• Written by tony and sarah 5 Nov 2003, 12:01
  • Erotic

i am 53 now and have allways fancied doris day,the thought of having her has allways been a fantasy of mine since i was a teenager.
recently a friend of mines wife who has often hinted to me that perhaps she would fuck me was saying that she was going to a fancy dress party and was going as doris day,sarah is 50 and still has a good figure and is pretty very mich the same build as doris.
when she said that she was going to the party as doris my wife told her that doris is my fantasy and that i watch her films etc.
later on sarah asked if i would like to see her when she is dressed as doris to see if i think she looks anything like her.well a couple of days later she called me to say that she was in the fancy dress outfit and did i want to come around and have a look.so of i went to her house this was about 3pm and her husband was at work,when she answered the door i was taken aback as she had a blond bob cut style wig on and a white blouse and blue skirt ,she did look like doris,
in we went and she asked me what i thought so i told her it looked great,i could see she had seamed stockings on and commented on them with that she lifted the skirt and showed me the suspender belt and lovely white panties.
i was thinking to myself is she giving me the come on but i wasnt sure,there was no hurry to let her skirt down so i moved to her and took hold of her.
as i squeeezed her to me i felt her kiss my mouth and put her tongue in it.with that i kissed her back .she asked me what i would do to doris if she was here?i told her i would love to suck doris,s cunt and play with her tits etc.
at this sarah said well i am like doris do it to me please/
with that i put my hand up her skirt and felther fanny i got a finger inside her panties and she was very wet and open.i got down and pulled the pantie to one side and licked her cunt it was lovely.soon doris/sarah was coming and really enjoying my sucking i had my cock out and lay her on the bed,as i moved up to put my cock in she took hold of it and fed it in her cunt for me.i was in heaven at last fucking doris day,it didnt take long for me to cum and as i shot of up her i felt her cunt muscles grip me and milk the cum out.
after we had recovered i sucked her again and she sucked me off.later i fucked her bum and shot in that as well.definitly fucking doris day is going to be a regular thing ihope.