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So this was it, you go out on a limb when you express to your wife that you would like to see her fucked by another man, however Tracy had kind of forgotten how incredibly sexy she is since we had children a few years ago, rightly they always come first, but by paying a bit of attention to ourselves she would soon realise that in her early forties she had a great deal to give.

I am not complaining it was during one of our fantastic sex sessions that I had pushed home the issue, quite literally. We had talked about this previously but I was never persistent enough to get a result, now I have. When she asked me why I had many reasons but fundamental was the natural fission that comes from the excitement of engaging with something sexually new, like being a teenager again, I also believed it would bring Tracy back to the top of her game and I was right.

The anticipation has been fantastic, we have had to plan quite meticulously as we have two young girls and have had to fit our plans around them, but to some degree this lack of spontaneity has added to the anticipation of the situation.

The subject came to a head during sex three weeks ago, we were having a great session one Saturday night. Tracy kitted out in some soft bondage gear, short PVC girdle that shaped her arse and gave glimpses of her beautifully shaven cunt a masterpiece even if I do say so myself. I was laid on the bed legs wide apart and tied in the air back to the bed head, cushion under my ass. Tracy was knelt at the in front of me pounding my ass and my prostrate with my big boy vibrator, whilst wanking and sucking my cock and balls. It was driving us both crazy, Tracy was pressing her hand into her shaven cunt she was up to three fingers now, I could hear the squelching. Tracy loves fisting three or four or even five of my fingers inside her as she writhes in ecstasy is one of our favourite acts. As the pressure built in my balls, Tracy expertly taking my balls in her mouth in turn whilst wanking me then tuning her attention to my helmet, we continued to talk thru our fantasies, I said I would love to see Tracy with another man and me and could she satisfy two cocks? Slightly startled but with a knowing glint in her eye, Tracy pressed me on why I had fantasised about this so much, it was just a burning desire to see her fully satisfied and for us to regain some excitement over the build up to sex we had in the past, I said, but did she believe me?

I came in a massive burst, cum all over my stomach and face, I mopped some up on my fingers and forced them to the back of Tracy’s mouth, she licked my face of cum and began to loosen the ties from my ankles, now it was her turn, for a fucking.

The following day we talked more in secret whispers outside of the range of the kids, it was already having an effect, it was our secret. During quiet moments over the week we would slip away and do some research on swingers websites then when the kids were asleep we would review profiles of men and couples.

We set up our own profile with some photographs of the two of us, fucking each other senseless, real erotic stuff. Talking about where our boundaries lie and what we both want out of the experience, it was superbly erotic, if we opted to meet a couple we could always opt for a soft swing if we felt under pressure, but with a male then it was full on or nothing. We agreed that a single male and a MFM threesome was much more erotic and we would both get what we wanted from it. I would watch my wife submit to another man and enjoy the hard fucking she would inevitably get, this stirred all manner of emotions in my gut, jealousy love and gave me a fantastic hard on. Tracy would be the subject of the attention of two men lusting after her she would be able to enjoy herself to the maximum and I took great pleasure in the thought of Tracy enjoying sex so much, I thought to myself she will thank me for this.

We finally made contact with Tim, he had a great profile and a very solid seven inch cock with a good girth, many claimed to have bigger cocks but we didn’t want that, Tim did also have great experience. To ease the situation I met Tim a few days before to break the ice and lay down the ground rules. Tim was a good guy, the sort that uses the weights regularly at the gym, but not too much and was in his early thirties, being much more experienced at this than us, he took the lead in the conversation, I found myself looking at Tim thinking that this guy will be fucking my wife in a few days time. After a couple of drinks we parted saying we were looking forward to seeing each other on the Saturday night.

When I got home Tracy was excited to hear that Tim was exactly as we thought he was, we had set down the ground rules, whatever Tracy says no means no, safe sex only and no anal, we retired to bed soon after, I fell asleep eventually with a massive hard on. The coming events were all of our conversation for the next few days, it was hard to concentrate on anything else.

On the day, we awoke having had a good nights sleep, the night previous we had a leisurely screw and we fell asleep together, the girls were particularly active this morning. By mid afternoon it was time for the girls to go to Tracy’s brothers house for the day and night. We had told our relatives we had guests for the weekend, no lie their then!

The girls left with a kiss and a song, they are always happy to go for a sleep over, then the preparations for the evening began.

Tracy bathed and then called me in to shave her cunt, as she lay back the bed I gazed at her cunt, the warm water and the blade in contact with her flesh. Soon it was clean and smooth, a small landing patch of pubic very short hair in a sharp v just above her slit.

I then showered and Tracy shaved by ball sack the blade sharp against my skin, my cock was hard now, the thoughts of the evening ahead in the front of my mind, Tracy shaved the base of my cock smooth.

Off she went to the hair dressers for her hair to be curled and for her nails to be done, I am a bit of a stickler for nails and always prefer a slutty bright red colour, Tracy duly obliged.

