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So Jerome is in town. Finally, about 2 weeks too late.
For the past year or so, my lovely wife Ning and I had been discussing the possibility of a threesome, my ultimate fantasy was to watch her being screwed by another man. Each time I brought it up, she’d playfully smack me and tell me that I was being cheeky. But after enough of persistence on my part, she finally agreed to do it, as a birthday present for me.
Ning did not like the idea of doing it with some random guy we met in a bar, she preferred her first extramarital shag to be with someone she knew. Now that was the trouble – none of our mates were outwardly into threesomes, and we’d simply be too embarrassed to try it on with our work colleagues!
The opportunity arose when Ning got an email from Jerome saying that he’d be visiting London. Ning knew Jerome from years ago when they were in the same drawing class, and Jerome had sent us a beautiful ceramic vase as a wedding gift. All I knew was that Jerome lived in Stockholm, owned a studio producing ceramic ware and that he used to tease Ning all the time for being the shortie in class.
Ning was very pleased at the prospect of Jerome visiting – she’d not thought of him as a candidate for our threesome, but he was the ideal person really. He was single, he lived some distance away, and she always thought he was the perfect gentleman. So I left her in charge to do the organisation for my birthday treat.
As the date drew closer, I got more and more excited. I saw the lovely outfit she’d be wearing and also the designer apartment overlooking the Thames she’d booked for the occasion. She was clearly looking forward to it too, for our lovemaking, despite being almost perfect in my opinion, became even hotter.
Unfortunately 2 days before my birthday, Jerome had to postpone his trip for work reasons. I was obviously sulky for the entire weekend, although Ning did her very best to cheer me up with a Playtation 3.
With the pent-up horniness for 2 whole weeks, Jerome’s arrival was finally due. We both took a long weekend off to get ourselves into the celebratory mood. We lounged about in the superb apartment, Ning set about decorating it with fresh flowers, candles, and stocked the fridge up with all sorts of lush treats, posh nibbles and champagne.
Although she didn’t express it, I knew that her hyperactivity was a combination of excited anticipation and nerves. Sure, she had her fair share of being young and wild during her days at boarding school, she once told me that she had participated in drunken group sex on a dare! But since we’d got together, she never had eyes for any other bloke (i’m blessed), so this would be a big step into the unknown for her.
Anyway the time we had to ourselves in the apartment passed swiftly, and soon we received a text from Jerome saying he was on the way in a taxi, and shortly after, the doorbell buzzed.
As soon as he walked in the door, I had to do a double take. Ning had never mentioned he was a tall, really well-built black guy, who tonight was dressed in a smartly cut suit! He even brought a huge bouquet of flowers and a present for Ning. Hell, when I first saw our wedding gift from him, I’d assumed he was gay! For a few moments I felt almost embarrassed that I was in my casual jeans and shirt and looked like I hadn’t put in the effort. But then Jerome instantly cut the ice with his easy manner, and we very quickly sat down with our drinks and nibbles, chatting like we were long-lost friends.
Ning, being the gracious hostess, ensured we were entertained by the jazzy background music and girlie perfumed candles before disappearing upstairs to the mezzanine master bedroom to change into her special outfit.
Meanwhile I gave Jerome a quick tour of the apartment, showing him the great view of the river and the skyline, as well as his guest bedroom suite. Jerome was quick to point out to me that if we had any regrets about our threesome decision, he would be more than happy just to spend the weekend with us as mates. He also mentioned how much he respected Ning and how he always thought she would’ve made a great catch for some lucky bloke (yes i know. I still pinch myself now and again). When I heard that, I knew that Ning had chosen the right guy – he wasn’t the sort to kiss and tell.
I assured Jerome that if Ning felt uncomfortable at any point, I would stop. I understood that she was sidestepping her own values and beliefs for this. There wasn’t much more time for polite conversation as we heard Ning coming downstairs in her stilettos.
