• Written by D 3 Aug 2009, 16:49
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Over the last year, my wife (E) and I have been getting more into swinging, until we finally reached our first goal: a deep orgasm for her brought on from the deep thrusts of another, in this case well-endowed, man.

Our journey began almost a year ago with a visit to a local layby for some exhibitionist fun. E was very shy, and not that confident with her body. I gently removed her clothes, and happened to let a passer-by enjoy the sight of me fondling her breasts and clitoris. The closeness of the watcher spooked her, though, so we quickly left.

I explained how much this turned me on, though, so we returned a couple more times until she finally let me bring her to a deep climax whilst being watched. There was never any possibility, however, of her letting someone else touch her in that environment.

So a few months later, I suggested that we try a visit to a naturist spa. She examined the web site, and thus we found ourselves journeying up to North London on a Sunday afternoon. When we arrived, E and I slipped out of our clothes and into one of the two hot tubs. After a short wait, a young lad joined us. With E sat between us, I started to stroke her under the water. Within a few minutes, I felt his hand stroking the inside of E's leg. She turned her head towards me and gave a subtle nod, so I took his hand and moved it up between her legs.

Within moments, her eyes were shut and and I could feel her hips thrusting up against the pressure of his fingers. His stroking became more urgent; in fact, too urgent, causing E to lose the orgasm that had been swelling up. He also couldn't contain himself, and with E still too shy to take him in her hand, he abruptly stood up. His swollen member was throbbing uncontrollably, as he rapidly disappeared into a private room to relieve himself.

Within moments, an older man joined us and went straight for E's breasts, before slipping his hand down to her pussy. It soon became clear that E wasn't comfortable with his ministrations, so we made our excuses and retired to a sauna, before calling it a day.

Her first experience with another guy had thus not fulfilled E. More was needed.

We returned to the spa a few weeks later, on a Tuesday evening. With so few women, and so many single men, E felt a little daunted. But perhaps for the first time in her life, she could see the effect that her naked body had on the men around her. The persistent staring, and the guys following her around unnerved her, so we left without any action.

But then the breakthrough came this summer. We visited another spa, to the West of London, on a couples-only day. E enjoyed the many other couples all at ease with their nakedness, with both of us getting ever more excited by the overt acts of romance: a gentle stroking there, a blow job here, a couple fucking on the lawn with others in the pool.

So we took a stroll to the playroom at the back, and began some mutual stroking and licking. We could then hear footsteps by the door, before another couple asked to join. With E on her back, the guy began his exploration of her body and pussy. For the first time, E began to stroke another man's cock, at first gently and then ever more urgently as her orgasm swelled within her. The fun stopped there, though, as the other couple moved on to their own lovemaking.

A few weeks later, and again we were joined by another couple. This time E felt the thrill of another man's tongue on her sweet, wet clitoris. His oral ministrations brought her ever closer to her climax, while she stroked the man until he could contain himself no longer. A new milestone for E, as she felt the man's ejaculation across her hand, arm and flank.

And then the final goal was reached. We'd been away for a weekend, and had taken the Monday off. Returning via the M25, we decided to stop off for a quiet visit to the spa.

There were only a few single guys there, so E was an immediate hit. Another couple then arrived, and we all found ourselves in the pool, the other couple playing by themselves. E and I had spotted a fit, well hang guy, who we thought might be fun to play with, so when he moved into a hot tub, I encouraged E to join him.

She did, and spent a good half an hour chatting to him, before returning to me.

The afternoon wore on, with guys arriving and leaving. And then the guy that E had been chatting too disappeared down towards the play area, whilst the other single guys had largely disappeared. I looked at E, and she seemed ready to play, so we followed him down.

He was sat in one of the darker rooms, so we strolled past and settled down into a room slightly further on. E stretched out, her naked body revealed from beneath her towel, and asked me to bring the guy to her. He was already on his way, so we invited him to join us.

Each of us took one of E's breasts in our mouths, and I could feel her nipple immediately stiffen under my tongue. I glanced across, and saw that the guy had moved his hand down to E's leg, which she willingly parted. His hand slipped up until his fingers were sliding up and over E's clitoris, at which point I could feel her entire body start to tremble. Clearly, E was very wet, as he began to exert greater pressure before slipping two fingers deep inside her.

E pulled my head up from her breast, and greedily began kissing me as he returned his mouth to her nipple. I could see that she was now deeply excited, and it wasn't long before she reached her first orgasm.

He then moved his mouth down from her nipple to her pussy, stroking her clit with his strong tongue while fingering her deeply. I resumed work on her breasts, noticing the way that E was stroking first his bum, before sliding her hand round to his stiffly erect penis. As he worked on her with his tongue, I could feel her urgency rising, her hand stroking him ever more vigorously. He moved his cock ever closer to her face, before turning to ask her to take him in her mouth. She looked at me, unsure at first, but as I moved my hand down to stroke her pussy, and with his fingers still inside her, she grasped the bottom of his shaft and pulled it to her mouth. He began to thrust as she greedily devoured him, all the time thrusting her hips against our combined ministrations.

She then slid his cock out of her mouth, before whispering into my ear that she wanted him inside her. He was willing, and certainly ready, so we paused briefly for him to slide on a condom and for E to reposition herself to accept his long shaft. Taking me in her mouth, she guided him into her. I could feel her tense as his large member glided into her, with her ministrations on my cock increasing in intensity as she accommodated his deep thrusts.

She pulled her legs ever wider to ensure that she could experience his full length and width, thrusting herself willingly to match him. It was too much for me, as I came into her mouth. A few moments later, and he reached his own shuddering climax inside my wife.

As we lay in post-coital bliss, the guy politely took his leave, ensuring that E and I could have some quiet time to contemplate her first experience with another man (and only the second man to ever have been inside her).

So I hope that you enjoyed reading about our first threesome experience; I'm sure it won't be our last. And if you are a single guy, remember this: a polite, respectful approach can lead to a fantastic time. We will be looking for single guys to join us again, but you've got to be prepared to engage in chat, and show respect to both of us, if you're going to attract our interest.