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For a number of years my wife of 15 years, had talked about how many heads turned when she came in a club. She knew but wouldn't admit it! I had convienced her that on our next trip out for the weekend I would let her out at the door of the club and drive around for a few minutes and then come and sit at the bar across from her.

When I got there Judy was already deep in conversation with a sharp looking business man who had already bought her several drinks that were sitting in front of her. The only time she smoked was when she was in a club and to watch her draw on the cigarate was exciting as the look was just like taking a cock in her mouth..

Her friend asked her to dance a few dances and she caught me looking when she returned to her seat and just winked and put her finger in her mouth (which was the cue that she wanted to take this guy to our hotel room)

They continued to talk and enjoy dancing and drinks. Dance after dance her frind would come back to the bar with a big buldge in his slacks. I watched them dance and could see Judy's hand slide across his cock.

It wasn't long before they left the club and as we had agreed Judy would head up to the room and have sex in any way her new friend wanted and for as long as they could last.

Judy was gone for about an hour and when she returned she just winked and gave me a wow look.

It wasn't long before her friend had to leave and I joined Judy and asked her all about it. She said she would rather show me how she got fucked by the biggest cock she had ever had. AND her friend had gotten her phone number and promised to meet her again next week for more sex at our house when I was going to be out of town.

This was one of our first experiences doing this but now at least once a month we hit different bars and enjoy the same encounter and great sex. (I even found that I could do the same thing and on several occasioins we both would leave and get fucked and connect when we got back)

Try it guys, you'll love it AND your wife will get hotter than you can imagine.