Looking out into the dimly lit corridor, we both stood slightly awestruck at the sight before us. Ning, my beautiful Chinese doll of a wife was wearing a simple knee-length Burgundy dress that shimmered around her beautiful curves and showed off her smooth creamy porcelain skin. Her sexy heels (obviously one of her secret and ridiculously expensive acquisitions) made her look a little taller. She had put on some light make-up which accentuated her delicate Oriental features and whatever perfume she used made her smell like sex in heels. In other words, she’d pulled out all the stops.
Jerome recovered more quickly than I did, and complimented her on her tasteful outfit. I probably looked like some dumb teenager drooling behind him. Ning giggled in her usual irresistible manner, and beckoned for us to go back to the living room.
We made ourselves comfortable on the spacious sofa and had more drinks. Ning who initially sat very close to me, slowly moved towards Jerome as they reminisced about the old days. He sure knew how to make a very nervous girl comfortable! Very soon they were holding hands, cuddling and it was at this time Jerome made eye contact with me, as if to acknowledge that he was there as the outsider, and was happy to stop if I did not wish to proceed. I gave him the nod and he decided to take the lead, we both knew that Ning was too much of a lady to make the first move!
Jerome reminded Ning about the present he had brought along for her, and asked to open it. Ning took her time untying the ribbons and taking out the tissue paper before gleefully showing us the contents of the box – bottles and jars of perfumes, lotions, massage oils and bubble bath, Jerome had scored all the Brownie points. Of course he took the opportunity to suggest that he could give Ning a little massage to relax. I was smiling in anticipation as Ning turned to me for my final approval. She led him upstairs to the mezzanine bedroom, and I could hear their muffled conversation punctuated with her giggles as they got ready. Then as the conversation died down and the smell of massage oil wafted down to me, I took it as a join them.
When my eyes got accustomed to the even dimmer light, I saw that Jerome was kneeling on the bed gently rubbing massage oil into Ning’s shoulders. Ning was lying face down silently, her face turned away from me, but I caught her wink and smile reflected in the mirrored armoire at the other end of the room. I sat myself in the armchair in the corner and made some adjustments on my camera (yes I had already asked for their approval, and yes I am a professional photographer). The clicks and whirrs of my test shots did not seem to faze Jerome, and Ning was used to my penchant for erotic hobby photography, so we were all happy.
After what felt like a really long time, Jerome ever the gentleman asked Ning if she would like to slip her dress off. Ning lazily turned onto her back, and her erect little nipples were straining through the dress. She shimmied out of it whilst still lying down, and I could see that Jerome was taking in the amazing view. He got some more massage oil out of the bottle, warmed it between his large hands, and got to work on Ning’s abdomen, moving slowly down to her hips. She was murmuring something which I did not hear, but Jerome stopped for a moment, looked at her panties and then whispered something that sounded like ‘you’re such a tease’ or ‘you’re naughty’, and that set Ning off into another gale of quiet but flirtatious giggles.
I moved closer to get some close-up shots, and as I looked at how wet the crotch of her silk panties were, my cock stirred even more. Jerome repositioned himself to massage Ning’s small but pert breasts, much to her delight as she usually enjoys nipple stimulation. Ning began to move her body in a sultry rhythmic way, tantalising the both of us. I thought she might climax when he flicked his tongue over her left nipple before taking the entire breast into his mouth.
This was the moment I realised there was no turning back. Whatever was I thinking, wanting to share my beautiful wife with someone else?!! But then I also saw how much pleasure she was in, and my pang of jealousy rapidly subsided.
Ning arched her back and bent her knees, and ordered Jerome to remove his boxers immediately. His long smooth uncircumcised black cock stood proudly as he did so, all 9 inches of it. Now I could boast of my lastability, but I certainly could not match his length or girth, and I could tell from Ning’s slightly widened eyes that she had not expected something so large either. She slid her panties off and tossed them towards me, and I inhaled their scent deeply. Hmmm. My wife’s pussy juice was so heavy on the silk I wanted her so much right now. Somehow I managed to distract myself by taking more photos, this time with her thighs held slightly apart, showing her shaven pussy, with lips so pink and delicate they looked like a rose. I don’t think I’d seen them so wet and swollen before, such was her excitement.
