• Written by Rob/June 9 Oct 2009, 11:52
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I\'m Rob,45, my wife June is 41 and still a stunner. We married late in life and enjoy everything to the full. Our sex life is normal but we are avid wankers. We both love it and I suppose that\'s what keeps the \"spark\" going in our marrage.
We often sit in our living room, me in one chair and June seated opposite. We watch each other wanking. June loves to see me shoot my load over the carpet while I love to see her body convulsing in an orgasm and her cunt juice squirting onto the carpet to join my cum. Her favourite attire whist wanking is wearing a dress hitched up around her waist and her panties pulled down to her knees. She insists on only using her fingers to wank as it gives her complete control of her cunt.. We always talk \"dirty\" while wanking telling each other our sexual wants and fantasies.
How we arrived at the joint decision to arrange a wanking party is still a mystery but we assume it grew from the fact that both of us enjoy being watched while we wank.
For five months we trawled the ads on \"Swinging Heaven\" looking for like minded people. Eventually we settled for ten people, six men and four women, who we then invited to join us for the \"Party\" at our home. The vetting of the ten was through but necessary and thankfully all ten confirmed their intention to attend.
The ten comprised of two couples in their forties, two women in their late thirties and four men aged 23, 25, 45, and 56 (so they said). We made the intention of the party clear to everyone. It was \"WANKING ONLY\". Touching was allowed but no intercourse.
The evening duly arrived and by 7:30pm all 10 guests had joined us. After a few drinks and general chit-chat the atmosphere was cosy enough to commence the \"fun\". June and I had previously decided on a plan of action to capture the guests attention.
Without any fuss or announcment June went to the drinks table, poured herself a glass of wine, supped a little, turned to our guests, lifted her dress up around her waist, pulled her panties to her knees and thrust her cunt out for all to see. She then moved her hips in a slow fucking motion. Her eyes were closed, her head back, and her free hand caressed her breasts.
She had the attention of the group. Three of the men had visible errections and the ladies looked on in admiration. June began to finger herself. She shuffled to the settee, sat down, and proceeded to wank. Slowly at first but then faster and faster until her orgasm was imminant. She climaxed. Her cunt juice squirted a few feet onto the carpet. The group applauded. Then the action started. Two of the men sat either side of June. One stripped while the other removed her skirt and panties. They started wanking and willingly exposed their cunts to the watching eyes. That was the catalist. In no time all were wanking. June had recovered to join in while I was standing next to a lady who was fingering herself and watching her husband shoot his load over the leg of a lady on the settee.
The party lasted untill midnight. The ladies climaxed numerous times while we men just managed at most three shots. The carpet needs cleaning as it\'s covered in cum and cunt juice.