• Written by Lucky husband 20 Jun 2009, 19:55
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My wife and I have been swingers for many years and she has had sex with many men over the years. Whenever a man has sex with her it is just as good as the first one that I witnessed having her over 10 years ago. In two weeks time we will be going to Amsterdam to a club for sex. We will be meeting a couple on the Saturday night that we have had sex with many times in the past and on the Friday night my wife and myself will also be going to the club on our own so that she can have at least one spit roast and a mini-gangbang with at least five men.

We last visited the club in January this year - we stayed at our friends house and the husband fucked my wife every day we were there and I fucked his wife. Normally we did this in the afternoon but my wife also liked to have a last fuck of the day with him before we went to bed after visiting the club.
My wife is a size 10 lady but with 36D tits and she wears only a see-through slip at the club so that all the men can see what is available if they want her and she fancies them. We had sex before going to club and then in the club our friends went off to see if the lady could have a few single men while her husband watched. When we saw them later she was on her back with one man holding one leg, her husband the other a man in her mouth and one up her cunt. This turned my wife on and the first man who asked her if she wanted sex she agreed, took him into a play room, took off his shorts and vest and got down to give his cock a good suck whilst I watched. The man fucked her in the missionary position, doggy and she got on top to ride his cock until she had a lovely orgasm with him and he then sprayed spunk on her tits.
We joined our friends at the bar then went off together to a room where the ladies lay on the bed and we men opened the door to let in a man that the ladies liked - they allowed four men into the room and both were spit roasted in front of both husbands - we watched and wanked. Our wifes have had so much sex with other man but we still love to see men fuck them and it always turns us on. When I fuck his wife he likes to watch and when he fucks mine his wife always likes to wank me off while I concentrate on watching them.
After the four men had taken turns to fuck our wives we went back to their house and my wife climbed on top of our friend, kissed him and then snogged him for all he was worth - his cock came to life and his wife put it up my wife\\\'s cunt while I undressed and wanked. His wife went to the kitchen and prepared drinks and left the three of us enjoying sex. I spunked over my wife\\\'s back as she rode her lover and he spunked up her cunt. Later he went to bed with her and I went to bed with his wife. In the morning I took my bed partner a drink and then went into \\\"our\\\" bedroom and took my wife and her lover drink. They sat up in bed and enjoyed it and later I heard the unmistakable sound of my wife having an orgasm - her lover had wanked her off while she sucked him - he came in her mouth which she loves him to do (his spunk has been in her almost as much as mine in the last five years). His wife and myself got up had breakfast and went into the local village to shop for lunch and when we came back our partners were still in bed snogging. They stayed in bed until lunchtime and then got up and had a bath together. The whole afternoon my wife and her lover kissed each other and he felt her - he loves my wife almost as much as his own and I feel the same about his wife - we also spent a longtime snogging and later also had a bath together. We went back to the club that night and both ladies had at least five men inside them. When they had finished we went back and again my wife slept with her lover and I with his wife.

Shortly we are going back again - unfortunately they can only meet us on the Saturday night so my wife says she is going to have agangbang on the Friday if there are enough men interested. She has promised I can watch her have five men together and the thought of her being continuously spit-roasted until they have all cum in her on her or in her mouth makes me constantly hard.
We are very hardened swingers and love the lifestyle even though we are now in our 50\\\'s. My wife has no shortage of opportunity at this club to be fucked by men young enough to be her sons and she will be fucked by many over the weekend - none will probably be over the age of 30. She loves a young man with a hard cock inside her and I love seeing her being fucked - I also love to fuck her after other men have had her, especially if she has spunk on her. I usually lick it off her - I have tasted nearly as much of her lover\\\'s cum as she has!! I have even sucked off men before they fucked her as I am bisexual and my wife encourages to have men at the ame time she is having them - she has wanked many times watching me with a man in a 69 sucking each other\\\'s cocks and has seen men fuck me - she has a strap-on, not for ladies but for me to keep me in readiness for a man to have me. A real turn on for her is watching me being fucked by a cock she has sucked and inserted in me. She is also bisexual and has sex regularly with women, especially our friends in Holland - we met as a bisexual couple and we had had the wonderful experience of me and the man in a 69 and my wife and his wife also in a 69 next to us. Until we started swinging nether of us realised we were bisexual but accept this fact and just encourage each other to have sex with the same sex as well as with the opposite sex.
Many years ago we just did straight swapping but after 210 years this is not very exciting and bisexual sex, gangbangs etc is now what we like. Like all swinging couples who continue to explore their sexuality we do not yet know where it will lead us we will wait and see