Jerome was a natural mover, he did not stop to pose, yet all his movements were so purposeful and Ning was in sync with him. Several times I had to look away from this slow seduction so that I did not immediately cum into my pants. I turned the light up, and although Ning was usually slightly shy and insecure about her nudity, she did not protest. I was now having the time of my life, watching my beautiful wife perform with her new lover, I was so turned on just as a spectator that I was surprised they hadn’t started fucking already! But I guess after being apart for so long, they were just taking some time to get to explore each other before getting down and dirty.
Unexpectedly, it was Ning who drew Jerome towards her, as she wrapped her fingers around his thick cock. The knob end was shiny with pre-cum and had pushed past the dark foreskin. I was circumcised, and Ning had not had an uncircumcised cock for at least a few years, I took more photos of this moment as a memento. Also to keep my hands from my pants.
I still could not get over how small her hands looked around this magnificent column, no wonder Jerome used to tease her for her petite frame. She was after all, just about 5 foot 4, compared with his 6 foot 2. She gently but firmly massaged his foreskin up and down the shaft, revealing the bulging veins on the hidden surface. Jerome’s resolve was good – he carried on massaging her breasts, while moving his hand down between Ning’s thighs. I heard her sharp intake of breath and I knew he had started caressing her very sensitive little clit, and if he didn’t slow down, she’d soon cum. He recognised the signs, and paused as he trailed her pussy juice on her thighs with his fingers. Ning gently pushed the tip of her tongue into his slit, in that mind-blowing way of hers, putting firm pressure on the slit whilst softly wrapping her warm mouth against the knob end. I knew that the tongue would be pulsating at the slit whilst her mouth created another separate rhythm, teasing the knob end, all the while she continued to slowly wank him with both hands. Bless this woman, she is a fucking genius at blow jobs.
Jerome’s heavy breathing made it quite clear he was enjoying himself, but he managed to carry on pleasuring my wife with his fingers, gently stimulating her wet pussy lips and fluttering over her swollen pulsating clit. I knew there wouldn’t be much more in me to carry on taking photos, so I tried my very best to hang in there.
As she opened her mouth to deep throat Jerome, and he let out a guttural sound, I watched in shock and fascination as the long black cock disappeared into her mouth. This was worthy of some excellent photography, and Ning briefly turned her face to pose for me, without opening her eyes, she was in such pleasure. As she moved her mouth up and down, I could see the wet shine she had left on the shaft, it was beautiful in a very strange and slightly perverse way. Then she ran her tongue around the knob end, which had swollen even further, and licked the shaft in long languid strokes. I don’t know how Jerome , I would have exploded in her face by now, she looked so hot and slutty doing this, and she was making the right hungry sounds.
Maybe as a way of slowing down the rhythm, Jerome moved down the bed to pay due attention to Ning’s lovely little pussy. By now she was holding her thighs apart, ready as anything to be pummelled by him, and yet he still took his time, deliberately stroking her inner thighs and the backs of her knees until she became powerless in his hands. I don’t know how he knew all of Ning’s sensitive spots. I’m sure they’d never fucked before this, judging from their body language all through the evening, and I was quite a good judge of this.
Jerome used the flat of his tongue to gently lap at Ning’s clit, making her shudder each time he did it. He also licked the place between her wet cunt and her anus, that little mound of flesh that’s often neglected. This sent her into further throes of pleasure, as he teased her all around the cunt but did not enter it. Then he did something that I’d never seen before in all my years of surfing porn – he cupped her buttocks in his large hands, placed his lips firmly on her pussy lips, and blew slowly but steadily into her cunt! What was this technique? I’d certainly never heard of it! Was it a continental manoeuvre? I thought Ning might burst out laughing (the way she does when I blow squelchy kisses on her tummy) but instead she writhed around in ecstacy and clenched at the sheets. He wasn’t even in her yet! When he stopped, and rested her bottom back on the bed, her pussy made funny little gurgling noises, and she looked horrified that she had ‘fanny farted’ in front of our guest. But Jerome convinced her that it was the only way she could make more space inside her for another round of kiss-of-life. As he drew another large breath in and blew into her, I could only imagine the pleasure Ning was having from her gasp and whimper.