Prior to Tim’s arrival we prepared some food and set the table, then it was time for Tracy to dress for the night ahead. Tracy retired to the bedroom where I had set out some clothes for the evening. A sort black dress with plunging cleavage to her naval which made the best of her small pert tits and hugged her hips and draped seductively over her slender waist. The dress is tight against and just covers her voluptuous ass, her cheeks just peeking below the hem, giving a glimpse of her shaven cunt just below. I bring her a glass of white wine as she prepares herself, she looks stunning, I kiss her neck tenderly, she pulls on her thong and slips into her mules, as ever she looks so sexy I nearly burst.

As we kissed again, Tracy repaired her bright red lipstick and I heard a knock at the door, I went to let Tim in. We started to chat in the kitchen, I served Tim a beer, then Tracy made her entrance, Tim was seriously impressed, you could tell from his look, Tim was well built and a bit taller than the two of us he leaned over and gave Tracy a kiss on the cheek. Conversation was a bit stifled at first, we had made some snack food and we sat down to eat, a couple more drinks and the conversation became much more fluid as we cracked a few jokes. Knowing looks around the table suggested it was time to move on to the main event, I was very nervous and excited Tracy I am sure felt the same.

We initially moved to the sofa area in the kitchen, Tracy got a little closer to Tim and he placed one hand under her skirt, Tracy was wet, very wet. Tracy felt the bulge in Tim’s trousers as he reclined onto the sofa. Tracy rubbed Tim’s crotch and began to loosen his belt and open his trousers, I had watched her do this hundreds of times to me, on this occasion it was so erotic, I had a fantastic hard on. As Tracy started to release Tim’s cock, I tenderly rubbed her ass and began to kneel behind her, inevitably I took interest in the size of Tim’s member, it was bigger than mine no doubt, circumcised too, Tracy put her head to the tip and seductively began to run her tongue over the tip of Tim’s cock.

Tim began to moan and compliment Tracy on her skills, she was good, I know it, his hands moved down toward Tracy’s hips, I was behind Tracy a couple of fingers massaging her cunt, she was very wet.

Tracy became nervous of giving a show to the neighbours and motioned that we should move upstairs to the bedroom, Tim adjusted his trousers and Tracy lead him by the hand to the bedroom, I followed on.

Tracy kissed Tim, he returned the kiss with some passion, I hadn’t thought about my feelings on kissing, Tracy began to pull at Tim’s half open trousers and again she squatted to take his cock into her mouth, she worked with much more purpose now her head thrusting deep over his cock, I watched on feeling my hard on seem to increase if that was possible, I was positively throbbing now. Tim’s cock was now fully exposed, a good seven inches and pretty thick too, Tracy would have her work cut out tonight between us two.
Tim pushed Tracy’s head onto his cock with much more vigour, he motioned that they should move to the bed, he lay Tracy on her back across the bed, as Tracy reclined she instinctively raised her legs and lost one of her mules, Tim pulled Tracy’s thong to one side, exposing her exquisitely shaven cunt, and looking Tracy straight in the eye he began to work her cunt with two fingers.

Tracy gasped as Tim became more mobile with his hands, I moved aside her and revealed my raging hard on and leant to push it to her mouth, Tim removed his shirt and squatted to start working Tracy’s cunt with his mouth, he pushed her thong to one side and Tracy shimmied her frock up around her waist, he worked her cunt hard with fingers and tongue, Tracy began to moan and I lifted her head to get a better position and get more attention for my cock. Tracy smiled at me as I looked down on her licking my balls, pulling them hard into her mouth, she licked and sucked my balls harder than I can remember. Tracy’s moans became louder as Tim tried to move more fingers into her cunt, Tracy raised her hips and motioned for Tim to remove her thong. I encouraged Tim to get more fingers into Tracy, Tracy as we know does like a good fisting. Tim obliged pushing first three then four fingers deep into Tracy, whilst expertly using his tongue on her clit, stomach and upper thigh’s. Tracy moaned loudly with delight almost loosing herself in the pleasure as she did so she wanked my cock rather than sucked it. Tracy was building to a climax, I could tell, her cunt was squelching as the juices flowed down her thighs and ass. Tim licked them up and occasionally removed his hands and licked the juices from them, Tracy would catch her breath only to be pounded again and again and go into more raptures of ecstasy. Tracy was literally in another world, I had a view of her engulfed in sexual pleasure that I had never had before, Tracy raised herself to her first climax bucking and writhing in pleasure, as Tim removed his fingers from Tracy’s cunt juices spurted out, he mopped them with his hands and pushed a couple of fingers into Tracy’s mouth, she sucked hungrily and then as he stood began to wank his cock with them.

Tim lifted Tracy and as she sat on the edge of the bed he reached toward the bedside cabinet for a condom, unwrapped it and handed it to Tracy to roll over his cock, she took the condom, firstly kissed and licked the tip of his bulging penis and then placed the condom on top and rolled it down, pushing it firmly to the base of his cock caressing his balls as she did.

