fucked in front of the mirror. I kept the video camera running and recorded her fucking like a cheap posh tart that she is! Ian took control of Elizabeth and fucked her like a posh tart! I was loving watching her get fucked like that, watching her perform like a porn star in front of the video camera.

Elizabeth fucked on her knees and like Angela was made to push back onto Ian's cock and fuck herself onto his randy cock. She was giving a great performance and with the added excitement of being turned into a 'Porn Star' and fucking at home on her own bed, she was loving being the centre of attention. Elizabeth fucked with Ian and let him have her just the way he wanted. Ian got hold of her hair and pulled her backwards, making her arch her back and giving me a great view of her face in the mirror. I was loving watching her getting fucked by young Ian. He was strong and his cock was hard as a iron rod and he fucked and shagged my sexy posh wife as hard as he could that evening.

Ian banged and screwed Elizabeth as hard as he could riding her on her knees and fucking his cock deep and hard inside her posh cunt. She was loving the feeling of being used and fucked stupid by another man while I watched her behave like a complete slut and a tart. She parted her stocking legs and let Ian mount her and fuck her like they were just a pair of animals, fornicating and rutting together, out in a field like some wild and crazy sexual beasts.

I watched them fucking and recorded it onto the video tape. It was an amazing sight watching the pair of them going at each other. They really looked like a pair of dogs fucking on the bed. Ian behind ramming his cock into Elizabeth's cunt, like she was a bitch on heat and wanting her cunt fucked and filled with Ian's cock cream. She was amazing and fucked and fucked away on the bed.

Ian finally spunked deep inside Elizabeth. She held herself still while Ian pumped and humped as much as he could into her cunt before he went limp and slipped out of her cunt. Then she lay back on the bed and spread her legs so we could all see the spunk that Ian had just pumped into her cunt, ooze, drip and run out between her cunt lips and down her legs. I recorded the whole thing.

After that we stopped the video tape and had a short rest and we got some drinks and reviewed the video tape. We all sat on the bed together watching as the pictures of all us fucking and shagging were played back on the tv in front of us. It was amazing to see Elizabeth and Ian fucking together. I also enjoyed watching myself with Angela and how I was riding her on her knees, it was fantastic.

Next I got Ian to fuck both Elizabeth and Angela together on the bed again. This time on their backs with their legs in the air as Ian screwed them long and slowly together side by side on the bed. I set the video to record and then joined in with them. We played at 'Wife Swapping' riding each others wife in turn in front of the camera. Elizabeth was really getting into being a 'Porn Star'. She was loving the long slow strokes of Ian as he fucked her cunt and made her have a wonderful orgasm with him deep inside her and grinding his hips against her as she climaxed.
Angela was also enjoying getting shagged on camera. She played at being a little housewife whore and yelled her head off as she got screwed stupid by me. Her cunt was spread open and filled with my cock cream several times that night, lucky girl! I planted my seed into her flesh and Ian was smiling as I was cumming up inside his wife's cunt. Angela was ripe for being filled to the brim with cock cream that evening, it was dripping out of her cunt and oozing down her legs into her stocking tops.

I made a copy of the tape to give to Ian & Angela for themselves. I have got the original and I am planning to make some more 'Home Porn'. As soon as I can make the arrangements with another couple or with a sexy housewife who wants to be a 'Porn Star'. With us.