• Written by jim and Yvonne 1 May 2005, 13:35
  • Erotic

Hi my wife and I have been swiinging for a couple of years and we have found a nice dogging site not far from where we live. One night about a week ago we where sat chatting and it was quite late, my wife Yvonne asked if I fancied going to the dogging site, I replied it is a little late do you think anyone will be there this late. She said well the only way to find out is to go down and see. When she is in her sexy mood there is no stopping her, so we both showered then got ready to go to see if we vcould find a nice fuck for Yvonne and also for me, with a little luck. As I am Bi and like to take cock just as much as Yvonne does at times she says I like to be fucked more than she does. We arrived at the site Yvonne was dressed in a long skirt with stockings and surspenders no panties as I find it a real turn on when she goes out with no panties on. We parked up at the far end of the carpark near some trees and a pinic aera benches and tables. It was a quite a warm evening but alass there was no cars there we sat a while had a ciggy and then I started tio carress Yvonne's legs letting my hand slowly creep under her skirt antill i had found her wet wet pussy, as my hand neared her pussy she opened her legs wider and wider for me to beable to carress all of her lips and hole letting my fingers trail to her other hole and probbing antill her ass opened up for my finger. I was soon fingering her ass and then i inserted another finger in her pussy filling both her holes for her...We had been so ingrossed we had not noticed a car pull into the carpark it had parked awat from us but two guys had got out of it and walked to our car and were standing watching us through tbe window of our car.. With my free hand I pressed the butten to lower the window on Yvonnes side of the car as by this time her skirt was right up showing her thieghs and pussy with the moon light the two guys could see plainly my hand between Yvonnes legs and my fingers in her. one guy reached through the window and started to rub my wifes pussy then I felt his finger star to join my finger in Yvonnes pussty hole. We were soon both fingering her cunt, Yvonne reach out of the window and started to rub the gut cock through it jeans, to this he stopped fingering her for a minute whikle he unzipped and got his now hard cock out. Yvonne then took him in her hand, the other guy then got his cock out also and he came closer to the window so Yvonne could also wank his cock he was a little bigger than the first guy maybe about 7 inches nothing to big but he was quite thick. My wife Yvonne was soon reaching out with both hand to wank these guys cock all the time I was fingering her and the first guy had also started to finger her hot hole again she was taking both our fingers in to her hot hot pussy. The more we pushed inot her cunt the wider she opened to take our probbing fingers the guy then started to put another finger into her so I did the same she was soon filled we two of my fingers and two of the guys, both of us finger fucking her... By this time my wife as going crazy her pussy opeing wider and wider... I then surrgested to her we get out of the car and move over to the picnic tables so we could have a little more fun and if she wanted to she could let these two guys fuck her all night.. As we approched the tables both guys where touching her and undoing her skirt. We got to the tables and Yvonne was soon on her back on a table the first guy he bent over her and started to lick and suck her cunt while she was sucking the second guy. Then the guy sucking her stood up and moved closer to her her legs where by this time wide open so he had no problems getting close enough for him to start to rub my wifes pussy with his cock he was rubbing his cock on her clit and she was getting so near to her first orgasm then he pushed a little forwards and I could see the end of his cock start to go in to Yvonne open ready hole, he just had about one inch into her and then just stopped and let her feel his cock in her cunt. She could not take this for very long and she just said fuck me put it in my hole you sexy bastard. With this he pushed forwards and filled her to his balls with his now very very hard cock, for a while he fucked in and out of her bringing her to a mighty cum as she lay back to savour the after glow the other guy came and stood near the first guy o he pulled out of my wifes cunt and let the second guy take his place he was soon buried deep in my wife hole fucking fast then slow,quick and short thrusts then long slow deep ones he was driving my wife nuts she could not keep still and just kept shouting fuck me fill me with cock I want more in me...
