• Written by Bill and Julie 3 Oct 2009, 15:03
  • Swinging

Last weekend we stayed with some friends in Sussex. They live in a detached period house with 5 acres of land around them. Two acres of the land are woodland. On Sunday morning after a heavy nights drinking I and Julie, my wife aged 30, 36b, 5' 8", natural blond and a small strip of pubic hair above a nice smooth pussy decided to go for a stroll in the woods to clear our heads.

Julie had a loose fitting shirt, no bra, jeans and no knickers on. Well into the woods we lost sight of the house, when Julie told me she had missed our usual Saturday night fucked and felt randy and desperate for my prick up her. She started to strip off and as she removed her jeans and stood there naked I felt my prick stiffing. I stripped off and as I walked towards Julie she ran from me. She looked fantastic running naked in the woods with her tits bouncing up and down. I gave chase and caught her by the edge of the wood, next to a field. The field was set up with hurdles and fences for horses to jump over. I kissed Julie, grabbing a tit with one hand and the other went to her pussy. I stuck a finger up her pussy. She felt moist and warm. I finger fucked her for a couple of minutes. She then pushed me away and got down in front of me and sucked on my ridged prick. We completely forgot where we were and that we were naked.

I turned her around and entered from behind. She was leaning forward slightly holding onto the fence poles. As I fucked her she was moaning. I pumped away for ten minutes and as she came with a loud moan I felt my prick swell up and come in her. As I withdrew I looked up and there was a female on a horse watching us. Julie looked up and blushed. The woman who was about fifty five said " Don,t mind me, its nice to see young people enjoying outside pursuits". She came over to us and got off the horse. She came up to the fence and commented that it looked that I was still able to continue as my prick was still stiff. Julie asked her if she wanted to fuck me. She said yes. I held down the wire fence as she climbed over. She asked that we go into the woods as she did not want her family especially her husband to see.

We all moved into the woods. Julie helped her off with her riding gear. She had a good body with ample tits. Julie reckoned they were a 38c and a neatly trimmed pussy. She then put just her riding boots and hat on. She then asked me to suck her off. She lent up against a tree and spread her legs. I got down and kissed and licked away at her pussy and clit. In five minutes she came with a shudder. I turned her around and entered her and fucked her doggy style as she held onto the tree. Julie played with her tits as they bounced around as I fucked her. I fucked her for five minutes when I increased the speed of going in and out of her warm moisy pussy and started to slap her arse. I told her she was a dirty bitch and a fucking old slapper. She told me to keep fucking her. I gripped her bum cheeks and pounded into her. She started to shout "Fuck me, fuck me harder you cunt, do me, do me. Take me, I want your spunk up me". She then came and I felt my prick come a gain. I withdrew and she picked up her knickers and wiped my prick clean with them. She went over to Julie and gave hewr a french kiss as she felt her tits.

We all dressed and she placed her knickers in her coat pocket. She got on her horse and rode off. We never exchanged names. We got back to our friends and asked who lived in the property next door. They then told us that she was the lady of the manor and she was a sex maniac. They had heard she fucked every bloke in the village and any bloke if he stood still long enough and her husband did not mind. We are arranging to go and visit in a few weeks and will be taking another morning stroll in the woods.