• Written by Peter 4 Nov 2003, 19:24
  • Erotic

We had always gone on our summer holidays as a family but the year I was 16 I had my first time away from home on my own. That year dad was working abroad and mum had gone with him for 3 months so my mum’s sister Prudence offered to have me to stay for the long holiday. Auntie Pru and Uncle Ted ran a mixed farm near the Devon coast. They had one daughter, Rosemary, 4 years older than me who was away at college and two grown up sons who lived and worked in Canada. I arrived at the farm in late June. Auntie Pru welcomed me and settled me into a comfortable bedroom at the top of the house. She was in her mid 40s and it had been about10 years since I had seen her. To my young eyes she was a pleasing sight, full of energy, quite stocky, good legs and bum, a shock of curly brunette hair and (best of all) a magnificent bosom and from the first glance I began to lust after those big rounded breasts. I was at an age when I had just started to imagine the pleasurable possibilities of sex and often had erotic dreams that meant I woke each morning with a rampant erection. Little did I realise where that would lead and how much I was to learn that summer.
On my first morning I awoke lying on my back snoozing, reliving my recent dream that involved a group of naked airhostesses. The sheet formed a bell tent and I was idly polishing its main pole. A soft cough made me open my eyes and there was Auntie Pru, dressed in a tight white blouse and short black skirt, bringing me a cup of tea. She gave me a knowing smile and put the mug on the bedside table. As she bent forward I was treated to a quick glimpse down her top at those bulging boobs. She looked at the peak in the bedclothes where my hand was still clutching my erection and said "why don’t you let me do that for you love"? So saying she perched on the edge of the bed and put one arm under the sheet wrapped her fingers round my shaft and began a leisurely massage. It was the first time I had felt someone else’s hand on my knob and it responded by shrinking with shame. Pru looked disappointed but keeping a grip as she said "Oh you poor boy you need some encouragement don’t you, put your hand up my skirt". She was sitting sideways with her legs towards me showing a lot of thigh so I put a hand on her knee and then slowly began to move it up under her skirt. It was a fantastic feeling as the palm of my hand slid over the smooth surface of her stockings. I felt my erection returning as my fingers reached the bare flesh of her thigh. Pru smiled and shifted slightly as my hand reached her crotch. With her free hand she removed her shoes and lifted her nearest leg so it was stretched along side me on the bed. I could feel the warmth of it as she tucked her foot under my shoulder. Her other foot stayed on the floor so her thighs were well parted which gave my hand easy access to her crotch. I expected every minute that she would pull away or slap my face for taking liberties. Instead of stopping my explorations she said "pull my knickers to one side and put your fingers in me". This instruction got me stiffer than I thought possible as I hooked one finger behind the material and began easing it away from the bulging flesh. She lifted herself slightly and the gusset slipped sideways exposing a pair of plump and very moist lips. I explored the crack with my fingertips wondering where the opening was. She soon came to my rescue. First she hitched her skirt up round her waist so I could now see her pussy in all its glory. As she held the lips apart I could make out a dark wet tunnel above which was a knob of flesh shaped like a small penis that her fingers were now rubbing. "This is my little knob "she said " its called a clitoris and I want you to waggle it about with your thumb and put three fingers in the hole". She guided me with her free hand and I soon got into a rhythm that seemed to please her. My own knob was now getting a vigorous seeing to. We went at each other for what must have been about five minutes until Pru suddenly began to shudder and thrash her legs about and gasped out encouragement. Things like "Oh you’re doing it beautifully you naughty boy, rub my clitty harder, you’re going to make me come, oh you darling boy fuck my cunt with your fingers". The effect of this was I ejaculated into her hand which sent her into such a shivering spasm that I thought she was having some sort of fit. I need not have worried, she soon recovered her composure, wiped her stocky hand on the sheet, readjusted her knickers and skirt, put her shoes back and looked every inch the matron aunt again. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did" she said handing me my mug of tea. "Your Uncle Ted will be back from milking soon and want his breakfast so hurry down and join us".