Tim pushed Tracy onto her back, I stood at her head still wanking my cock, as she reclined she naturally raised her legs, Tim leaned forward over Tracy, her legs came up higher, the tip of his cock was at the opening of her cunt. This was it, my wife who was a virgin to everyone except me, was finally going to be fucked by another man, she turned to me and smiled and with that the moment ended as Tim thrust into Tracy, she gasped in ecstasy, her heals up around Tim’s head, he soon built to a pace, the size of his cock was pushing Tracy to and beyond her limits and she moaned throughout, I was trying desperately not to cum there and then, Tracy’s eyes were closed but she momentarily looked up toward me as Tim seemed to move up another gear, he was good.

Tracy pulled Tim closer to her, gripping his ass tightly as he thrust into her, he was hitting her beyond the top now, the girth of his cock was stretching her cunt, she would be sore after this.

Tim rode Tracy for a good five minutes then realised I was getting little out of my wife at the moment and pulled up and motioned to Tracy to move onto all fours, this gave me the opportunity to offer my cock back into my wife’s mouth, Tracy licked my tip and I practically thrust it down her throat. Tim started to fuck Tracy from behind, I started to thrust from the front, Tim loosed my wife’s dress from the back and then took hold of her small pert tits, working the nipples hard, Tim was fucking Tracy so hard and working her nipples that her arms fell from under her and my cock from her mouth. I stooped to bring my cock to her mouth, Tracy ate at my cock so hard I almost exploded. I was about to cum and then shot my load half in and out of my wife’s mouth, moaning ‘fuck fuck fuck’, the cum dripped from her chin and a spurt hit Tracy’s exposed tits. I sank backward and watched my wife being fucked for a good few minutes. Tim was now about to cum also and quickly pulled out of Tracy and whipped off his condom and wanked himself furiously, his red hot cum shooting in streaks over my wife’s ass and back, staining her frock gathered around her waist, Tracy turned to face him and kissed the tip of his cock.

I was beginning to get hard again now, Tracy was full of cum, both back and front, she was just about to go to clean up, but I wouldn’t have it, I hadn’t fucked her yet. I moved toward her so she couldn’t move from the bed and laid her across the bed again but on her side, I slid up her body, she was lying side on I was upright, I parted her legs and entered her, bringing her top leg over mine, one of my favourite positions, I can get really deep from here. Tracy gasped again, she was being fucked hard again, she pushed her face into the bed clothes and moaned, but soon Tim had other ideas, he moved her head around and pushed his limp cock toward her, she began to lick the tip of his flaccid cock and held it at the base to get more into her mouth. I was going for it big style, I had already cum once and second time around it was taking much longer, Tracy’s mouth was getting fuller as Tim’s cock started to grow in her mouth. I pumped for all I was worth, eventually I felt myself about to cum, I pumped my wife with so much power that I fell over her in pure joy as I came inside her.

Tim had removed his cock and suggested we move into a 69 position, Tracy was worn out now she had spent near two hours or so with a cock in her cunt and her mouth almost constantly, but Tim had one surprise left, we fell into a 69 position with me underneath. Tracy knelt either side of my head, she began to lick her juices from my now flaccid cock. I began to nuzzle her clit with my tongue, the sensation went thro Tracy like a sharp electric shock, I began to taste my own cum running from my wife’s cunt. I was lost in the moment then above me I saw Tim’s seven inch cock enter my wife from behind, again he began to pump furiously, Tracy was moaning, Tim’s pumping directly above my face, his balls literally millimetres away from my face, I continued to lick Tracy’s clit as best I could. Tim’s vicious pumping was bringing out my cum from my wife’s cunt much faster and I could taste the salty flavour as it dribbled onto my lips and face. Tracy was moaning and moaning, ‘fuck me, fuck me’ what a slut. Tim continued for a good five minutes, I could feel the force of his cock against my face thro my wife’s cunt as Tracy ground her clit against my chin to wank herself, Tim fucked her hard, with a deep shudder through her body, Tracy came over my face. Tim then motioned to cum and told Tracy to turn round, quickly he removed his cock, Tracy swivelled to at pace and was hit full in the face has he wanked his cock and attempted to push it forcefully down her throat, the cum dribbled from her lips on to me, I had a fantastic view of everything from below, what a sight.

We knew the night was at an end Tracy had spent over 2 hours with cocks in her mouth and cunt almost continually, she was spent, covered in the spunk of 2 men, she removed her dress from around her waist and put on a gown. Tim dressed, I put on my shorts. Tracy saw Tim to the door, gave him a passionate kiss and he left, maybe we will see him again?

We got a glass of wine and curled up in bed, Tracy kissed me deeply and longingly, naked and still covered in cum, she was too tired to shower, we lay together almost stuck together, what a great night, then I realised we had missed Match of the Day!