I then surgested we go into the tree line so as we would not be distubed, firstr going back to the car to get a blanket out while the guys walked to the tree's with Yvonne touching fingering her as the went. I soon joined them and lay the blanket on the floor. Yvonne the asked one of the guys to lay on his back he first stripped hois clothes of then lay on his back, his cock so hard it stood up on it's own. Yvonne then knelt over him and I could see her reach between her legs to hold his cock and giuld it into her hot cunt. watching as my wife lowered heself on to this guys cock made me so horny I felt I could come then and there with out even having to be touched. As my wife fucked up and down on his cock getting faster and faster she was also sucking the second guys cock and wanking mine. Looking at the guy she was sucking Yvonne asked him if he would like to fuck her again. He said he was hopping to do that after the guy had finished fucking her, to whitch Yvonne replied why wait I want you both in my pussy both fucking my hole filling it together. With this my wife then lay the full lenght on the guy his cock still buried deeo in her hole I whent behind then so I could see this guys cock deep in my wife, kneeling beetween my wifes legs and holding my cock in my hand I moved forwards antill I was kneeling very close to my wife and my cock was only an ich away from her full cunt. I moved a little bit forwards and could feel the end of my cock at her pyussy hole although she had a guys cock in her already I started tp push a little harder againest her and her cunt soon opened more antill I felt my cock in her hole side by side with the guys cock, we both fucked like this for a while antill the second guy came around the our heads and knelt very low on the grown for Yvonne to suck his cock. His cock was hard and so close to my mouth that I moved my head a little opened my mouth and took his hard cock between my lips sucking him deep into my mouth fill my mouth with his cock he then started to fuck my mouth as he would a pussy. After a while the guy I was sucking when around to behind us so I could not see what he was dong but I soon found out he knelt between my legs and I felt the tip of his cock at my hole he pushed gettly antill my hole started to open for his cock I was soon in heaven my wife cunt full of two cocks and my hole being fucked at the same time...We fucked like this for a while each time the guys cock went in me it opened my pussyass a little more. Then my wife said Jim I can take two cocks in my pussy do you think you could take to in your hole , the thought of it made me so hot so horny, the I heard the first guy say if I would like to try he would love to fuck my hole while his mate was fucking me. I thought for maybe half a second then decided I would love to try it would be suck a turn on to feel two cocks in me fucking my hole together. the guy behind me pulled his cock out of my pussyass and I have to say I missed it at once,, I then pulled out of my wifes cunt and she got up off the guys cock. He just lay there on his back so I stripped conpleatly and knelt over hin ready to reach for his cock to giuld it into me, then Yvonne reached between my legs reaching for the guys hard cock and giulded it to my hole I lowered myself on to the guy antill he was in my hole to his balls. Then I lay over him as my wife had done, feeling the other guy get between my wide open legs and lean forwards the Yvonne again reached for his cock [placing it at my already full hole. the guy pushed a little and I could feel his hard cock trying to open my pussyass more he just kept up a constant presure on my hole and to my surprize I started to open more nad more as his cock went a little into my hole stretching me just slowly pushing then I felt myself opening more and more to take him he was soon in my hole both cocks where in me it felt pout of this world. He was soon right in me both filling my I could feel thier balls againest me they where that deep in my by this time. they both just lay there for a while then both started to fuck me it was realy out of this world to feel both cocok fucking in and oyut of me getting faster and faster as the fucked deeper and harder soon they where both fucking me so fast I knew I would be coming very soon then it happened they both started to fuck so fast then they stiffened up and gave a lsat deep thrust as they filled me with thier hot cum they came and came filling me more and more I could feel both thier cocks pulsating as the emptied the cum into my hole....After they had pulled out of me instead of as usal they did not want to go so we carried on playing as they got hard agaion my wife said it is now my turn to feel you all fill my cunt with hot cum who is first I had not cum so I lay on my wife she was so wet and open that I slide in with not probs as I fucked her one of the guys knelt so she could suck him hard again. Then I felt his cock at my hole and he had no probs getting once more into my hole as he pushed itto me it got to much I could hold back no longer and started to fill my wife wirh my cum. then as I pulled out of her the guy pulled out on my I moved to one side and he took my place in my wifes hole fucking her fats and hard he was soon shooting is cum in her filling hwer he pulled way from her for the next guy to fill her hole he fucked her and fucked her for a whikle then he started to go even faster in and out of her hole antill he started to shoot filling her with yet another lot of spunk antill it was running oput of her all over the blanket and down to her bum crack. we said goodbye and my wife and I drove towards home I could still feel the guys cocks uin my hole and thier cum seeping out of me
hope you like this
jim and Yvonne