After the mutual oral introductions, it was time to get down to some serious business. Jerome re-attended to Ning’s clit, which by now had had a bit of a rest. He slowly licked at it, whilst putting his thumb into her drenched cunt, pushing it to the hilt, which was probably where her G-spot was, as she very soon came to her first long-awaited orgasm, with her slim body jerking around on the bed rhythmically and her girlie sighs. Good, now we’ve established that I won’t be the only one deriving all the pleasure from this threesome.
I knew that once Ning had cummed, she would be up for a whole lot more – her night was just beginning! Jerome was in for a little Oriental treat. After giving his cock another bit of a mean licking and sucking, not like she needed any lubrication, Ning placed the knob end just inside of her pussy lips, which were covered in her own juices. I couldn’t believe how big Jerome’s cock really was, now that it was right next to her. Oh my word, that was going to do some proper damage I think. Ning parted her thighs as much as she could as Jerome slowly slid his solid black shaft into that exquisite tight cunt that I knew so well. As I expected, he was too large for her, and she grimaced and tried to reposition herself. Despite this, Ning could only take about three-quarters of his gigantic cock, and as Jerome moved in and out of her, pushing and pulling at the rim of her pussy, I could actually see the his knob in her belly as it moved, my heart broke for a moment as I thought of how much pain she could be in, my tiny little Ning. All was forgotten as she got into the swing of things and began to moan with pleasure as Jerome made his long hard smooth thrusts. I was still staring at the movements of his knob that were visible on her lower belly! I never really knew where her G-spot was anyway, Ning always managed to cum when we fucked. But in a moment of genius I stepped forward and and placed my hand on Ning’s lower belly, where the knob was pushing, and within a few thrusts Ning was clutching at my legs as I helped her towards a second G-spot orgasm.
Jerome on the other hand was still going strong. I was satisfied with my photos of his rock hard dark and glistening shaft entering my wife’s peachy little cunt that I had placed my camera aside and was rushing to undress. Jerome signalled to me to join in the party too, and I did not hesitate in giving my wife a hasty kiss before plunging my long-restrained cock (obviously not as large as she’d just tasted) into her willing and hungry mouth. Oh the pleasure of that moment was indescribable – the warm wetness and the reassuring strokes of her hot little pink tongue, who had only recently been servicing our guest. I had to press very tightly at the base of my cock as she expertly brought me to an embarrassingly quick climax. My balls throbbed with sheer delight, my heart pounded in my chest, but I managed to save my jizz this time. The waves of blinding pleasure subsided and my eyes met those of Ning’s which were bright with orgasmic joy. I was still reasonably hard, having conserved my juices, but the thrill of the initial chase was over, and I was able to enjoy the oral loving she gave to my cock and my balls the second time round.
Jerome, who had been quietly and steadily pumping my wife’s wet and now looser cunt, did not break his stride as he flipped Ning over onto all fours using his strong arms. Never once did his cock slip out of her, I was quite impressed. He clearly had the moves.
Ning loves the doggy, because she liked having her breasts cupped from behind, and for once Jerome did not appear to realise this as he was holding onto her slim hips whilst driving himself deep into her sucking cunt. As her juices dribbled down the inside of her thigh, turning me on even more, I got Jerome to cup her breasts, and at once Ning perked up from her post-orgasmic state and started to gyrate her hips to meet him. I don’t know if Jerome could have gotten more pleasure if he could have pushed his cock to the hilt, but he seemed to be having a good time anyway. With Ning bobbing up and down on my cock, gently scraping her fingernail down the skinfold in the middle of my scrotum, I wasn’t far off cumming again. I refused to let this be the end, and Ning knew this, she gripped the base of my cock with all her might (ouch) and as I could feel my muscle contracting, I knew that I still had the jizz inside my balls.