When the three of us had finished eating breakfast Pru said to Ted "your nephew and I made each other cum this morning" and went on to tell him in detail how I had played with her fanny while she had rubbed my cock. I was sure Ted would give me a good hiding for my cheek but he just smiled and said he hoped I had enjoyed it and asked how many fingers I’d put up her. When I told him three he grinned "she’ll be wanting a bit more than that inside her before she’s satisfied" he said getting to his feet. He unbuckled his trousers, dropped them to the floor and pulled down his underpants. His cock stood out stiff as a poker. He wrapped his fingers round, slowly pulled back the foreskin and gave the shaft a few lazy strokes. The bulb was purple and was growing bigger as I watched. Pru had carried the breakfast dishes away and was standing with her back to us bending forward over the sink. Ted stepped out of his clothes and began pumping his cock more vigorously with long powerful strokes. Turning to me he said quietly "lift her skit up and pull her knickers down for me". I approached auntie pru and gently lifted her skirt up round her waist and folded it unto her back, then I put both my hands into the top of her knickers and pushed them down round her ankles. She kicked them away and opened her legs wide. Ted pressed his cock against her bum crack for a moment and then dropped the tip between her parted thighs. There was a loud squelch as he entered her followed by a series of slaps as his thighs smacked against her bum cheeks with as he began a rythmic thrusting into her body. They kept this up for a while until Pru began to moan and tell Ted to go faster and bang deeper. Ted was also getting really excited and started calling her a horny bitch and his fat whore. At last they reached their peak and collapsed against the worktop in gales of laughter. Ted got dressed and went off to do farm work and Auntie Pru made herself decent and did the washing up. Later that day Auntie Pru asked if I would mind helping her with something. I said I was ready to do anything she wanted. Then she said "Every day about this time I rub my breasts with a moisturising cream to keep them soft and I wondered if you would like to do it for me?" I jumped at the chance and so did my cock. I couldn’t believe my luck later as I climbed the stairs behind her gazing up at her bum only just covered by her short skirt. As soon as we entered her bedroom she slipped of her skirt and blouse and sat on the end of the bed. She was wearing tan stockings with a suspender belt and a well filled lacy cream bra. I could see the dark patches around her nipples that were sticking out like thimbles. Then she said "I want you to take off your clothes then sit behind me and make yourself comfortable". I did as she commanded and took up my position kneeling directly behind her. When I looked over her shoulder I suddenly realised that we were facing a full-length mirror and I was getting a full frontal view of her sitting there in just her underwear. She asked me to unclip her bra and as I did so her enormous boobs bounced forward to freedom. She found the jar of cream removed the lid and put a large dollop in each of my hands. "Cup my breasts in your hands and give them a good massage" she said smiling at me in the mirror. I put a hand under each globe and lifted them gently until I was supporting their weight. "Go on give them a good squeeze and then pinch my nipples between your finger and thumb". Thus encouraged I began kneading and pinching for all I was worth. It was hard work because they were heavy and she liked them lifted high with each lunge. After 10 minutes or so of this I detected a relaxing of her body and she began to lean back against me. My cock had long since gone into ramrod mode and as she reclined it got squashed into the small of her back. Taking a peek in the mirror I saw that her eyes were closed and her hands had found their way to her crotch. Her fingers were working vigorously over the mound between her thighs pressing the material of her knickers into the crack. She heaved herself up for a second and slipped the garment off. Leaning back against my rampant cock she spread her legs and began plunging fingers into her pit and giving me instructions. "Squeeze my nipples and jiggle my jugs you randy little devil, I need to have an orgasm soon and so do you by the feel of your cock". I played with her boobs a little longer and then she made me get off the bed so she could lie full length on it. "Have you had proper sex yet?" she asked. I mumbled that I hadn’t. "Would you like to find out what its like?" I blushed and admitted that I would love to. "OK you young stud put your cock in me and we’ll see if the two of us can make it happen". I got between her legs with my knob tip at the entrance wondering what it was going to feel like. With an impatient sigh she grabbed my hips and pulled me down so my chest smacked against her enormous breasts. At the same time I felt my cock slide into her body. It was as if I had plunged it into a bowl of hot blancmange. We lay still for a moment with my head resting in her cleavage and my cock buried deep in her vagina. She said "there now, I bet you didn’t expect a woman of 50 to be so nice and tight did you?" I was too thrilled to speak and my cock was beginning to respond to the waves of pressure her muscles were treating it to. After a few minutes of this she said; "slid your cock in and out gently so it rubs on my clit". I did this and the effect was electric for both of us. Then she said "don’t worry, you can cum in me if you want to, it would be nice to feel your spunk squirting into me". I pumped my cock in and out for a few minutes and just as she started to gasp " that’s it I’m coming, oh you sexy lover, bang me hard, fill my cunt" I ejaculated inside her. When we had recovered our composure she asked "have you ever had sex with someone your own age"? I admitted that I hadn’t. Then she said "My daughter Rosemary will be home from college tomorrow, Ill ask her if she will sleep with you if you like". I thanked her and asked if she would mind. "oh no of course not" she replied, we all enjoy sex in our family, the more the merrier". "Don’t worry it will come naturally once we all get into bed together, I’ll invite Rosey into our bed then you can join us and the two of you can watch me and Ted fucking while you pleasure each other". And that’s more or less what happened except that Rosey unexpectedly brought a girlfriend home to stay for the summer.
Watch this space to find out what really happened!