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The next couple of times I met Hanna were sadly not quite as fruitful.The first of these occasions I met her one lunchtime near to her college. As I was on my lunchbreak and it was a reasonable distance from where I work, we ended up only having about15 - 20minutes together and couldn't find anywhere secluded enough to park up and have some fun. I had to settle for a quick snog and feel of her lovely little tits before it was time to get back.
I also picked her up from college after I had finished work one evening. We found a quiet place to park on a quiet cul de sac on a local, little used industrial estate. I thought that my luck was in because Hanna seemed hot for it. She looked great, a nice sweater and stylish scarf, very short checked skirt, thick black tights and boots. We kissed passionately and she quickly got turned on. I had her sweater up and her tits out of her bra. Her nipples were quite long and pronounced. They were hard and clearly very sensitive, particularly when I was kissing and sucking them, rolling my tongue around them and giving the gentlest of nibbles.

Hanna had my pants undone at the same time and was wanking my hard cock, wet with pre cum. I of course went to get my hand in her pants but whoa, she was having her period and no way was she going to let me. No persuading would make her change her mind and I didn't want to push it. In the end I made do with her wanking me off until I spunked all over my belly. Hanna said that she was sorry but that she didn't feel right shagging when she had her period but she would be finished by weekend and she would make it up to me.

Friday afternoon I got a text from Hanna saying that her parents would be away for the weekend. They have a static caravan in north wales and often go there. Hanna wasn't going with them and said we could have some fun at hers on Saturday.

I couldn't wait for Saturday to come. I was up bright and early, showered shaved and dressed and was ready before my partner went out to work. Sure enough, minutes aftre she left Hanna rang to say come round, she had been watching my place waiting for Di, my partner to leave for work. I was round at Hanna's back door in a flash.

Hanna was waiting for me in the Kitchen and looked absolutely gorgeous. She had her hair up, her make up was nothing short of immaculate, she was dressed in a short black dress, quite low cut and showing a small but nice cleavage. She had tights or maybe stockings n and a pair of very high heel. She looked beautiful and more grown up and sophisticated than her age.

We kissed deeply, her bright red lipstick smearing my face. I turned her round with her back to me and was feeling her tits and mound through her dress whilst nuzzling and kissing her neck. My cock was hard and rubbing against her pert little bum. She was instantly on heat. 'I've been dying for you to fuck me again, I'm sorry about the other day, I just couldn't'. I told her not to worry, she was well worth the wait. By this time I had the zip on the back of her dress down and my hands inside her bra and down the front of her panties. Her cunt was dripping already. 'Robert' she said, 'please take me upstairs and fuck me again, I'm so horny'. I didn't need to be asked twice.

We went upstairs to her room, her sexy arse in front of me as she went upstairs in front of me, I couldn't resist having a feel between her legs as she did, and yes, it was stockings and not tights. Her knickers were really wet. In the bedroom, I finished taking her dress off and Hanna stood in front of me in a lovely sexy, lacy, see through matching bra and knickers in a lacy,baby blue colour. She had tan coloured hold up stockings which looked fantastic as she had quite long, slim legs accentuated by her high heels. Hanna looked a million dollars and for the next few hours she was going to be mine.

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