In my pleasured state, I bent over and licked Ning’s anus, she secretly loves that, and I’d almost forgotten that I’d be almost eye to eye with Jerome! So I thought the better of that after a quick lick, but not before I felt her tight little anus clench around the tip of my tongue. We have never had anal sex but that’s the closest I’ve come to it (Whether I persuade her to change her mind about that will be the stuff of another story). I distanced myself from Jerome’s throbbing member, and instead decided to wank myself as Ning played with my balls. She suddenly jerked and I looked up to see what was going on. That clever Jerome never missed a beat – he had slipped his middle fingertip into Ning’s anus, which was still moist from my brief licking. At first she refused to budge. He wet his finger with her pussy juices now and tried again, and this time, with gentle pressure, he eased his entire middle finger into the depths of her back end! Uncharted territory! Good on you Jerome! If Ning hadn’t been so heady with the events of this evening, she never would have let anyone pass through there. Jerome kept his finger very still, as she hadn’t had anal sex, he did not want to hurt her. But its presence and pressure within her tight anus must have made a huge difference, for when she came this time, she lost her inhibition and screamed my name really loudly several times between gasping for breath. That’s my wife for you, she even screams the correct name at the peak of pleasure.
Jerome looked well chuffed with himself for giving us both such a great time, that he finally withdrew his great big cock, still standing at attention, from my wife’s cunt. It was my turn to do my duty. I wasn’t surprised once I had got behind her, to see that her cunt was still quite wide from Jerome’s fucking, but it sure was wet and slippery as anything. As I massaged her now desensitised clit, her cunt twitched by reflex, and tightened up around my cock. I slid my length into her over and over again, enjoying the feeling of being able to drive myself to the hilt, which Jerome couldn’t do. Ning’s body jerked with every one of my thrusts, and she began to moan in the familiar way she did whenever we fucked. She felt a lot looser than I’d remembered – I can only hope she regains her hot tightness because that’s what I liked best about her cunt. Fucking her was like fucking a virgin every time.
Ning grabbed on to Jerome’s cock and once again deep throated him, to his utmost delight. We both watched as our cocks disappeared into this lovely little lady’s orifices, and re-emerged tingling, only to be drawn back into the depths of her body. As Jerome approached a well-deserved climax, he held Ning’s head tight against his crotch, spurting his cum into her while thrusting hard into her mouth. Having held back for so long, his climax lasted almost a minute. Ning, polite as ever, swallowed every single drop of his cum and proceeded to lick the rest of his cock clean. I joined in the fun, and let myself go, shooting my thick ropes of jizz into her deep hot ravaged cunt.
Ning flopped onto the bed, dazed and exhausted but multiply pleasured. Jerome lay his heavy but still semi-hard cock on her belly, its tip oozing the remnant drops of his cum. I wanted to cuddle with my lovely wife who had worked so hard all evening, but I think in typical fashion for me, I promptly passed out. The last thing I remember seeing was Jerome trying to slide his semi-hard cock into Ning’s drenched cunt for some sloppy seconds.
I’m pleased to say that our plans to wake up for morning sex the next day were completely shot – we were sprawled in the same bed until late afternoon, and I awoke to the smell of coffee that Ning was brewing.
Jerome was padding around quietly in the living room in his robe and slippers. He had a weeks holiday in London. We still had the apartment on short-let for another 5 days. We invited him to stay with us, which he accepted. What we got up to will be documented separately.
I’ve got really turned on just recalling this story, and as I watch Ning doing the proof-reading on my essay (she’s made so many corrections on my grammar) and giggling girlishly as we both remembered the details of that night, I can feel the stirring in my cock again. Stay tuned, but the photographs will not be shared I’m afraid.