• Written by Dan and Sarah 15 Oct 2009, 07:30
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Hi there we are a 40 something couple who just discovered the joys of dogging.

We had talked about it for some time and my wife Sarah got more and more turned on at the thought of it so we decided to give it a go.

She dressed in her best lowcut top to show her large tits to their best advantage and a short skirt with nothing under, she looked amazing.

We drove to a well known spot far enough away from where we live just in case. There was no one there when we got there so we just had a little fun together and waited. I was playing with her tits when a car drove in and parked a little way from us. I put the interior light on briefly to show we were interested. The door opened and a guy of around 20 got out and slowly approached us I was so hard at this point and Sarah's nipples were too.

He stood near and watched Sarah play with her nipples before lifting her skirt to show her bald wet cunt to him. He smiled and unzipped himself as Sarah started to finger herself. I took a chance and rolled her window down hoping he would come closer.. which he did and asked if it was ok to touch, Sarah just nodded and kept on fingering herself as he leaned in and played with her big soft tits. That triggered an orgasm in Sarah, she shuddered and moaned as she cum.

She turned towards him and looked straight at his cock It was hard thick and a little over average size in length, she took it in her hand and started to wank him off, I had my own cock out now and was leaking precum, I took her free hand and put it on my cock, she slowly wanked the 2 of us off. It was fantastic. But then she totally surprised me and leaned over and took his tool in her mouth and sucked his lovely cock.

She took as much into her mouth as she could and give him one of her extra special blowjobs> After about 10 mins he moaned he was cumming But Sarah just kept sucking and sucking untill he shot in her mouth, she swallowed the first few loads then took it out of her mouth and took 2 shots over her face. It was then I also shot a load over her arm and hand.

The guy smiled and thanked her. He said it was better on the weekends and he hoped he'd see us again. Sarah smiled and said we would be back.

I leaned over and kissed her cummy mouth and all.

We drove home her tits out and cunt exposed,cum over her face and had the best sex ever when we got back.

We have been dogging numerous times since and will try and share more stories.