• Written by Uppy 20 Nov 2009, 09:45
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We lived out in the countryside down a little cul de sac lane, our house stood at the very end just behind a small turning circle that was planted out with bushes.

C had gone out with friends for the evening dressed all in black. Black knee length suede boots, black skirt, black tights and a black jacket. She said she would be in around 12. She was 43, 5'5" shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, slim figure, tiny bum, but nice 36C tits with big chunky nipples

When it got to about 12.30 I was not too bothered she was late and as I was getting tired I decided to head off to bed. I had just switched most of the lights off in the house when a cars headlights lit up the drive as a car came down the lane, thinking it was her lift I watched it approach, but instead of pulling into our drive it went round the roundabout and I saw its brake lights pull in to the left of the lane.

As there had been a spate of burglaries I thought this might be someone up to no good, so very quickly I went out the front door and down the drive onto the roundabout and peered through the bushes. All I could make out was a driver, the car radio and the sound of him talking now and then.

I was just about to head back indoors when he switched off the engine, left the lights on and got out, he was about 55 balding and no George Clooney. He then went to the rear doors and opened them up and now with me only about 15 feet away I could hear what he was saying. " Do you feel alright love, would you like some air, you're not gonna be sick are you?" There was then a moan from inside, at which point he leaned in and proceeded to pull someone from the back seat, into view came a very distinct pair of boots, " C'mon luv lets get you stood up" he said. He proceeded to pull her legs till her feet touched the ground and then leaned in to pick her up by the arms as she slid out the car. There in front of me stood a very drunk and wobbly C.

He leaned her against the boot of the car, " There you go luv, get some air, you'll be ok in a minute or two", she could hardly talk; I knew she must have had a skin full. He shut both doors and came back to her, by know she had her hands on her knees bent forward looking like she was going to be sick any moment, anyway, he starts to rub her back, her jacket has ridden up her back as she is bent over and lots of flesh now on show, he continues to rub her back, but I notice he keeps looking around as if to make sure he is not being spotted. He then puts both hands up the back of her jacket and in an instant her halter bra is slid out, and he puts this on the boot, "There you go" he says " that was a bit tight for you wasn't it?" I know this jacket she is wearing and with her lent forward without a bra on her tits would be swinging free and in full view, he wasted no time in getting a close up of this. Obviously spurred on by his boldness in getting her bra off he continued to rub her naked back under the jacket. He then says " C'mon love, it can't be good for you lent over like that, stand up, c'mon I've got you" as he held on of her wrists and straightened her up. As she stood up he hooked a finger into the front of the jacket and pulled it to get a nice view of her titties sitting normally. With the hand pulling at the jacket he started to undo the four big buttons holding it together. In a second the jacket was fully open and her tits came fully into view, C was almost oblivious to what was happening. All the time I'm thinking should I be letting this happen, but all the while getting incredibly turned on by watching.

He held her round the waist with his right arm whilst the left hand stroked and pulled her titties, every now and then he would pull her nips quite hard from the look of it as if pulling a catapult till he let go and they pinged back, I cold see her face contort a little and she shook her head as he did this, but they were responding and I could see they were aroused. Eventually his right hand started to get in on the action and he slowly began squeezing her little ass, he dropped his other hand off her tits onto his cock that was now clearly becoming uncomfortable in his pants, he gave it a few rubs and re-positioned himself.

He then turns she the back of the car and almost lays her face down onto the boot. By now the taxi driver has no reservation as to what he's up to and in an instant has her skirt up round her waist and is pulling her tights down, with her boots on he only get them untidily down to her knees, this revels the pair of black knicks she is wearing a bikini style in a sheer material and you can see the split of her arse in them, as he is now stood directly behind her it becomes difficult to see what he's doing and I'm fearful of moving in case I tread on a twig or something and spook the situation. From his arm movements he appears to be squeezing both her ass cheeks through her knicks, he then moves slightly to one side and his right hand goes to the front of her knicks clearly finding its way to her pussy, all the time he's quietly talking to her" There you go luv, that’s it, that’s better, is that alright, is that ok" stuff like that.

He then proceeds to pull her knickers down to the tights around mid thigh, he then proceeds to stand her back up straight, her skirt falls back covering her up, he moves to the left and flips open the boot lid, then holding her by the waist leans her top half into the boot with her tummy resting on the boot lip. In this position her feet almost come off the ground and her legs attempt to stretch as wide as they can for balance but are restricted by her pulled down tights and knicks. He wastes no time in flipping her skirt over her back again and as he moves to her right to check on her pussy flashes into view looking wet, puffy and frothy. The driver now releases his cock from his trousers, nothing fantastic but clearly now gagging for it. He positions himself at her pussy and slowly slides in, “good girl" he says "yeah, that’s a good girl, very nice", he slowly builds up the pace for a minute of so, with little muffled moans coming from within the boot, i can see as he throws his head back and gives a deep groan that he's just shot his spunk deep in her cunt.

He pulls out and walks to the driver’s side door, leaving her there suspended across the boot I am looking directly at my wife’s fucked pussy with cum dribbling out of it. He leans in and pulls out a wad of tissues and proceeds to clean and dry his cock. He then gets something from the door pocket and walks to the back of the car he steps back getting very close to where I am and begins taking pictures of C lying with her pussy fully exposed, he also gets some close ups where he is holding her lips apart as he takes a few more shots. He helps her back out of the position she's been in and turns her around, he even manages to encourage her to hold open her top and hold her skirt up as he takes more souvenir pics.

He finally pulls her jacket together with one button done up and as a parting gift he says " lets have a bit of that tight little asshole" and his hand darts up her skirt and I can only imagine him pushing his chubby fingers deep into her ass, which I know she always loves. Seeing her stood there, with her hands steadying herself on the boot behind with the driver almost kneeling beside her with his hand pushed up her skirt fingering her ass was a very horny sight. He then decided he had enough, pulled his hand out, smelt his finger and then roughly pulled her knicks and tights up and gave her a little kiss on the cheek, saying " you lovely little slut" he then gave her a gentle push in the direction of the house and said 'See ya then" got in the car and was gone in an instant.

In the now pitch black I hard her stumbling past me, I quickly jumped out from the position I was in and went round the opposite way, she almost fell into my arms but showed no signs of distress, just very drunk, she stunk of booze and sex.. Once inside the house, I laid her on the sofa, undid her top and saw how red and engorged her nipples where, as I removed her boots and pulled her tights and panties down a long spunk trail pulled from her gusset to her pussy. Her pussy and asshole were reddened and sore looking, I got a flannel and soaped her pussy as best I could, I stripped her naked, got a duvet, a glass of water and a bowl and left her to sleep if off. I went bed and had just about the biggest wank I had ever had.

In the morning she had no recollection of what had happened, but actually accused me of taking advantage of her whilst she was drunk.