• Written by Carla 18 Aug 2009, 19:40
  • Erotic

Like some other stories i,ve read on here i,m a female who comes off on watching men wanking themselves off.It first happened when i went in a ladies toilet next to a gents,there was a hole in the wall,i didnt realise it was into the gents.until that day i,d never seen a hard cock.The chap must have seen me come in and pull my knickers down cos the toilet was facing that wall,he would also have seen my fanny.
I had no idea about things like that,why i looked through the hole i,ve no idea.There was a chap standing there,i could really only see the middle of him i could see no clothes.I know now he was wanking himself i didnt then,i,d never seen a man wanking.i couldnt take my eye from the hole,i didnt even know that i shouldnt have watched it but i couldnt stop myself.
Suddenly i felt my fanny go all funny,yes i,d fingered myself off in bed,didnt even know then it was called wanking,i didnt know everybody did it and i had definitely no idea how men did it,how innocent was i.Anyway as i watched this chaps hand moving up and down on his cock and watched the head of it go in and out of the foreskin i got the same sensation that i got in bed rubbing myself and though i,d just dried myself i was all wet again.
Then for the first time i saw a chap come off.at first he was just wanking himself slowly,i didnt realise it then but he knew i was watching him.Its funny but at first i hardly noticed his balls i was just watching his cock,it was only when he started to pull on them with his other hand,the funny thing is i thought they looked really nice.That was the first time in a toilet that i put my fingers into my fanny and started to rub myself,he could probably hear me breathing loudly.
Suddenly his hand started moving faster and faster,he let go of his balls and just let them go up and down as the skin on his cock slid up and down over the head which had got bigger and bigger and had turned a deep pink,probably from the friction as much as anything else.I could see the head get shinier and shinier i know now that was his precum.
I had no idea what was going to happen,i,m sure i missed the first shot of his spunk,at first i didnt even know what it was i could just see this white liquid spurt from the hole in the middle of the head,several spurts went into the air,he kept on wanking himself that white liquid running down over his fingers,needless to say id come off myself but would liked to have been able to do what he just did.
I saw his cock soften in his hand and then saw him draw his fingers along it squeesing out the last of his spunk letting it drip onto the floor.i realised i was breathing fast and deep.I remember smiling as he cleaned his cock with toilet paper,it had gone completely soft by now but it still looked really pretty,i wished i had one of my own to play with.He pulled his underpants up very slowly and took a little time making his cock and his balls comfortable in them,he pulled his pants up and left.
I remember looking at my watch,the whole thing had taken only about 15 minutes but seemed like id been there much longer,i have no idea how many times i brought myself off but i do know that when i got in my bed that night i made myself sore as i wanked myself to sleep seeing over and over again his spunk spurting from his cock.
Ive taken a lot of chances since that first time just to see men wanking themselves off,im almost addicted to it,ive seen cocks of all sizes come off,men wanking each other,men sucking each other,men dressed in womens underwear wanking themselves and others off,i absolutely love it,as i said earlier on right now i wish i had one of my own,id be wanking it like fuck as im writing this as im sure most men do when they are telling their stories on here,probably coming off all over the place.